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Topic: Off-topic / Pick two traits in your ideal (wo)man

Originally posted by JoeySkywalker:

Pick only two:

1. Smart
2. Attractive
3. Funny

Also post if you are looking for a man or a woman

Can’t tell if telling us to only pick #2 or to pick 2 choices

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Topic: Off-topic / There are two buttons in front of you, and you must press one of them

And more people watch anime than mlp

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Topic: Off-topic / are weeaboos and bronies the same thing?

Whoever uses the words weeaboo is a fag

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Topic: Off-topic / How you will die!

Originally posted by CowFriend:

While typing up a long post in OT, I will get pushed off my bed by Spam.


1. I don’t type long posts in OT
2. I don’t use the computer anywhere near my bed

Have you turned an idiot
this is how you die, not how or where you are using the computer today

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Kongregate Becoming a Game-Based Facebook?

Facebook sounds a lot like Kongregate

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Topic: Off-topic / I am in an airport waiting to get on a plane

Lol someone forgot a watch at the security checkpoint

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Topic: Off-topic / I am in an airport waiting to get on a plane

Not today

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Topic: Off-topic / I am in an airport waiting to get on a plane

You guys are boring

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Topic: Off-topic / OT and Pivot Stickfigure Animator (NOW WITH TUTORIALS ON THE OP)

I am on my iPod touch so it looks slow but if I were to fastforward it I bet it would look good. Good job!

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Topic: Off-topic / I am in an airport waiting to get on a plane

i am flying alone so I don’t have to worry about friends or relatives. What. To do while I wait?

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Topic: Off-topic / Off Topic: XBox 360

Originally posted by Lightningcould:
Originally posted by Cizinec:
Originally posted by Lightningcould:

I say consoles have good frame rate. Good controls depending on the game. Awesome graphics depending on the game. You’re just repeating yourself.

20-30 fps on newer games is considered to be a good frame rate?
having inferior graphics is awesome?
highly limited controllers are good at controlling?

i think we are having a misunderstanding. you clearly don’t expect much from video games, and as such you satisfied with lesser products. video games are just some silly little thing to pass the time as far as you are concerned. to me, video games are my primary form of entertainment. i expect high quality products and loads of extra content to go with it.

Are you retarded? What year are you on? 2002?li

lightningcould is out of comebacks!
lightningcould whited out

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Topic: Off-topic / i-is anyone looking f-for a bf?

in this thread:

mods 0
zamininc 2

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Topic: Off-topic / Who from Kongregate would you put into the hunger games, and why?

all alts

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by TheAznSensation:

Interesting Fact: A google search for “Forum Games”, and we’re fourth on the list.

interesting fact: the more you visit a site the higher it goes

interesting fact 2: some sites pay to get to tbe top

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongristmas Secret Greg ~ Delivery Christmas Morning

switch my account to speedy250 please

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Topic: Off-topic / What are you Sitting on?

On a spinning comfy computer chair

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] The "Choose My Next Game!" Thread

Sounds like a good idea

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Topic: Forum Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

granted but the water is alwys freezing cold

i wish for a boy in a ice cream costume filled with bananas that never melts rides a bicycle up a street and hugs the wall next to you

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by JaumeBG:
Originally posted by Taiboss:
Originally posted by kingzak13:

Not sure what a forum mute is

As for me, I have:

I’m keen to download the script just for ajx…

you guys need a plugin to ignore people? :p

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Topic: Forum Games / Beasts of War[BETA]

i can help draw cards

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] The "Choose My Next Game!" Thread


(written from a mobile device so please excuse grammar and formatting)

knockout tournament

even amount of players join

players face off in a 1v1 battle

each player has 100 soldiers and (maybe 1 militia)

each player starts by pming me how many soldiers they want to send to the opposing team


player 1: 12 soldiers

player 2: 15 soldiers

player 2 has 3 more soldiers.

player 2 wins the battle

the soldiers get subtracted from their total soldier count and player 2 gets 1 win

p1: 0 win 88 soldiers
p2: 1 win 85 soldiers

then they battle again

p1: 44 soldiers
p2: 55 soldiers


p1: 0 win 44 soldiers
p2 2 win 30 soldiers

and again

p1: 11 soldiers
p2: militia

wait what? what is a militia you might ask?a militia is a team of volunteers that fight. they stop the incoming soldiers and it becomes a tie. very useful when opponent sends a high amount of soldiers

result: tie
p1: 0 win 33 soldiers 1 militia
p2: 2 win 30 soldiers 0 militia

then again

p1: 3 soldiers
p2 30 soldiers


p1: 0 win 3 soldiers 1 militia
p2: 3 win 0 soldiers 0 militia

p2 has no more soldiers so p1 wins 1 round with remaining soldiers

p1: 1 win 0 soldiers 1 militia
p2: 3 win 0 soldiers 0 militia

p2 wins and p1 is eliminated

winner music activate

stacking alternative

same knockout stuff each player gets 100 soldiers 1 militia

p1: 70 soldiers
p2: 1 soldier (lol owned)


p1: winner 30 ready soldiers 70 tired soldiers 1 militia
p2: 0 wins 99 ready soldiers 0 tired soldiers 1 militia

tired soldiers can not be used; it can be used again after a turn

turn 2

p1: 20 soldiers
p2: 19 soldiers
p1 2 wins ( previous tired soldiers are rdy again) 80 ready soldiers 20 tired soldiers 1 militia
p2 is getting owned

what do you think

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Originally posted by Lime_:

please ignore this for now. I am making it in notepad :) plus I need to find my game ideas which are spread throughout the forums.

you should make it in notepad before posting it :/

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Topic: Off-topic / Need a suggestion.

windows 3d maze screensaver

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate's dying.

its slowly getting better

kred donations are being removed

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Topic: Off-topic / The character in your avatar image has manifested itself into the real world and will obey your every command

what the funhouse