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Topic: Galaxy Online / Few high dmg vs lots of low dmg

okay i was talking about starters ve i30 i never specified and im sorry now lets plunk some numbers and this is for WWs so yeah f2p players should use the best weapon they can get lol this trick is only for new to the game WWs

Bionic chips
ballistic min max
orange X 203 247
purple X 161 195
blue X 122 148

Taskmaster I
dmg 19-23
vol 23

Ares Widowmaker III
dmg 189-230
vol 53

Taskmaster I /(avg. dmg)/(dmg/volume)
orange /246/10.7
purple /199/8.7
Ares Widowmaker III /(avg. dmg)/(dmg/volume)
orange /434.5/8.19
purple /387.5/7.31

now thats for rank 10 chips that are quite hard to get even more for a f2p you can get more dmg/volume ratio with a lvl 1 taskmaster with purple VII or orange IV chip so you shouldnt use ares widowmaker if you already have a chip like this now lets look at this

Taskmaster I /(avg. dmg)/(dmg/volume)
orange IV /162/7.04

Ares Widowmaker III /(avg. dmg)/(dmg/volume)
orange IV /350.5/6.61

orange 4 and purple 7 have almost the same stats so its practically the same.
now you can get a lvl 4 orange chip for 250 mp buying huma chips in the generate chips tab now lets talk about the cons and pros of this as every strategy in the known world has its drawbacks

pros of using a high lvl chip instead of a better weapon
there are no prerequisites you can get a 4 lvl chip for 250mp if you have the chip already obviously also you should use the trick of only mp in the slot 4 and 5 that way you will get better chances of getting an orange you should only use this with an orange chip because when you use a purple you will need 4 times as much exp so thats 1k mp if you want it really fast, you can use this from the very beggining i know most new players dont even bother to look at the forums but an experienced player could use this to a great extent

lower steering you should use a module to counter this, infrared scope will nulify the penalty for steering but some people will say that will counter the benefit of using a chip so well thats that your ship will be more expensive i havent done the exact calculations but it seems it will be a bit more expensive than when using a better weapon (ie. i30 weaps)

pros of using a better weapon (ie. i30 weaps)
they are really good

cons of using a better weapon (ie. i30 weaps)
they have tons of prerequisites this trick wont best a constellation weapon but boy they are hard to get to get a star shooter like draconlazarus or renegade you must get 2 chest from virgo constellation 2 scenario 50 chests and the weapons in the mall that sell for 6k honor each so they are hard to get yeah thats without thinking about the research costs and the time expense and that you will get the 2 weapons you want from the scenario 50 chests and the constellation chests so that will surely involve a lot of farming but thats irrelevant well kinda xD

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Few high dmg vs lots of low dmg

yeah renegade remember the boost from chips applies to all the weapon modules so if you have 6 weapons instead of 3 the chip would give a boost to 6 instead of 3 so thats why the dmg per volume ratio would increase with lesser weapons that have less volume

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server Maintenance & Content Update - Ship Enhancements

idk Lynx i think you are a WW and you own those hulls so you dont complain why they didnt buff any other of the free hulls like hellena or hamdar idk? like seriously this only helps people that are already powerful to be even more powerful they just want to sell stuff and you want to buy it so you are going to hate on anyone that doesnt agrees with you i only see one way this is going to end and this is it EVERYONE that is not a WW will stick to dullahans and WW’s will use other ships like novas ark and the like f2play players will never be able to stand a chance against WW’s but thats how they like it so i think you are right igg really knows how to please their piggy banks

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every i30 non paying and paying player has the chance to get a good skill comm card so i dont really think that matters you are free to choose your comm and thats totally fair also consider the chances to proc for a 1 star are quite low so its going to be more about ship design also comm like helloyce are good too or even jerome so theres a wide variety of strategies anyone can use

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Topic: Galaxy Online / IGG-Are multiple-accounts allowed?

you said he was giving away personal info and thats not true i agree acussing someone is agains the rules the same as spamming and honestly no one cares about that one
talk about kongragate rules to everyone you must be blind if you dont see the spam piles everywhere instead of being “intelligent” do what you say you are doing and preach all the spammers me included now i guess because this posts adds nothing to the thread same as some of yours

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & Server02 Merger on Jan 5th(updated)

i think you should modify the no.9 from lvl 9 to lvl 15 because badgers quit at that point in the game still it might be unfair to those people that are new to the game.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / IGG-Are multiple-accounts allowed?

i dont think thats personal information honestly anyone can see that info by just clicking in the corps name also some guys go agaisnt the forum rules so bad and no one does anything about it that is just hilarious i see guys that post in every single thread with nothing but spam most of the time and nothing bad happens to them so why do you censor this guy and not the other ones AsSto?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Bug Reports

i noticed something while i was doing restricted instance 1 when finishing the instance i have a certain amount of he3 but when i return to the space station there’s a significant reduction in he3 about 50k per fleet, is this intended? also there was one time when i went in with my fleets low on he3 and they stopped moving and obviously i lost the instance even though they had he3 left, has any of this happened to any one of you?.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / new good ideas

another good imrpovement would be to let lt. colonel rank upgrade resource bonus planets that way the corps doenst have to rely on the colonel to do everything

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Topic: Galaxy Online / honor points

i would go for the eos shield first then both engines anti-matter then team combat then a weapon of your choice the best one of the four in each category

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Topic: Galaxy Online / What's best weapon: maxed out

Oh okay this was my mistake, i mean you will not want to fire at 4 range so its useless to have the option, but i didnt mean that is not needed as a prerequisite sorry im not too good at English yet xD. Yeah the range upgrade is needed but at least i wouldn’t fire at 4 range if i can fire for way more damage at 1 even if it means that my ballistic fleets will need more engines.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / What's best weapon: maxed out

Originally posted by fgdhdrfsd:

ok i just prefer ballistics cause i can attack (every turn) they dont take as much room considered to all the other kinds of wepions. they also have scatter and piercing, piercing dont do much different, scatter though attacks all the ships in horizontal row which i consider very useful cause i can get rid of front faster even though the attack is low i can just use more. the attack range is only 1-2 but it can be upgraded to 1-4 or i can increase the speed of the ships and make a new fleet with those “dont happen often”.
they are kinetic and heat wepions. they can’t be blocked or intercepted.
ps. if you reread that last one it says i changed it from new info last night so maby you should chill

well yeah you have some points there, still as i said on my previous post you dont need the range upgrade since you will want to attack at minimum range when you get victory rush.

Directional weapons are better because you won’t face magnetic resistant enemies so often, also directional with pierce it’s a great option to take on fleets that have a front row of tanks and 6 stacks in the back with glass cannons because pierce will hit the tanks for a huge amount of damage and a part of it will be inflicted on the glass cannons killing them most of the time, whereas with ballistics you would have a greater chance of getting killed since you are stuck attacking the front row every turn but the tanks will keep eating the damage while the glass cannons will take you out.

So for begginers i would go with directional im a begginer too and im not doing too bad still thats only my opinion.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / What's best weapon: maxed out

Originally posted by lazorpong:
Originally posted by Kalkara:

PVE balistics directional then missle shipbased.

PvP ballistics shipbased then directional.

Ballistics : fires every turn lowest dmg but eats least he3. Horizontal scatter and light breaker

Directional: slightly more powerful, fires every second turn but uses low he3. Debuffs opponents fleet

Missle: big he3 use, long range and 3 round fire cycle. People prefer this cause late game it has whole fleet scatter.

Ship-based: Huge dmg, Huge he3 consumption. Basically tank breaker. Set these to eat durability and you counter most shit. 4 round cooldown but usually breaks through any shields leaving your directionals/ balistics to mop up unhindered (damage negation only affects shields) With fortune lowers cd to 1 turn quite alot of the time, demolishing fleets

One HUGE point for ship based > missiles, ship based weapons carry an intercept chance, IE can reduce missile and other ship based damage that is fired at you. So your offense aids in defense.

but thats not all my friend. You need to counter opponents fleets too

t t t ||| c c c
g g g ||| c c c
g g g ||| c c c

these are the common formations, where t is a tank, g is glass cannon and c is a multi-role.

You use missiles against the first formation, due to whole fleet splash, because while you just hit the tank, the splash mauls the glass cannons. Therefore you have missiles set to highest attack.

Ship based are better at multi-roll killing due to being able to eat through the shields and negation. They also excell at tank-killing.

Directional and balistic are mopups, set them to target close and have high engines and they will hold the front line and kill weak things.

Was abit of a rant but there ya go.

FOr a newbie i suggest reaserching deep into balistics first, getting max lvl hop bombs for instance farming.

Hop bombs? no, just not… The whole reason to go into ballistics is to resarch victory rush(up to +220% damage) and range extension(up to +2 range). Also, another thing to note about missiles and shipbased is that they can be intercepted by anti air cannons, and have a lower hit chance then ballistics or directionals.

if you get victory rush its kinda pointless to get the range upgrade since you deal the most dmg at minimum range also hop bombs is a really useful upgrade for ballistics the first 2 perks i would get for those are shield penetration and scatter then hop bombs imo ballistic and directional are the best for a beginner specially directinal you can get pierce and its fairly cheap even though pierce crit doesnt works the way it says on the research tab

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server Change

maybe you could use an adv. galaxy transfer but i dont know if it would let you to change from server

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / The bestest thief in the realm

How about the people who ask you for a map of certain region but they know the map is not complete when you try to turn the quest in when the map is not complete even for a single tile