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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Current PvP Decks

I’m surprised that after all these months I was gone, TIs and Thules are still relevant and haven’t been powercreeped away.

Ah well, I’ll look again some months from now I suppose. Probably will be by then.

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Topic: Kongregate / How to get Sola Rola working. (Was: How to almost get Sola Rola to work - very close.)

It didn’t work for me, unfortunately. I went to notepad, went through the different files/directories until I got to etc, found hosts and clicked “run as administrator”, then added the necessary lines given by zAlbee, and nothing happened. I got a loading screen, but the screen was still white after that. I’m a badger, so I would really love to find a way to get this game going.

(Note: I did use zAlbee’s updated IP address that he gave, so I’m not using an outdated IP address)

When I went to, I didn’t see any “message” or anything like that, am I doing it wrong?

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Topic: Kongregate / August - Greg Month!

I would change my profile picture to that of Greg for Greg Month, but I’d probably never find the picture again, and I don’t really want to save it.

So let’s just assume Greg is a cat.

Mh, yes. I have a profile picture of Greg.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Secrets and Tips

Originally posted by arepeagee:

Ok, I really need help with the Earth Guardian. I’m dead without nulls, but Gloria keeps getting one-shot by Empty Claw, so what is there to really improve a mage’s defense?

I found the Earth Guardian quite easy. I had the Yellow Fairy (Aeropolis (sp?) bandit shop, it’s the Haste one) on Mardek, and I had Shield mastered, so I used Shield whenever necessary, and Gloria et al usually survived Empty Claw. I was also using an unconventional team (Mardek/Gloria/Zach/Solaar due to my need to level up the latter two; this also caused me to not have Earthquake on legion, so D:), and slapped the guardian upside the head. Berserked Zach with Soulstrike deals Air damage, and packs a punch. Aeropolitan Scimitar + Air Strike on Mardek is quite awesome too (the Scimitar buffs the Air Slash more than if I used some other weapon), and I believe he dealt something like >3500 (but I don’t remember 100%). Having Shield+MShield on everyone, although it halves healing damage, makes the guardian do very little. If he breaks a shield, it’s not too terribly much to put a new one up, only takes one turn to put both on (due to haste). Solaar also had Gloria doing a TON with Twister because of Spirit Graft (I had him do nothing but Spirit Graft and Pleasant Sunbeam. I used PhoenixDowns to revive due to the fact Resurrect costs a whopping 32 mana/power/whateveryouwannacallit), with Mardek able to heal to full even with the MShields (again, Spirit Graft). I also had some items with me that would help me against Muriance too; don’t forget that & swapping to it after you beat the Guardian.

I didn’t intentionally lower the stats of the Guardian, and had a breeze anyway. I had the LesserRainbow Shirt on Mardek or whatever it’s called, and its passive. Everyone else had one of those +50% earth resistance, -50% air resistance pendant things (Earth Pendant?), so Inversion didn’t slaughter me but neither did Earthquake. Right after the fight, I swapped it to things like the Air Pendant and whatever else gave me high defense/air resistance.

Another option if you need to survive the Guardian is to just keep Null Earth active and have someone else Ether her every now and then. It reduces the need for MShield so you can full heal, but it requires Gloria to be preoccupied, so I usually just ignored getting it and had Mardek full heal everyone the turn after Earthquake.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 2 - Impossible Badge

I said I’d help you a bit with this, sot, so here’s what I did:

I skipped getting Mana Leech, because when I got it, by the end of the game I always had something like 8-10 Ethers so I never wanted to use normal attack anyway to recover 75-175mp vs 450-600. I used Thunderbolt often and boosted that a bit earlier.

I only ever used…. maybe TWO antidotes the entire time I played, over all ~10 tries I did for the badge, so I really wouldn’t recommend getting them, but that’s me. I loaded up on nothing but Ethers, Mists, and Waters of Life for the shops, and had a boatload, enough to keep me going the entire final boss fight.

Main skills:

Angel (Auto-revive for Natz)
Survivor (Auto-revive for Matt)
Aerial Support (Matt)
Secret Weapon (Matt)
Elementalist (Natz)
Cleaver (Matt)
Cat Tamer (Matt)
Cat Fighter (Matt)
Healer (Natz; never got x2 because I didn’t feel it was necessary)
Counter/x2 (Matt)
Magic Counter (Natz)

Aside from those, I just picked whatever looked the most useful; I feel like Matt had more useful skills, so Natz gets more “any-of-them” skills.

By the end of the game, if you did semi-decently on the minigames (3-4k), you should hope to have something around 10 Waters of Life, 10 Ethers, and 10-12 Mist Potions. Like I said, I avoided Stunner and Antidote because I’m not convinced by their usefulness, didn’t see much out of them when I tried to use them, and Unleash on Matt’s Blizzard combined with Lightningbolt is usually enough to stun stunnable enemies.


Due to this being on Epic, I got quite a bit of Defense and a small bit of Magic Defense (1 MDef, ~5 Def, and then 1 MAttack for Matt, rest into Attack/MAttack for Natz), but this is really pick-your-own. From what I can tell, the final boss uses only physical.

Final boss strategy:

This was the strategy that I used, not what you have to be worried about, any of the above strategies will work, this is just me:

First, on the FIGHT BEFORE THE FINAL BOSS (the one with the auto-revive thingy and the two DrillBots), have Matt use Protect (50% Defense) and save Natz’s Kyun if you’re near a Limit Break. Use two items to up Attack/MAttack respectively for Matt/Natz, and use Barrier from Natz (60% MDef) if you want that, though I don’t think it will do anything with the beginning turrets, if any of them.

First things first, after you destroy the tank’s top, stun Lance as soon as you can. You should hopefully be able to do it after a round of Unleash/Lightningbolt but if not just have Natz cast HealMore every turn and Kyun whenever possible and have Matt continue trying to Unleash or Cleaver to stun and kill him. His Ion Cannon has the potential to insta-kill you (it won’t if you played a defense game, but there’s still a turret and tank gun added on to it, so you’re likely screwed)

I used mostly Airstrike with Matt, and I usually needed to use HealMore from Natz every turn. The turrets normally just got killed from Airstrike, so I didn’t take much effort unless there were two turrets, or one of the ones that can poison you (the fan-looking thing or the satellite dish), to target them. Target the tank with Airstrike, and use Protect whenever things look like you need some more defense (it’s starting to fade out).


This, honestly, is the most useful weapon ever. It dealt around 4000 damage to me, so I usually did Tactics→Order on Matt, used Ion Cannon, then used a Mist Potion if I was at relatively full health. I only used Ion Cannon right after the tank summoned a new turret (because he wouldn’t attack, and therefore I should be at around full HP from last turn’s HealMore). This is a great tool if you want to DESTROY the nukes (You can get around them, but I’ll explain that in a second), especially when he summons two nukes (Ion Cannon + an auto SecretWeapon airstrike took out the nukes for me).


You can destroy them, or you can just ignore them. Either way, they’re annoying to deal with. This part is split up into two sections:

  • I want to destroy them!
  • I want to survive them and just hit the tank instead!

I want to destroy them!

I already mentioned that Ion Cannon is your best friend here, as it deals around 45k to all enemies. You can also try to get lucky (as I did one of my failed attempts at the badge) and use AirStrike in the hopes of getting SecretWeapon to destroy them (It worked, and I got two SecretWeapons (1 auto, 1 normal), and the nukes got destroyed, but then the tank did a move that did 11k to both players, I guess because I hadn’t buffed my defense in a while) while Natz Thunderbolts one one turn, and then Thunderbolts the other. Again, though, Ion Cannon is really what you want to use here if you’ve got the MP and can take a 4k hit before healing. You can also try to use Mist Potion first and then Ion Cannon, because if the main tank just uses his gun ability (which I believe is the only thing he does when turrets are active), with a recently-activated Protect/Kyun, that ability will do 500-1500 damage, so you’ll survive. The Ion Cannon will take both nukes to around 15% HP, enough for your next turn to destroy them both, hopefully.

If you get unlucky and do less damage with Ion Cannon/just fail at destroying them the turn after, I’m sorry bro, but this badge is legit 80-90% luck/randomness.

I want to just survive them instead! (This option is great if you’re too low on MP/health to pop an Ion Cannon and begin healing again right after, since you’ll have to go without an Ether for a turn or two from Matt while he destroys the remainder of the nukes)

Never fear, this IS an option! Here’s mainly how:

  1. If you haven’t recently used Protect/Kyun, have Matt use it the turn they’re summoned. If Kyun is ready, just have Matt use IceBerg or something against the main tank to whittle down its HP a bit.
  2. Have Natz HealMore that turn, if you aren’t already at full hp, or Kyun if it is ready.
  3. The next turn, have Matt & Natz defend.

This should quarter the damage (I believe it’s physical.. if not, it at least halves it. If you want to be sure, use Barrier on Natz & Protect on Matt if you aren’t Kyun’ing the turn they’re summoned) the nukes do, and with a new Protect/Kyun active, you should already be splitting it in half or more. The nukes do something like 15k damage naturally (I believe), so you shouldn’t take more than ~5k damage that entire turn if you defend, plenty low to Mist/Ether or attack/HealMore.

The main tank can summon Lance again, so watch out! Just whittle down the tank’s HP as soon as you can if he summons Lance if it’s low – When I fought the final boss, he summoned Lance again and I just Ion Cannoned and the tank was destroyed. If not, pray that Lance isn’t going to Ion Cannon soon and just stun him whenever you can. If you’ve got the tank to a reasonably low HP and you’ve stunned him, I would recommend just hitting the tank again and, if necessary, pop another Ion Cannon/Mist Potion (even more than once if you have Lance stunned for multiple turns, two extra Ion Cannons should kill the third turret and mostly kill Lance, if not finish off the tank itself).

Other than that, the best advice I can give, to be honest, is GOOD FRIGGIN LUCK! because you will NEED IT.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / King Jose is a noob

your point being?

noob, troll, whatever he is, I don’t really care.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] some cards really need upgrades

Loki & Mawcor won’t get another upgrade.

Grinder is just there for the lulz to be honest, I doubt it’ll be upgraded

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] For anyone who knows me, I'm quitting the game

Bye, person-I-don’t-know, have fun in your real life.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] A small chat with a friend

Originally posted by Muki13:

Only read the part about 3/4/1 promo being OP and pay2win. I highly doubt that we will be seeing much of that card

I never said it was OP. I’m saying, the devs are releasing cards that are better in just about every instance than a legendary, and it’s a non-unique non-legendary rare. Considering you have no option but to buy it with real money (or wait 27 months for those 1 wb to creep in 25 days in a row, which doesn’t really count), that’s turning the game into a pay to win. I never said it would see use, in fact I said that they can’t do crap in the meta.

Next thing you know, we’ll be seeing promos that are 5/4/4 evade strike all 2 blitz, non-unique non-legendary ofc :P

That wasn’t the main issue I was bringing up in the chat, so thank you for reading a sliver and making judgements completely the hell out of context.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [SPOILER] New Upgrades

Originally posted by akumaxx_ws:

And suddenly Mayumi goes up to eleven.
What are Arkadios and Kiz’ark planning?

United Front quest commanders.

Mayumi 10/10, rest won’t be seen. We finally get a generic Cleanse commander, and suddenly Halcyon looks sad.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [SPOILER] New Quests

That quest is going to be stupidly hard if it only applies to them :l

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] A small chat with a friend

Originally posted by Eonian:

Nobody’s forcing you to read it. At the same time, don’t act like you haven’t had Kong conversations over 20 minutes or so that haven’t gotten to this size.

Originally posted by Provokes:

Getting real tired of your shit devs….

They’ve done a stellar job making more WB-packs accessible for everyone but other than that, they’ve done almost nothing.

Yes, I will agree with the last part. The fact that we can get any pack without having to pay real money is great, but very few cards are useful due to powercreep (emphasis on the very there, ya?), and with the exception of a few upgrades/buffs, just about every card in the old packs are completely useless (i.e. Sabre or Odin are useful, but got buff/upgrade. EQG is one of the few still semi-usables that hasn’t been upgraded).

Originally posted by Nuzurame:

If you shut the game down for a week, people will learn that it is actually possible and better to live without tyrant.
Many will not come back realizing how much time tyrant was draining. Addiction plays a big part in such games but it’s hard to admit yourself.

Yes, I see your point (and the same to Coco), but I still do want to recognize the loss of playerbase in the past year or even 6 months, there’s no stopping this trend unless something drastic is done to be honest, so what’s the difference if the playerbase slowly drips out into K&L over the next six months or if it happens over a month with some hopefuls coming back after the month to play to a new, hopefully-more-shiny Tyrant?

Also: 666 posts lol

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] A small chat with a friend

I had a chat with a friend of mine in room 4, and I decided to post to the community so you could thrash my opinions.

In all honesty, I just wanted to see what you thought about my opinions, so any feedback (mean or not) is welcome here…

I even added arrows so you can follow the conversation! :)

I await the negative feedback!


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Good game

Originally posted by masterluke:
Originally posted by jfenz101:


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Idea] Replace Pyro Rig's Immobolize with Intercept

Would be interesting. Immob is hardly useful… but at the same time, it wouldn’t change much. Sabre, Odin, DFA, etc, are all “all” skills. With the exception of halcyon, what’s going to change about how to kill it?

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Topic: Elements / another kong tourney

It was just to have fun. I thought it was to be done within a day or a week or something and then we all report on the end, like dragtom, but S2 thought otherwise.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [SPOILERS] Flashpoint pack 2

Originally posted by p4n1q:

I don’t understand how a card can be both overpowered and underpowered at the same time.

The cards are almost all insanely overpowered compared to what we’ve seen in the past.

HOWEVER, the cards are also not overpowered enough to keep up with the high level of powercreep we’ve seen.

Basically, it’s overpowered compared to the past, but underpowered compared to the now.

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Topic: Elements / another kong tourney

CozmoKramer: 2

nice last game lol. RoL/hope vs pdial all unupped

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Topic: Elements / another kong tourney

iamthemasta: 2
blackburn009: 1

GG :)

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Topic: Elements / another kong tourney


Will be edited as needed, just post below if you want to be on and I’ll add you.

This post also will continue as new people come on.

pwnzor1337: 0/1
Cozmokrammer: 2/0
iamthemasta: 1/1
blackburn009: 0/1
iamme134: 1/1
S2xaT5no: 2/0
Theboss1248: 0/1

Set up games amongst yourselves and tell me in chat room AND HERE so I can edit this post.

Also, this is a noob-friendly tournament. Please don’t come in here and try to roflstomp the noobs with your pr0ness.

When setting up matches, please try to set it up with someone of equal win/loss if you can.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [SPOILERS] Flashpoint pack 2

Originally posted by Maharid:

@iamthemasta: Well, why we have to get packs if we already have better alternative?

The powercreep is so extended now that is impossible to top it.


Who is him?

BTW, the pic is epic.

Conan O’Brien, who had his own late-night comedy show (don’t believe he does anymore). And yes, the fact that the powercreep has gone up so much is why the game is dying. Had they taken steps to avoid this problem (it’s not impossible… games like LoL et al have supported a massive playerbase and many years of gameplay without ever having “powercreep” be a word that describes them), we might not be at this position that, say, an 8hp structure with Refresh is even being released at all. We all know how bad Chasm is to take out, this one deserves a screenshot if it gets taken out, and that’s how bad it is.

#EndPowercreep2013 (as if)

Also, glad you liked the pic, was perfect for what I was looking for.

Originally posted by aquaquake:

It’s Conan, he has his own talk show :)

@iamthemasta: Dunno what exactly you see, but I see regular powercreep we’ve seen in nearly any new pack (maybe not from Gold to Enclave, but ever after…)

And that’s the issue. The devs never had a lesson in powercreep and how to stop it, so now we’ve had more and more powerful cards to the point that Gold, Enclave, and, to a point, Nexus-Homeworld aren’t even seen anymore (with the exception of a few occasional upgraded cards or cards that have managed to stay good but popularity is still dwindling, like EQG) are never seen anymore. And that’s why the playerbase has gone down from ~6 full rooms of people who aren’t faction-specific down to ~3.5 over the past year or so.

Originally posted by Roki123:
Originally posted by mikestb:

lol so the new thing is update the old cards, give them a new art and put them in new packs? devs are creative…

they ran out of names.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [SPOILERS] Flashpoint pack 2

This pack has so much powercreep in it.

And the sad part is, IT STILL SUCKS

Congrats devs, you have powercreeped the game into making this game pointless. People are moving over to other CCGs like Kingdoms & Lords and even Elements. Watch as your playerbase falls as you desperately try to save the game by releasing higher and higher stats to try to keep people interested, while at the same time forcing the exodus out of the game. Congrats indeed.

If you need any proof, just look at the fact that people are suggesting UPGRADES ( !!! ) for this pack even though the stats are already insanely higher than what we’ve seen in the past:

Originally posted by bc007004:

Some cards should rework:

Heavy Watch
Rare Imperial Assault
Rally All Imperial 1

Realm Devourer
Legendary Xeno Assault
Legion 3
Augment Xeno 3 on Attacked

Holy Benediction
Legendary Righteous Assault
Remove Stun
Rally All Righteous 3
Siege All 3

You, my dear devs, are inane. Congratulations.

Oh, and next time… Just release a damn upgrade before you make stuff like Launch Codes and Alaric Rejuvinated. You may as well do that instead of releasing a new card in a WB-only pack. You people don’t deserve the playerbase you do with the moves you make. I’ll say again you’re forcing the exodus of veterans like me out of the game, and fast.

Originally posted by dias17se:

In Alaric, won´t that jam on attacked hit mostly units who already attacked ?

No, Jam oA, like Weaken oA, is designed to only hit units that have not yet gone. Unfortunately, this means that Flurry/Swipe units cannot be jammed through it (although Swipe obviously doesn’t count for Alaric)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

I think I’ll steal this idea ;P

Rule 425: Alternate between BT and righteous. Regenerate procs only once.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [thegil] event points contest

Oh, I didn’t realize that. I thought you meant post your screenie to see your remaining points & “what you had,” which was why I said that it didn’t make any sense.

Does anyone have that kind of patience? I certainly couldn’t wait for Ospry.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Tips] How to surge like God of Tyrant

Originally posted by OMGWTFFFS:

Here’s another golden tip most of the pros keep to themselves, but since I don’t take the game as seriously anymore, I don’t care much if it goes out in the open:

When you surge, you generally want to lower the opposing commander’s HP to 0, before he does it to your own commander or going past turn 50!

If you follow this tip you are guaranteed to win, I promise.

omigod thank you, I never knew about that.