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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Sherwood Dungeon on Kongregate

You can ignore the message and you won’t loose progress. There was a bug that showed the level 25 warning whether or not you were a member. It’s been fixed and wouldn’t have stopped you from advancing beyond lvl 25.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sherwood Dungeon] Bug Reports

This is fixed now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sherwood Dungeon] Halloween Update for Sherwood

We just put up the Sherwood Dungeon Halloween release. We do this every year. This gives you a pumpkin head option on some of the avatars and includes a moonlight/great pumpkin theme to the Sherwood Castle area.

I hope you like it,


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Sherwood Dungeon on Kongregate

Sherwood Dungeon is an action oriented fantasy MMO with a 3D open world that has been around for eight years. It has evolved a great deal during that time and I hope it will be a great fit here on Kongregate. Sherwood recently completed a major transition from Shockwave to Flash and Stage3D with a completely new 3D engine. This is the version you see here.

If you have played Sherwood Dungeon in the past, you may notice how much it has changed over the years. It now contains ten islands and a very deep dungeon. You can play through a number of different story quest chains including the Prophecy of Bane quest series. Start by clicking on “Morgan”, the NPC at the edge of the initial spawning circle or on the Fortune Teller by the Windmill to start this series.


  • Use /teleport 1-10 in the in-game chat console to teleport quickly to the different islands (ie. Use “/teleport 2” to take you to the second island)
  • Use /join 1-300 to join a different rooms or instance of the current island. You only see the avatars of the players in your room. Clans tend to use various rooms as homerooms to start raids or hang out. (ie. “/join 2” takes you to room two of the current island.)
  • Make sure you read the Combat Overview in the help menu to get a sense of how combat works in Sherwood.

Sherwood Dungeon was designed and developed in my basement as a solo project, initially as a hobby and has been a labor of love ever since. Most of the game is completely free with the exception of the pets, allies and mounts that are available for purchase.

I hope you enjoy the game.


Gene Endrody