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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] How Sai met Farlix

Don’t forget to check the Black Market as we’ll be offering a sweet summer boosterpack each Sunday in July. This summer we also have a variety of avatar items for you.

Temperatures are rising in Anchorpoint. As a rule this means more fights on the streets and girls in bikinis lounging on the precipice near the airship dock. It was on a searing hot day like this that the young and still somewhat naïve Sai met Farlix for the first time.

After being kidnapped by Alesta and turned into a sky pirate, Sai built a new life in Anchorpoint. While at first the roughness of the pirate town rubbed against her high-born sensibilities, Sai soon took to partying and drinking like the best of them. It was in one such drunken haze that Sai and Farlix met.

Sai stepped off the boarding plank, the world spinning in front of her eyes. It was time to enjoy some well-earned hours drinking mojito’s in the sun. Together with her friend Keira she strolled along the precipice finding a good spot to bake for a while. It was nice to enjoy the relative quiet of the beach for a while after having partied all night aboard her airship.

Summer was her favorite season for sure. Walking around in nothing but a bikini and grass skirt all day certainly beat lacing yourself in the corsets that made up most of her winter wardrobe. Sai and Keira had found the perfect spot, just close enough to the booze stand, yet far away enough to not be crowded.

Just as Sai was about to lay down her towel, she felt a hand smack her ass. Furious she straightened herself, balled her fist and punched whoever was standing behind her. As she turned she saw the huge figure of Farlix towering over her, her teeth flashing white in an ear-to-ear grin and Cinnamon casually circling around his ankles. Her fist landed hard on his nose. “I like em spicy,” he laughed: “What’s your name sweetcakes?”

So now you know how Sai and Farlix met. It’s up to you to let me know how you want this story to end. You can either finish the story yourself, or tell me how you’d like to end and I’ll write it!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] March of War: Speed painting Collection!

If you’ve been paying close attention to our YouTube Channel and Blog, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been adding a lot of speed painting videos. We decided to make a recap for you so you can take a look at all of them! Keep a close eye on our Channel for more awesome art and content!

The United Republic is readying its advanced aircraft and experimental weaponry in its pursuit of freedom and profit! For Liberty!

From the jungles of South America, the Latin Junta is preparing to throw its highly skilled guerrilla soldiers and toxic weapons into the fray for World Domination. Viva la Revolucion!

To the East, Asia’s armies march to challenge the Old Superpowers and bring the rule of the Emperor of the Shogun Empire to rest of the world! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

The endless tides of soldiers and heavy weapon platforms of the Red Army are marching to war, ready to spread the benefits of Communism! За Родину! За коммунистическое будущее!

The world is on the brink of a war the likes of which has never been seen. A war of frightening weaponry and epic proportions! Are you ready to lead ? Are you ready to march to war ?

Special thanks to Jay Productions and our very own Michal Kus for the great videos and art!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Facebook Friday: Join the war effort – we march at 100,000 likes!

Commander, I need your help! Over 5,000 people have already liked our Facebook page, but the war can’t start until we reach 100,000 likes! Will you help me? Soldiers who lend me a hand can win March of War posters, T-shirts, and other goodies.

“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country!” John F. Kennedy

Here is what you can do to join the war effort:
- Like our page
- Share this image on you own page and ask your friends to like us as well

The line in front of the recruitment office was astronomical, going all the way around the corner. Joe had been waiting for an hour and only now saw the front door. He had dreamed of joining the army for years and today he’d turned eighteen.

His mother cried this morning; his father was proud though he didn’t say it. He would be out there, fighting for freedom. Joe didn’t care about the rumors of corruption and human experiments in the army. Starting today he would make his country proud!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Midsummer Nightmare Tournament

Legends and fairy tales are not unknown among the Marauders. Stories of bravery, of fearsome monsters , of impossible feats are still told around the campfires and during the feasts when the loot is divided! One story is famous above all else – “The dream of Captain Jacky”. It tells the tale of a drunk marauder captain waking up in an enchanted forest filled with monsters and enemies alike. He had to fight his way out of the dream and that was no easy matter. The only thing that could save him was a blue pill, on top of a mountain that was in the middle of the forest filled monsters and his enemies!

Are you ready to relive Captain Jacky’s dream? Enter the enchanted forest. Don’t stop moving! Keep going! Only a blue pill can make you wake up! Beware, others are trapped in the dream too, but there is only one blue pill! Good luck, Marauder!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Commander of beasts

The tribes of Africa would never stand strong, they said. The tribes of Africa are savages, no more than the beasts they claim to master. While the world was looking at the European Alliance and the Soviet Union, the Warlords united to reclaim [I]their[/I] lands. It was not unheard of for the tribes of Africa to stand together when it suited the need of all the tribes. To [I]stay[I] united, that was the surprise Africa had for the world. And that surprise came in the form of a dark diamond, Hanifa.

“Her eyes shone like twin stars the night before the attack,” they said. Half of Africa is in love with her. Hanifa smiled at the serenades and the gifts. The men went to war for love, but she knew they won because she inspired something more in them. Among the beastmasters of the forgotten continent she was without peer. Her elephant Bin nuzzled his trunk in her neck. She fed him a papaya.

She gazed over the plain filled with the warriors of Africa. Beside her the war elephant grazed peacefully. At times like this it was hard to imagine that the gentle elephant would gore the enemy at her command. That was a mistake her adversaries often made. The white men thought her soft. But they mistook her care and love for animals with compassion. Her brothers respected her, because she respected the spirit of the animal. Her animals respected her, because she cared for the spirit of the animal. Her enemies would be mistaken not to respect her, because she would never hesitate to harness the spirit of the animal.

Her reverie was roughly interrupted by screaming. Looking to check where the noise came from, she saw that one of the baragumu had gotten out of control and was stampeding through the camp. Fortunately, it was close by and Hanifa hurried over to lend a hand, loading her tranquilizer gun as she sprinted to the camp. She took aim; there was only one spot on a baragumu’s thick hide that could be penetrated by the dart. Her aim was true, and the behemoth sunk to the ground, crushing tents and men in the process. That was the risk of these beasts, nothing could ensure complete control. She would sit with the baragumu to make sure he would be calm when he woke, and then lead him back to the herd.

During colonial times the baragumu became almost extinct. Hunted down, like the rhino and the elephant, for their ivory and thick, strong hides. Despite her years of experience, it still amazed Hanifa that this king of beasts, the largest land animal in the world, had enough respect for her to follow her commands.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Facebook Friday: march to war at 100,000 likes

The pilot episode of March of War will launch when we reach 100,000 likes on our Facebook page! Keep an eye on our page for give-aways of March of War merchandise and competitions.

Havana 1944 – Compañeros, the eyes of the world are upon you. Fellow revolutionaries, the colonial oppressor was surprised when we took up arms and liberated ourselves! Not twenty years ago, the Brigadas Revoluciónarias started to build an America for the people, a Latin Junta.

We fought a bloody war. Many of us have given their lives, but many more or our enemies have fallen!

How different it is when people are free. How different it is when the people rule! I see thousands of compadres de revolución gather here on Plaza de la Revolución de Cuba, and I know that millions more support our cause! Today we will take up arms and show the world what it’s like when the people rule.

People of Havana, we march to war when 100,000 gather here tomorrow!

Hasta la victoria siempre!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Bugreports

This sounds like a Kong problem to be honest. I would mail their support service if I were you. MechanicalAngel

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Barons of Kathos: Varinus Namea

The Black Market has the Baron Rocket Tank on sale this Sunday. Time to revisit the Barons of Kathos. It is a well-known fact the most Barons are swimming in money and with no actually political influence or positions, the Barons tend to spend their money of frivolous things.

The Baron Rocket Tank didn’t actually start life as a war-machine. Former military commander Baron Varinus Namea was well known for his extravagant garden parties, which often featured impressive fireworks displays. One day he decided to hold a simulated battle, and ordered the creation of a series of tanks specially designed to launch fireworks instead of shells, at great speed.

However, when a crew of marauders crashed his party and overwhelmed the guards, Namea took command and rallied the last of his men around the firework tanks. Picking out the largest rockets, Namea found that with some careful aim, they were more than capable of breaking up infantry formations and even stunning light vehicles and tanks – not to mention that the enormous explosions of colored sparks and flames made the rockets seem much more impressive than they actually were.

The marauders still got away with plenty of loot, but Baron Namea managed to save himself from being kidnapped – and it put his mind towards thoughts of rocket based weapons. In the end, the tank itself needed few alterations from the initial firework launching model; a bit more armor and a better engine were enough. The rockets themselves took longer and producing munitions with enough firepower and accuracy which were still small enough to be launched from the Rocket Tanks proved challenging. Baron Namea had to compromise the power of the rockets in the end, but he did manage to maintain the rapid rate of fire. Rocket Tanks are now a common sight in Baron armies.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] BURNING THE REPUBLICAN DREAM

The United Republic is renowned for its chrome finished airplanes and well trained soldiers. Funded through investments made by major corporations like the Ford Motor Company or business families like the Rockefellers, the arms industry in the United Republic is the wealthiest in the world. But as the stock markets fare well and the fat cat is eating his generous share of the pie, the ghettos of the Chicago, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, and other major cities in North America are filled with former test subjects of ambitious military research projects, such as the jetpacks for the Iron Troops.

Phoenix has lived in Detroit all of his live. At a mere twelve years of age he got his first job at the car factory down the block that someone named Henry Ford had opened. That was in 1903. They told him he would be contributing to the Republican Dream; the work was dirty and hard. But was there really any other choice to be made by a boy from Highland Park?

He was just Tom back then – he didn’t become Phoenix until much later. Phoenix shifts awkwardly. His back always hurts. In fact he couldn’t move it much at all. The nurses at the hospital started calling him Phoenix. Those nurses, with their impeccable white dresses and cold hands, he smiles. That was the only good this that had come out of the accident, to lay his eyes on those nurses again. The twilight of his life was approaching fast, but he Republican Dream got shattered when he was twenty-seven.

It was a warm summer’s day. Rank smelling garbage lined the streets and the smog around the factories had gotten so thick the sun was barely visible. His supervisor called him and his team to his office and pushed a number of flyers into their hands. The federal government needed him to contribute to the war effort. They needed test subjects at R&D. On the picture in the flyer his president reminded him that he should be proud to live in freedom. He crumpled the glossy piece of paper and threw it in the trash.

They were shepherded to the research facilities in the factory. The man in the suit explained that this new technology called a jetpack could make soldiers fly. After going through a series of complicated looking diagrams and schematics, the man emphasized that Republic soldiers would one day be able to own the skies, and that the test last week only had a 30% malfunction rate. They had made great progress. Just three months ago it was still an alarming 70%.

Someone strapped the metal tanks on his back and explained that he should push this button for take-off and pull that handle to steer. Phoenix pushed the button and started to lift off the ground. For a moment he was flying and thought ‘I’ll be damned’. Then a searing pain spread along his back and he heard his bones crack as he smacked into the concrete floor. There were third degree burns on 70% of his body and severe damage to the nerve system in his back.

Years later, the doctors were amazed that he sort of learned to walk again, and in their eyes he was the embodiment of the Republican Dream.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Bugreports

Yeah there is a bug in that unit. PM me (MechanicalAngel) if you want to know more.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Bugreports

Hey there! That is a known issue that we currently have no fix for. When this happens the best you can do is close and re-open the game. ~ MechanicalAngel

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Tension in Anchorpoint reaches boiling point

New adventures in Anchorpoint! You might want to read carefully. I have hidden an anagram in the text. Look at the first letter of each sentence. Nine of those letters form two words together. Send me your answer in a PM. Marauders that come up with the correct answer will win the official Iron Grip: Marauders 2012 strategy guide!


The tension that arose after the airship crash in Anchorpoint two month ago has reached boiling point. Even though the official investigation turned up that the captain of the airship reported several failures before take-off, the people of Anchorpoint have turned against the marauders. Surprisingly the people are gaining momentum, as most marauders are reluctant to reciprocate the assaults.

Read the original article here

Marauder captain The Almighty is appalled by recent outbursts of civilian violence: “In all my life I have not met one dishonorable marauder in Anchorpoint. Yes, we set-up roadside hijackings, but we would never propagate violence against civilians. Resident marauders of Anchorpoint uphold their own code of honor and to digress from that means that he will be chased out of Anchorpoint. It’s really a self-regulating system.”

Check out the sky pirate code of honor here

Since the marauders have settled in Anchorpoint there has been much talk of their alleged honor, yet the city has gone downhill. They drink and gamble, flirt with our daughters. “Pirates are allowed some fun. We hang out at Jasmine’s and I assure you I have never taken a girl there without her consent. Keeping out the Barons is what we do, does it matter that we are also thugs and scoundrels?” The Almighty grins as he takes a sip of his beer.

Cities that fall under Baron rule have reported sky high taxes, but at least their streets remain safe. The Almighty bursts into laughter: “Sure, but everyone is poor as shit. Who wants that? And just to be clear, it is not the marauders who are harassing people on the streets of Anchorpoint right now.”

The article has been published in The Marauder Herald.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Players write the story in March of War

March of War is a game that is being written by you. Developments in the world, such as which faction conquers which region or who is the leader of a faction, are completely dependent on your actions. We provide a basic world with a backstory – a world that is in an everlasting state of war. We don’t know what that world is going to look like a year after the release.

However, playing the game isn’t the only way to contribute to March of War. You will also be able to vote on which content will appear in the game and of course you can contribute to the official library. So eventually the game is as much a product of you, the players, and us, ISOTX.

During the closed beta we have invited a few loyal players to act as war correspondents and to provide us with material for the wiki. One of our devoted contributors is coastwardchippy – he also wrote a lot of fan fiction for Iron Grip: Marauders and is now one of the first war correspondents. So far he has submitted two articles for the wiki – about Alliance Storm Troopers and Spies.
If you are interested in writing for us you can send an email to

The following piece of fiction is inspired by coastwardchippy’s description of the Storm Troopers:

“That’s my dad!” Erich nudged his friend Hans and pointed to one of the Storm Troopers marching by: “When I grow up I’m going to be a Storm Trooper as well!”

“No, you won’t – only the really strong soldiers can be a Storm Trooper and I’m way stronger than you are so you’ll never make it. You have to do like a million exams before they let you in.” Hans looked indignantly at Erich, who was a good head shorter than he was. Every boy in their class wanted to be a Storm Trooper. Except Klaus – he wanted to be an Engineer. Like that was any fun. The Storm Troopers got all the glory. They were the pride of the European Army, or so Erich’s dad said. Hans envied Erich, because his dad was a Storm Trooper, marching proudly in the victory parade on Unter Den Linde towards the Brandenburger Tor. Hans and Erich always watched together and even if Erich would never make it, they had an unspoken agreement to join the army when they were eighteen and become Storm Troopers.

Erich’s dad told him that he was part of the first regiment to be equipped solely with the MG 42s – the guns the Troopers are famous for. When the Soviets invaded Europe, Erich’s dad and his regiment, were accidently assigned nothing but the LMGs by mistake – despite a lack of widespread training with the weapons, they used them to devastating effect. Soon the MG 42 became a standard weapon, one of the symbols to show the Union that Europe is much stronger and that they would never be able to invade the old world with their backwards ideas. At least that’s what Erich’s dad said. Hans wasn’t so sure about that. He once saw in the newspaper that the Red Army has giant machines that kind of look like the robots in R.U.R., but much bigger and with huge cannons. It would be scary if he had to face that in battle, even with an MG 42.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Scrap-metal demolition: the Demo Truck

When all the riches have been plucked from your land, you have to be inventive. The African Warlords surprised the world when they united to fight for a single cause; to reclaim their lands. But the tribes are poor and the continent, though rich in natural resources, has been depleted by European colonists. But Africa has junk. From the remains of the Alliance armies the Warlords constructed theirs own weapons, zeppelins and bombs. One of these is the Demo Truck. Pieced together from old tanks and cars, this truck is filled with dynamite.

A cold wind cut through the bunker. Commander Joseph Herzberg surveyed the beach through his binoculars. The beach grass bent from the relentless push of the ocean breeze, the sand gushing over the beach covered everything in hazy white gauze. The sea beat endlessly on the shore. And all was calm on this winter day in Normandy.

Satisfied with his observation Joseph returned to his desk. He turned his attention to a report about the defeat in the Alps; the Alliance was losing ground in Europe. Fearsome war elephants were thundering down the mountains and scrap-metal zeppelins were seen crashing into European troops. The Warlords they called themselves, or so the report said. A bunch of savages more like it. Wild, dark and utterly insane.

His grandfather had told him about the colonies in Africa. About the gold and the diamonds mine he had owned and how that had made the family rich. About how his grandmother tried to educate the savages in the ways of the Lord. But their dark eyes had rejected them fiercely, the white in stark contrast with the ebony skin.

A siren rudely disturbed his reminiscence. Perturbed he peeked out of the slit in the bunker. His eyes widened as a saw a shabby looking truck rush towards him, bits and pieces of metal falling of it in the sand. The truck gathered speed as it approached the bunker. What are they trying to do, Joseph thought. Before he could blink the truck rammed the bunker.

The walls shook, but the bunker was still standing. The moment before an explosion the world is completely quiet. For a split second he stared into those wild, dark and utterly insane eyes. Then thunder filled the world and darkness rolled over the dunes of Normandy.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Faction Friday: the African Warlords

Scrapyard metal and war animals, the African Warlords are the final faction of March of War. Have you been able to decide which faction you want to play? You can vote here on the blog.

“No-one saw us coming that day in the Sahara. The United Republic launched an attack to secure their holdings at the Suez Canal. I saw the white men tremble in their boots as we gathered to reclaim the lands that are ours.” – Hanifa

Listen to the music of the African Warlords

The tribes of Africa united for the first time in history, to defeat an attack by Republican armies in 1935. The Suez Canal had been dug not fifty years before to enable easier trade between Europe and Asia. As the European Alliance had to withdraw most of their military forces from Africa, and following pirate activities in the now lawless area, the United Republic stepped in to claim the Canal. They didn’t count on the anger of tribal Africa, who saw the chance to rule their own lands without colonial interference.

The Republic were defeated utterly, but the truly wondrous thing happened after this bloody battle: the tribes stayed united under the flag of the African Warlords. Led by Hanifa, the diamond of the savannah, the Warlords started salvaging what was left on the battlefield. From the scrap metal of blown up tanks, howitzers and motor cycles, they started to fortify their war elephants and repair and improve their own vehicles. Hanifa had done the impossible; capturing the fury of Africa and giving it direction.

“Warlord, are you ready to mount your elephant and reclaim our lands?”

Watch the sneak peek here

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Faction Friday: Viva la revolución! – the Latin Junta

I hope you enjoyed the first issue of World News, the March of War newspaper. Those of you who read the paper carefully know what the last two factions are. This week we travel to South and Central America, where the Latin Junta are masters of the jungle.

Secret labs where the Brigades Revolucionarias develop new weapons are scattered throughout the Amazon rainforest. In one of these, genetic engineer Santiago Cruz is working on his latest invention.

“The enemy will run for the hills when they see this swarm emerge from the jungle,” Santiago Cruz looked confidently at his comandante. He smiled at his tiny, yet perfect creations. Behind the glass the insects scurried through the vines, each bug more poisonous than the next.

Santiago is a quiet man, a man of science and a man who has grown up amidst the tangles and coils of the vines and snakes of the jungle. He might never fight on the front line as his comandante leads the chicos to war. The bugs are genetically engineered to spread malaria, or at least a hyper speed version thereof. His children will kill more enemies for the revolucion than any rifle or tank ever could.

Listen to the music

The Brigadas Revolucionarias harness the insects that crawl over the jungle floor, the venom that drips from the viper’s fangs and the poisonous fumes of the fungi growing on the trees. Turning the creatures and plants of the jungle into potent weapons, revolutionary guerrilla forces fight off the Red Army and the forces of the United Republic. Stories of the potency of their biochemical weapon even reached the divine ears of the Emperor. Hasta la victoria siempre, we battle until we are victorious! Comandante, viva la revolución!

Watch the video" frameborder=“0” width=“520” height="293

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Farlix, king of the marauders?

Farlix crowned himself king of the marauders. At first he wanted an annual holiday to commemorate the event – like the king of the Netherlands (aka dress in orange, drink beer and party hard) – but thought better of it. True marauders only party in battle. In the King’s Tournament, marauders from all over Kathos can prove their worth to the new king. Cinnamon obviously demanded to be the lady of honor at this most esteemed event.

Typically, Farlix’s first decision as king was picking a funny internet meme. He declared this meme the winner of the competition that started last week. Poems for Lady Heresh are still welcome, and check out the black market this Friday if you want Lady to join you in your avatar screen.

Now on to the tournament:
- It starts on April 29
- All player of level 6 and higher can enter
- Players select their army from Baron and Atelian units
- Round time is 5 minutes
- Entrance fee is 3 Gems

1st – King’s Box (1x Atelian Warlord, 1x Atelian Borthos, 1x Baron Artillery Walker, 1x Baron MBT)
2nd – Tournament Triplex (3x random unit)
3rd – Tournament Crate (1x random unit)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Challenge: Save the Lady – get the gold

Our very own Mortty has sunk his teeth into Lady Heresh! Of course, as a true marauder you immediately come up with a rescue strategy to free the lady from the devious monster. But not without cracking a joke first! Are you up for the challenge?

An Ode to Lady Heresh
There once was a girl called Lady
A seductive, sultry gypsy
yet say her name
she’ll end your game
And her smile, the last you’ll see
The HungerArtist (Lady’s latest victim)

The challenge
Make us roll on the floor laughing! Provide this empty meme with some funny text – the winner gets 40 Gems to buy the Lady Heresh avatar next week.

The rules
Post your meme on the Iron Grip: Marauders Facebook page:
Deadline is April 25 2013
The winner gets 40 Gems
Brownie points if you also write a poem for Lady Heresh!

Finally, this Friday you can get your hands on Mortty the mortt! Is your avatar ready to get eaten by Mortty?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Freaky Friday: Join the war effort this monday!

The March of War closed beta test started this week. At the ISOTX office we’ve been testing like mad and we need your help! All able-bodied men and women are summoned to join the war effort. Starting this Monday you can subscribe for an invite to the closed beta. It’s first come, first served.

So why should you join SneakySoundz and MechanicalAngel in closed beta? Perhaps these inspiring words from a soldier’s wife will convince you.

Local widow gets medal for exceptional service
Micheal Donahue

Jeanette DuPrie received a medal for exceptional service to our country. The 33 year old widow has aided the war effort tirelessly since her husband was killed in action. The mayor called her work at the arms factory an inspiration for women all across the nation.

After your husband was found dead on the battlefield, you were left alone with three small children. How did you manage?
I just kept telling myself that my husband’s sacrifice hadn’t been in vain. When I heard that knock on the door I thought my world had ended at first. But to be honest I think women who crash and burn when they get this kind of horrible news are weak-minded. I basically kicked myself in the butt, excuse my language, and picked up where my husband left off. It is our duty to serve the country and aid in the war effort any way we can. My husband did this and now I follow in his footsteps, keeping his memory alive. I raise our children to do the same when their time comes.

A lot a women face the problem of combining a job and caring for their children after they experience a loss such as yours. You seem to have no problem doing this.
My mother always taught me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I work at the factory nine hours a day. Schools these days provide excellent extracurricular activities that prepare your children for military service. Even preschools offer these programs, so there really is no excuse as to why you can’t work and take care of your family. Women who fail to recognize this either don’t care enough or, and I’m not sure which is worse, they are not strong enough.

Those are pretty harsh statements, Mrs. DuPrie.
That doesn’t make them untrue. The world is at war and our husbands and sons are dying for our country. We all need to be as strong and brave as the soldiers on the front-line. If we don’t do our part, how can the men hope to win this war? If our men die, we need to continue the fight. In fact we are the next line of defense and we need to stand tall.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] The Champions League Tournament!

Honor and Duty might not be the first words that come to one’s mind when you think of Marauders. The truth, as usual in the Iron Grip World, is stranger than fiction. Marauders possess both qualities, but with a unique twist. They have the honor of being part of the strongest Alliances and the duty to convince everybody who doubts that, even if convincing includes mild to fatal injury. Prove that your alliance reigns supreme and fulfill your duty by making that painfully obvious to all other champions.

Whitelisted tournament, which means guaranteed battles against hardened enemies who won’t back out of a fight.

Open field maps which foster combat and no camping

Turns and Timings adjusted to give you a comfortable amount of time to blast the enemies of your Alliance

Two players from each alliance fighting separately in two tournament trees with the only chance of them meeting being the Grand Final!

Fighting for the Honor and Pride of your alliance and some other sweet rewards.

Entry fee is an incredible 1 Iron.

Interested? Get in touch with SneakySoundz via PM or visit the Forum thread and fight for the honor of your house!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Airship with thirty passengers crashed outside Anchorpoint

An airship with thirty passengers, including five children, crashed outside of Anchorpoint. None of the passengers survived the crash. Witnesses claim to have heard a loud noise and saw balls of fire falling from the sky. It is uncertain if anyone else was injured during the crash. Debris of the airship can be found across the mountains.

Image of the airship crashing down:

City officials are questioning the safety of airships around the city. Detective Scott Reichard: “There is not a bone in my body that doubts that this crash was not an accident. We have ceded much of our streets to the marauders and now they terrorize our skies as well.” Concerned citizens have started a petition to urge local Barons around Anchorpoint into action.

While the populace may believe this crash to be an act of terrorism, the cause remains unknown. Airships, especially blimps and zeppelins, are notorious for their devastating accidents. Professor Heidelberg of the Mercos Institute of Technology explains that the danger of these balloon airships is the hydrogen used to levitate the ship: “this is an extremely explosive substance.” The gold value of damage caused by hydrogen and steam powered aircrafts counts into the millions. “As airship innovation is increasingly incorporating iron plating onto the ships, accidents will become more severe.”

Yet the question remains, if hydrogen is such a dangerous substance, why do we continue to use it? “The crux of the matter is that hydrogen is much cheaper and easier to produce than helium, the only other known substance that can lift our airships from solid ground. Even if our scientists are working on more powerful engines to propel the ships, we have yet to find alternatives for getting the ship into the air,” Professor Heidelberg.

The article was published in The Marauder Herald

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] The Sickle – first unit of the Soviet Union revealed

Comrade, after the education about the glories of the Soviet Union you received last week, it is time to show some of tool with which we spread the joy of communism. The Sickle is the pride of the Red Army. Wait, have I seen you before? Where are you from, Comrade? I cannot place your accent.

Let me tell you a story about a note from an Alliance spy I found:I hope this message will find you at some point. When it does, I’m probably dead. The Soviets are developing a monstrous gunship. I trust the pencil drawings I made have arrived safely at the bridge over the river.

The cell I’m in is too dark to give you a detailed drawing. Before I was caught I overheard a couple of engineers discussing the chopper. I think they work for the Don Polytechnical Institute in Novocherkassk. They have fitted so many weapons on this behemoth of an aircraft, they are having difficulty getting it up the air. But they won’t stop until this Sickle is airborne and reaping our troops like its namesake reaps grain.

We must not let this beast lose in the skies, we must sabotage it at all costs or we will all regret it. My location is, or rather was, since I’ve no idea where they’ve brought me, nine and five quarters in the mountains. I don’t know if they’ve moved on, but it seems a good place to start.

Perhaps it’s the endless and gruesome torture I’ve been submitted to, but the gunship won’t leave me alone. It haunts my dreams, and in my waking hours I can only imagine what the Hammer must look like.


You do not need to worry about him anymore. The NKVD has dealt with the matter swiftly. We need to be very careful with anti-revolutionaries and spies – but you are a true revolutionary, aren’t you Comrade?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Faction Friday: the Soviet Union

Some of you already guessed it from our previous faction sneak peeks – the faction we’re revealing today is the Soviet Union. Don’t think it’s your standard, run of the mill Soviet Union. The Red forces that threaten the world of March of War are in fact the catalyst of the worldwide war that is raging when the game begins. Curious how glorious Mother Russia started this global conflict?

March of War is set in a reimagined 1940s dieselpunk world. This alternate history looks much like our own world, with the notable exception that one key event had a very different outcome, which set off a chain of cause and effect leading to a very different world.

We chose to center on the rise of the Soviet Union as a world power. The left-wing terrorist movement Narodnaya Volya (The People’s Will) assassinated Tsar Alexander II in 1881. In our world this did not yet stir the communist revolution that would in 1922 lead to the formation of the Soviet Union.

In March of War this assassination was sponsored by the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. Aided by European funds, The People’s Will succeeded in overthrowing the Romanov dynasty and the Soviet Union was born in the late nineteenth century. Marxists joined The People’s Will in their cause, despite some slight differences in their vision of socialism.

Listen to the music here:

With the radicals from The People’s Will in charge of the fledgling socialist nation it should come as no surprise that the Soviet Union is a more aggressive force in March of War. The glorious party leader decided to spread socialism through conquest, and in 1895 the Soviet Union declares war on Germany, forcing Europe into a makeshift alliance.

Many soldiers tremble before the seemingly endless men and machines of the Soviet armies, as the faction seeks to spread socialism across the world, betting on the farmers and workers joining their cause. There is only one truth in the Soviet Union and that is the truth of the Communist Party. Together the comrades serve Mother Russia, together they fall for the Soviet Union!

Watch the faction video here:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Unit sneak peek: United Republic

Hope the United Republic is making you excited about the prospect of getting your hands on our new strategy game! Last week we introduced the first unit of the European Alliance – the Siege Tank. Now you’re all curious about the firepower of the United Republic, I reckon.

Being the last faction to enter the global conflict, The United Republic’s economy thrived as the world spun into a devastating war. It should therefore come as no surprise that the United Republic’s army is the best money can buy.

The Republic Howitzer in particular strikes fear into the hearts of the men the United Republic claims to be liberating. Its long range, highly destructive blasts are infamous for annihilating masses of enemies who have no way of seeing the attack coming. When the United Republic attempted to drive forces sympathetic to the Soviets out of the South American jungles, this bad boy was responsible for the majority of enemy casualties, as well as the destruction of large parts of the rainforest, leaving the Red Threat nowhere to hide.

Nicknamed Uncle Sam, the Republic Howitzer is the epitome of 20th century mobile artillery cannons. Research funded by some of the wealthiest people in the world has resulted in a mass producible cannon without equal. And with highly trained soldiers to operate this machine who would dare stand in the way of the Republic’s quest to spread freedom?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Iron Grip: Marauders] Watch our artist at work!

Enjoy this speed painting video. Can you guess what this unit does?