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Topic: Card Monsters / Alliance of Good

Plan to turn for good?Come to the Alliance of Good,a alliance only meant for does who fight those that challenge them and fight for good.(Ironic music)
Rules:This alliance only allows those that are friendly.Good cards usually give you a headstart in this alliance,and If you are good,might even get to replace your old cards with better ones!Do not be mean to anyone in the alliance and,unless that person has attacked you before,do not fight them.We do not wish to start wars here.Friendly duels are much more acceptable.No experience required.Particularly seeking noobs but Pros are allowed too.Join us now!

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Phys Vs Bio Vs Hydro

Hydraulic is by far the best form of zombie I have seen I can give you 3 reasons why:

Main Reason:
Using their Vapour cannon well,they can regenerate their focous quickly while also dealing sufficent damage to the opposition. (Biological 50 gain focus is for beginners)

Other reasons:
1.Mind Freeze allows the user to not only disable the opponent’s use of Focus,but gives it time to regenerate its own focus. But dont try this for the Baron.Use the skill below:

This skill is so good as it benefits you by regaining your focus as well as causing the opposition to lose focus.It would might even eliminate the need for the Vapour cannon,just that the Vapour cannon does damage while this skill does not. Needless to say,its highly effective against the Baron.

There is,of course,more than one effective skill that it has,but that’s for you to figure out.This is my review on the best type of zombie.