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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?


However, I would mainly like to see people taking an honest look at their lifes. The term “introspection” has been used and I think it describes nicely what I have in mind. Getting feedback of those thoughts is a nice byproduct. And I don’t want to influence the opinions too much by leading people into a certain direction.

The scale question is a bit tricky but the one with borders/ limits is rather straight forward. And knowing those borders is probably more important than getting an exact position on a scale.

Even with an additional framework this would still be a very opinion-based thread. Personal experience plays a big role in this one and you can’t fact-check such things. But if you have some ideas for improvement go ahead. Personally I’d rather have more spontaneous answers.

I don’t think anything of what I say here will actually change how people will behave. That sort of change usually comes from the inside. But it would still be cool to hear their honest opinion on their outlook on life and see if I can use a part here and a part there for my own life. And maybe one of the thoughts mentioned here will find fertile ground in the minds of the people who follow this thread and grow into something bigger with time.

I’m aware this is not a typical facts, facts and even more facts topic. But I still think it’s within what we can and should do in SD.

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Topic: Kongregate / Thanks for gobbling up our games!

That’s a weird crow.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cyberbullying by Tacket

Just got an idea for a drinking game. Whenever a post like this shows up take a drink every time an unsupported claim is made. I wonder if anybody would be alive by the end of the week.

Sorry for derailing but I couldn’t resist. :D

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cyberbullying by Tacket


factor 1: Maybe there is a difference between what you call “public shaming” and “cyberbullying”. But then I think it would be interesting to talk a bit about those differences. And you would have to provide some different definitions.

From what I can see my scenario is in accordance with the definition provided in this thread. If you would like to hear another one which I looked up before posting:

the act of harassing someone online by sending or posting mean messages, usually anonymously.

The scenario seems to fit here too.

Also note that I purposely omitted any “feedback” that would actually deal with the matter on an argumentative level. Maybe it would help if you just looked at the scenario with the other extreme. Imagine you said something like “All refugees need our unconditional support!” and people would call you a “terrorist lover” and other nice things. Would you consider this cyberbullying? I bet it is easier than with the other case. But it is pretty much the same thing.

factor 2: Agreed. However, you could say the same about going to OT.

And what is really making me think are fanatics who think they can do whatever they want just because of a “just cause”. Indoctrination is never a good thing (imho). Even if the cause is. And giving up some of your freedom for that kind of people doesn’t seem to be ok for me.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cyberbullying by Tacket

So… where did I put my devil’s avocado suit? Ah there it is.

Let me introduce another scenario.

Assume you are some random but somewhat well known person. And for whatever reason let’s say you hate foreigners. Now you go ahead and post something like "We shouldn’t let refugees get into our country because they are all terrorists! " on some social media account. What happens next is something we all know as a shitstorm. People call you anything from being stupid to being an asshole. And as a consequence you lose your job.

Before you even think of swinging the club of ultimate morality consider one more thing. For example in Germany the constitution grants you the right to voice your opinion as long as you don’t break any laws by doing so. I’m not a lawyer but even though the statement above is a stupid thing to say I think it is pretty much covered by the constitution.

(Personally I think it is much more fun to discuss scenarios which don’t tend towards one single direction of judgement.)

Even by your definition this has to be considered cyberbullying. You restrict your definition to one person but I think this is not a realistic assumption and the scenario can be rewritten to fit this point. You definitely have the components “makes fun of me” and “continuously bothers me”.

At this point I have trouble following your thoughts. What is this thread about?

Is it something like “cyberbullying is bad”? That’s what my scenario aims at. And you can basically rewrite it to anything involving fanatic SJWs.

Or is it “cyberbullying isn’t that different from bullying”? Your main question indicates this direction but your final thoughts don’t deal with it. If this is what you would like to talk about consider the following statement:

“Assault isn’t that different from theft”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?

it’s indeed true that i don’t care about my readers. it’s true that i voluntarily toss away respect.

but i dont desire these things. i like wallowing in my own gloom.

Thank you for clearing things up. I appreciate your honesty. Unfortunately this is where our conversation ends. I choose not to invest my time into dealing with you under these conditions. Hope you understand.

All the best and good luck with your strategy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?

i am exactly like them, except for the minor difference that nobody will listen to me since i lack the conversational skills necessary

This is another great opportunity to show what the two positions in this thread mean. There are two ways to look at your statement.

One is to look at your conversational skill as something given to you by the universe. Something you can’t change. Like your blood type. You are stuck with it and can’t do anything about it.

The other way is to see it just as your current situation. Skills can be trained. And especially for the conversational skill there are many ways to improve. Ever heard of Ethos, Pathos and Logos ? Or you could take a look at logical fallacies . Then there are simple things like practicing to speak in front of the mirror or in front of some friends.

And especially in your case you could improve your posts. For example you don’t use capital letters. Conventions have the function to make reading things easier. If you ignore those conventions you basically say that you don’t care about your readers. Which is a horrible position if you want to “make things happen by using others”. Same is true for the way you structure your posts. Whenever I read them I have the impression that all you do is write down your thoughts and then never touch the text again. But reading through what you have written is a minimum I expect from everyone who wants to communicate with me. Nobody expects perfect essays but at some point you just voluntary throw respect away.

And this is what I’d like to see in this thread. Which of the two ways is the dominant way to see things in your life? In the extreme cases you either blame external factors for everything (immigrants, government, lack of talent or money, bad luck) or think you can do everything (including things like curing cancer through willpower, surviving space without a space suit, juggling chain saws right from the start).

The optimum for a good life is clearly somewhere in between. But even spending a moment to think about your current situation could already help improving your life. Maybe you’ll realize that more is possible than you currently think. Maybe you’ll realize that you ignored some limiting factors.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

I’d rather see some not so perfect badges on Caravaneer than no badges at all. Take a look on what quality the average game on Kong has these days. Caravaneer plays in a completely different league. It would be a shame not to badge it just because it is hard/ complex.

So as an alternative solution to taking it off the list how about:

1) Just give it an easy badge or
2) Give it badges based on the feedback on some “pros”. You can still lower the requirements if the feedback gets too negative, right?

However, I agree that the current approach doesn’t seem to produce useful results and just keeping it in the list is more of a burden than anything constructive.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge a game ABOUT CROWS or else...

Nooooo! Not the shoelaces. Think of the children! Won’t somebody please think of the children!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Beliefs About Sharia Among Muslims

Apparently this thread has no direction whatsoever so let’s play a little game.


1) What is the central statement you are trying to make? Please share this with us in just a sentence or two. Because right now I have neither an idea what you are trying to say nor what you would like to accomplish with your posts.

2) Assume for a second that we would all agree on your statement. Which conclusions do you draw from that statement? Which actions and measures do you suggest?

3) What makes you think those actions would change things for the better? What negative side effects could occur as a result of those actions?

The only thing you achieve right now is to increase fear and distrust towards all Muslims and anyone who could be confused for a Muslim. That doesn’t help anyone and is a form of harassment. And this happens completely independent of any actual different intentions you may have.

So I think it is just fair to give you a chance to post your own position instead of judging you based on your reactive comments on other posts. My advice would be to put some thought into what you are going to write.

On other news:

2015.11.20 (All over the world) – Over 1.5 billion Muslims didn’t kill people who are unable to recite Quran verses.
2015.11.21 (All over the world) – More than 1.500.000.000 Muslims didn’t bomb anyone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Atheism a belief system?

Did I hold a pen in my hand today?

I honestly don’t know why some people are so obsessed with getting a specific answer. For some reason the answer has to be either yes or no. But if you ask me the best answer is “I don’t know”. That doesn’t imply you don’t tend to one side or another. It’s just stressing the fact that you are just guessing.

I don’t identify myself over “a disbelief in the existence of deity”. This may be technically true, but that’s not in the focus of my thoughts in this matter. And I certainly don’t want to be associated with people who need to use words like “fence sitter”, “liars”, or “full of crap”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is "Islamophobia" a thing?

To add to the thoughts so far: You need to distinguish between the word itself and the use of the word as a rhetorical weapon in a certain situation.

You can call someone a coward to devalue his position. That doesn’t mean that the word itself doesn’t make any sense. It really depends on the specific situation and the reason why the word has been used.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Religious Conflict

Consider two situations:

1) You live a life where you have a job, friends and are part of the world around you. You have plans for the future. Maybe advancing in your job. Maybe a new car. Maybe doing a journey somewhere.

2) You are in a day to day struggle for life. What you earn is just enough to keep living. That is if you have a job at all. Maybe you even commit crimes to stay alive or to afford nice things you couldn’t afford otherwise. People stay away from you and the only friends you have are people in the same situation as you. You feel excluded.

The situation is even worse since it doesn’t account for things like watching how innocent people you can identify with are getting killed by drones and the like. But I’m sure you get the general idea behind the situations.

And now consider two choices:

1) Follow a moderate Islam. The Islam that brought us Algebra, where charging interest on a credit is forbidden and hospitality is a duty. The main effect on your life would be to restrict yourself for a greater good.

2) Follow something you could call a radical Islam. The one with the guns and bombs. The main effect on your life would be to sacrifice the life you live right now and gain some power over other people.

For the sake of simplicity let’s say those are the only two choices you have and you have to pick one.

First let’s start with choices that depend only on the people in the two situations above. What do you think? Which choice will they prefer? To me it’s rather obvious.

Somebody whose life is already worth close to nothing won’t have a problem throwing it away. Gaining power on the other hand will be very tempting.

The opposite is true for situation one. When your life has some value and meaning throwing it away is rather hard. Restricting yourself isn’t great either but those two costs play in different leagues. As for gaining power, that’s of course still tempting. But you already have some power. At least over your own life.

And now you can start thinking about looking on action if you are outside of the situations. What is easier? What is more likely to change the choice? Changing the situation? Or changing the choices?

Choice 2) is the idea of gaining power in return for some sort of sacrifice. This doesn’t even have to be an actual sacrifice of your life. Giving up the way you live may be enough. And this idea doesn’t rely on religion. And getting rid of ideas is at least harder than changing situations. You could even argue it is impossible.

Now how about things like educating people about religion in general and Islam in particular? Given the situations I doubt there would be any change. There might be a temporal break. But sooner or later the choice will be replaced by something else with the same consequences.

You don’t need religion to hate people. And you don’t need religion to kill people.

So to be a bit more constructive: To solve the problem you need either:

1) Change the current situation of the people involved
2) Create and/ or show other choices which have more value (to the people involved!) than the current best choice

In poker there is a term called “Pot Committed”. It means that you have invested so many resources in the current round that you will keep playing no matter what. Giving up now would leave you in a situation where you are very close to loosing. But if you keep playing on you have at least the chance to get the jackpot.

That’s a rather negative meaning because it keeps you from doing the right thing. But I think we can turn this into something positive like “Life Committed”. Let people invest in their lives. Changing their behavior would result in losing that investment. Unlike poker not changing the behavior would result in keeping the investment.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Cool. Thanks for the info rinky. Managed to beat the game now. The controls are still weird though.

Maybe the rating will recover now. Right now it’s at 2.87 but with only 400ish plays there is still hope. Nice alternative to what we usually get these days.

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Topic: Kongregate / NoT a ScAm!!!!!1! +6969696964206969696 SiNgLe CrOwS iN yOuR aReA

Anyway, I’ve got the CROWs recipe, and it says I need to get 50 Unobtainium and 1 Titanium pieces for a single CROW. I’m sad ):

Strange. I always thought you need some Elerium 115 to make crows. If those things aren’t alien, what is?

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by Tetsuo_Shima:

Following game has a very low rating, though I really don’t know why, I thought it was entertaining enough, it seems to have some rudimentary stat reporting too. Aside from the rating issue, it could be ok for a badge. Maybe check it out:

This game was nice at first. But I stopped playing it once I had to go the territory beyond the lava part. Even with the shortcut at the spaceship it is still a long way to get where you need to go. And since you don’t start with full health after dying you either have to waste time getting health or risk dying again without making any progress. Also there seems to be something off about the controls. Nice idea, bad implementation.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?


Changing thoughts into positive ones does work – but it’s a slow, slow old process.

I think it also depends on how you use this tool. Probably works better with small tings like “pissed – annoyed” than with bigger things like “I’m an accountant. – I’m a lion tamer.”. The bigger the gab between the two positions the less evidence you’ll have to support your thoughts. Lack of evidence is not proof for the opposite but it surely doesn’t make things any easier.

Anyways, I think the important message here is to keep searching for new tools and test if they work for you. And that may not only be different from person to person but also from situation to situation.

Personally I just don’t see any advantage in being upset about things I can’t change directly. But I see the effect such behavior has on me and other people. There is a nice saying. Something along the lines of “Everyone brings joy to this office. Some when they enter, Some when they leave.” And I think the way you deal with problematic situations is one of the reasons why people (and yourself!) will put you into one category or another.

Not sure if you can change the emotions you feel themselves. Excitement can turn into routine over time. So it doesn’t seem like a completely crazy idea. But even if you can’t. The reaction to those emotions is a choice most of the time. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that you are responsible for the people around you adn how they feel. My position is quite the opposite. But you should be aware of how your actions affect others. And if you display behavior which causes stress or has other negative consequences for other people it should be at least a conscious decision.

To be perfectly clear. My intention is not to criticize how you act. And I bet it can be perceived this way since I spent some time discussing it. But it is a great example to make clear what I mean with this topic to people who might follow this topic but don’t know where to put themselves on the scale. :)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?


i have no power of my own

That’s an indicator that you are more on the lower side of the scale. “I can’t” is not part of the vocabulary of people who believe that their circumstances are just material to work with and not the cause of their results. You can redefine part of the question with “Do things happen to me?” or “Do I make things happen?”.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?


Between 6 and 6.5 I’d say.

That’s surprising. I have expected you to be a bit more towards the 10. Well, you never stop learning.

I have a rated IQ of 169

If that’s true, shouldn’t you be out there building a doomsday device and laughing maniacal while lightning strikes in the background? ;)

but I am unhappy with my memory

I think this is a general problem when you accept that you are responsible for your life. You suddenly notice how everything is connected with everything else, learn a lot of useful things but at the same time need to keep track of your knowledge for future use. If there is somebody out there who has some great tips on organizing your personal knowledge this was just your clue. It’s appreciate some input on this topic.

One of the things I’m pushing towards, is to integrate computer hardware with my brain directly

That sounds dangerous and interesting at the same time. Unfortunately this is beyond the scope of this thread. Hope you’ll talk about this on some other occasion.

provided you have a service to offer them, there are always individuals willing to help your projects succeed

I’d like to stress this point by quoting it. I’ll leave it to everybody else to decide how much of this is true. But my advice would be to store this thought carefully away. If one day you happen to give improving your life a try this is something you want to bring back to the surface and put it to the test.

Issues such as the one above do tend to piss me off immensely

How about a little theory in this context? What do you think about the idea that the words you choose to think, speak or write affect how you feel? And that choosing softer versions will make you feel better. Sounds a bit esoteric at first but here is some reasoning to it.

Feeling bad is a cost. You are less focused and you will move slower towards your goals. So getting rid of this feeling would be something desirable. In the situation you described (and from which I understood only half of what you said :D ) it doesn’t seem like you could have changed anything about the situation. So spending time thinking about it aka being angry about it doesn’t seem to be useful.

Now when it comes to the mind you can probably tell me more about it than the other way around. But from what I understand the whole “fake it until you make it” thing is not just a Hollywood myth. The way you think (about yourself) affects how you perform. (Source: I just said so and I’m super believable. Respect my authoritah!) And if that’s true thinking “This annoys me” might leave you with a better feeling than “This is pissing me off”.

Just a theory though. However in a different context this is something I’ve made positive experiences with. In my past I used to write a lot of sarcastic comments. While being somewhat fun this is not the person I want to be. So whenever I catch myself writing something sarcastic (or some other things) I try to rewrite it into something more positive. And when I still write something sarcastic it is a voluntary choice and not a reaction dictated by my environment.

I don’t know if this makes me feel better as a result of more positive words. But it does make me feel better because I passed a self imposed test of character and got a bit closer to the person I’d like to be. And once again I’m sure you can tell me more about the importance of small victories and rewards along the long way to your true goals.

Doesn’t mean I’m trying to tell you how to speak but it’s a good opportunity to hear your opinion about this.

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Topic: Kongregate / why r there so few games about CROWS?

Because they killed Jon Snow for a stupid apple product! >:[

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Beliefs About Sharia Among Muslims

Minefield topic… Could we please get a bit of feedback on which direction this thread is supposed to go? Good research takes time and you can easily get lost in such a complex topic. So how about some central questions you would like to see discussed in here and maybe some examples on what is not part of this topic?

I think you need to be very careful when posting something like “most Muslims do not share the beliefs which ISIS is based on”.

If you do it in a context of reducing anxiety towards Muslims (especially the refuges which try to get away from ISIS) then by all means, yes, that’s something that should be posted and said. Again and again until it sticks.

But if you try to use this as an argument to show that what ISIS is doing is bad then by I’d suggest thinking again. If you can justify one religion you can justify any religion. Including those who are maleficent. Religions like Christianity and Islam are based on some old books and people who claim to have a way to communicate with God or at least to know what he means. ISIS is doing the same thing. So saying one thing is more true than the other one based on that sort of evidence just doesn’t make sense to me.

The problem with ISIS isn’t ISIS Islam vs “true” Islam. It’s religious law vs national and international law. By Christian law you are ok to do anything as long as you confess and repent. This includes things like molesting or beating children. And in the past this has been the key to many atrocities like the Crusades, witch hunting and the Inquisition. Probably not as bad as killing innocents on command but I think this makes clear why this is a weak argument against ISIS.

Those people who killed other people in France were criminals. Simple as that. And they should be looked at in this context. Especially if you talk about counter measures. I hope this point will become more clear with the following sections.

I’d like to post some facts to what may have caused the people involved to chose one religious interpretation over another. Because I think the focus on what we are going to do should be on those things. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible since it is not directly related to the topic but still has a huge influence on why ISIS and its beliefs are so successful.

In France there is a youth unemployment rate of roughly 25%. If you take a look on the rates in Europe you will see this is a very common problem. Some countries are more affected than others but the average is around 20%.

This means that every 5th person between 14-28 who is looking for a job doesn’t get one. So people who would actually like to build up their own life are denied this wish. Some of them probably even struggle for survival. That’s part one: despair and the lack of perspective.

This article lists some actions we keep doing that support the spread of terrorism. Be careful with the list. I haven’t checked the sources that are used. But I think it is a good starting point for a discussion and I think that the least we can say about the war on Iraq is that it was build on lies. And that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. If you need more examples think about Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and all the innocents that die by drone attacks or airstrikes.

Now I can’t go ahead and say a lack of perspective and actions against people with Islamic background equal ISIS terror. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how things work. And to me this makes more sense than assuming they went ahead and based their actions on a careful analysis of the interpretation of the Sharia by Imams vs one of ISIS. And if this is the case think about how much bombing Syria and increasing the capacities of Intelligence Agencies will change in the long run.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by ivod:

Too bad Llamas in Distress doesn’t have a great rating (3.3)- the game itself is absolutely great (even though pretty darn glitchy at this point, but the developer fixes every glitch that comes in the comments)… maybe a few badges in a few weeks when it’s glitchless? It’s a great game, honestly

Personally I support an impossible badge for every game whose rating is below the usual 3.3 and we can assume the difficulty is the only reason for the low rating. So things like crappy controls are a no-go. And I say that as somebody who actually doesn’t like games with skill focus and especially those with that sort of difficulty.

However, I think this should be a decision of impossible badge or no badges at all. Otherwise it just would attract the wrong sort of people. On the plus side if this works without affecting the games too negatively we might even get a quest which would actually have some prestige to it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Victim mentality vs god complex: What is possible in life?

In this thread I’d like to take a look at what people think is possible to achieve in life.

So what is your outlook on life? Are you a product of the circumstances around you or is life just your stage and it is completely up to you where it is going?

Let’s say we make a scale from 0 to 10. 0 meaning you have no influence at all and 10 meaning you think you can achieve whatever you aim for. Where would you put yourself on that scale?

Where do you see borders/ limits? For example no matter where what scale value we pick, we will probably all agree that time plays a role. You are not going to defeat to defeat somebody like Vitali Klitschko in a fair box fight tomorrow. But could you defeat somebody with his skills in a year no matter who you are today? In 10 years? Ever? Do you see other limitations?

Do you know any examples which would help understand your position? Do you know a person who got laughed at his/ her unrealistic goals but in the end managed to reach them? Or maybe the opposite. The person who tried everything but in the end hit some sort of wall he/ she couldn’t break through and accepted defeat? Extra points for example from your own life. ;)

Do you know any techniques that will help people shift their own scale rating into what you think is a healthy scale value?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Norm of Reciprocity

Where to start…

First rest assure that me picking apart your idea is a good sign. Not a bad one. If I thought your idea is bad I wouldn’t bother spending so much time on it. What I’m trying to do is to improve it by taking a look at it from different angles. As a general advice for life try to think in terms of opportunities not problems.

Good science isn’t about having the perfect idea right from the start and then just nitpicking the data that fits your idea. It’s about taking a good idea, exposing it to everything and then adjusting it so it explains things better. Or in case you can’t adjust it, throw it away and start from scratch.

Please try to understand my position. You created the thread with an idea which I haven’t heard until that point. Me and pretty much everyone else who responded had at least some doubts on when the norm applies. Yet you treat it like it is something like gravity. You make assumptions about the responses to your two scenarios which I don’t share. So I’m trying to narrow the whole idea down to something which makes actual sense in my world.

At the same time I’m trying to identify factors which are somewhat connected to the situation. Once you have identified them you can still go ahead and look for situations where they don’t play a role. And that search alone will tell you already something about the people you look at. Which in turn will help you understand why they behave in one situation closer to the norm than in another one.

There is a chance that I simply got wrong what you mean. My thoughts are confusing and complex and sometimes I have to rewrite posts completely until they say what I actually mean. But from what I can see the things I mentioned were reasonable. It’s not like I took one-in-a-million arguments just to mess around with you. All the things I mentioned are common and have a big impact on what is happening.

I could go on and on explaining why I do things the way I do but right now I’m not really sure if you want to argue or understand. What I’ve posted was done in a spirit that it will help people to understand how I tick and reduce confusion in the future.

But there is one thing I want to assure you. I respect your opinion and your privilege as the creator of this thread to lead this thread in a certain direction. It’s not my intention to mess around with this.

Unfortunately I’ve been trained to think critically and not just take things for granted because someone says so. I’m ok with assumptions, thought experiments and other “let’s take a look at this” stuff. But the have to have a certain amount of integrity and an open-minded attitude towards the results.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / [Poll] Should Donald Trump be president?

@James To be honest. I don’t know. I’ll leave that sort of discussion to people who have more knowledge about the candidates than me.

But the list is cool tool to lead this whole discussion in a constructive way, don’t you think?

Let people pick only 5 items on the list which they consider to be most important to them. And automatically you can see if it even makes sense to discuss if Bill Gates is a slave driver or if at the end of the day 10k bad jobs are still better than no jobs at all.

Let’s say you would pick things like “High moral standards” and “Representative to all people”. And I would pick things like “Person of action” and “Experience with crisis management”. Even if at the end of a long and controversy discussion I mange to convince you that there is more truth to my opinion than to your opinion it still wouldn’t matter much to you because you would have completely different priorities.

Instead we could focus on why you prefer your picks and I mine. In my humble opinion this is a better approach than: “Trump sucks because X.” “No he doesn’t because Y. But Hillary totally sucks because Z.”

Also people are suddenly hold responsible for rejecting certain qualities. Even if your priorities are different from mine, you still will see some sense in them. So rejecting them will end up on your bill.

I could go on why this is super cool. But instead let’s leave the field to the people who want to play. I’ve provided you with nukes. Go bash your heads with them. :D