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Topic: Dream World / Level 60 Skills

Originally posted by Aaditya:

ok thanks omgun for that info now i know that dex is a priority and that with 305 dex is x3 damage thanks but first have to aim for 205….:D

I don’t think DEX is priority, at least, not over STR=SPD. 105 DEX is enough, and increasing base damage is more important than overcrit.

I could be wrong though, since I’m not a Devil Slayer :P.

For what it’s worth, for mages priority is INT=DEX, for guns DEX=SPD (correct?).

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Topic: Dream World / Level 60 Skills

Here are some things I learned:
Every 18 STR points = 1% of block, up to a maximum of 15% block (270 STR) you can get from your stats.
105 DEX = 100% critical and points over that will give you overcrit. If I remember correctly, 205 and 305 are the next two “tiers” to reach in DEX, but I can’t remember what percentage of overcrit they give.
As a Devil Slayer, 100 points in INT seems to be the standard from what I know. Least priority of course.
Priority should go towards balancing your STR and SPD (quickness). Optimal damage for a DS comes from similar levels in STR and SPD rather than from a high STR but low SPD.

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Topic: Dream World / Mobile Game

I’ve been playing DW on my iPhone and iPad for a while; not serious playing though.

For the non-jailbroken iPad owners, you can get iSwifter which lets you play flash games including those on Google+ and Facebook. It is laggy, true, but the hack from the jailbreak scene (called “Frash”) is still unstable and similarly laggy, if not worse. For the non-jailbroken iPhone owners, you can get one of those “flash browsers”, like Photon.

While I do have both iSwifter and Photon installed, I stick to using screen sharing (Splashtop) to access my laptop (which is almost always on) from both my devices. It’s faster than using those two options above.

Saying that iOS doesn’t allow javascript is inaccurate. iOS does support javascript (though maybe not entirely). It is still the Flash aspect that is the problem. For some reason even though DW isn’t a flash game, some flash component seems to be loading up before the game screen, and hence we see the familiar “To play games on Kongregate, you must have Javascript enabled and be using a current version of Adobe’s Flash Player.”

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Topic: Dream World / Orc Ring/Mystics

Originally posted by weezyfosheezy:

the 100E is just for fb players

The bastards!

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Topic: Dream World / Orc Ring/Mystics

Originally posted by Monkeybarsixx:

I think we need a super ring of dreams…. that replaces all the rings…. or we need more fingers.

There is a Dream World ring, all damages +30% and +100 max energy according to the Dream World Wikia, but the Announcement only states all damages +30%.

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Topic: Dream World / 2000+ mbox experiment

Originally posted by Exilas:

No geniuses nor heroics? Are you purchasing them continually?

I’m not answering your question, per se, but as a commentary: The previous 100 MBox experiment did not include genius/heroic either, the rationale being that once you get either of them, the probability distribution regarding the two items would be skewed as they will not drop anymore until 24 hours are up. Hence that experiment was started with both genius and heroic already on.

As for this experiment, I don’t know if kad525 had them on while opening his mboxes. Keep in mind that this project/experiment/collection of data started in October 2011, so I don’t think he’s continuously buying them. I suppose one can assume that he always has them on (by buying them on his own; there are people who refuse to play without genius/heroic).

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Topic: Dream World / 2000+ mbox experiment

Originally posted by kad525:

i had everything spaced out but for some reason it didnt work when i clicked “post”.

Here. I also updated/corrected your values :P.


2000+ Mystery Boxes Experiment – Started on Oct 2nd 2011 – by kad525

         Item  Quantity Percentage
    Ally Book     81       3.56%
         Coin    288      12.64%
 Enchant Pot.    330      14.49%
   Fairy Dust    209       9.17%
Guardian Doll      9       0.40%
         Keys    308      13.52%
         Orbs     72       3.16%
   Arena Pass     66       2.90%
   Alien Gear    518      22.74%
 Crystal Gear     21       0.92%
  Fallen Gear      7       0.31%
     Orc Gear      2       0.09%
    Drow Gear      8       0.35%
     STR Pill     93       4.08%
      IQ Pill     98       4.30%
     DEX Pill     88       3.86%
     SPD Pill     80       3.51%
  TOTAL PILLS    359      15.75%
  TOTAL MBOXS   2278        100%

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

Originally posted by karibola:

= (101/6)(60+144+60)+60+60+30+30+30+50+200+840+101-7 = 5838

OH. So that’s what it means to add INT and minus 7. I kept thinking along the lines of -7INT or +7INT. Thank you so much!

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Topic: Dream World / Auto-explorer?

Originally posted by aimeez826:

I don’t know what the deal is. I tend to get a bit more experience and lots more coins when I auto-explore.

Note: I know it doesn’t give any treasure or anything, I am just saying.

If a player wants to get in the game, then it’s not simply a matter of more coins or getting more experience in a short space of time. If we’re talking about using auto-exploring as a method of leveling, one may end up a high leveled player with weak stats (unless the player is a gemmer) since the level stat is progressing faster than the attribute stats are increasing (due to pills).

I usually use auto-explore in the morning before I go to school. A (weak) example of using auto-explore would be if you have almost full energy and you need to run an errand. If the errand’s going to take an hour, that’s 15 energy that could have been regenerated over that time. Instead of letting that time waste away not regenerating anything because your energy is full, use auto-explore 3 times to deplete your energy by 15, which will be completely regenerated when you return.

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

Originally posted by Nakazawa:

secretss,forgot your damn formula and learn to edit posts

I do know how to edit posts and I’ve been editing my posts plenty of times to correct information. I like to separate different issues into different posts. The magic power formula and spell points formula are different issues. If people don’t want to help me solve my SP calculation, they can skip ahead and read the next post which is about a totally different thing instead of missing out on it.

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Topic: Dream World / skill points

Unfortunately, a dash or a hyphen greatly resembles a minus sign ;) I think it would be better presented as +7INT, or -7INT if you were indeed using a minus sign.

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

Originally posted by Krrak:
Originally posted by ProblemSleuth:

Magic Power = Level * [(Int * Dex) ^ (1/2)] * Class Bonus * Staff Bonus

Works perfectly, I have followed this formula for several stat increases of both Dex and Int and several enhancements with my staff. Every time it’s been spot-on. And will be testing the value with my level in the next couple of days or so.

The “Class Bonus” in the formula accounts for the Magic Damage awarded by the class, and the “Staff Bonus” accounts for the Spell Damage from the staff. The formula works perfectly for people who don’t equip the Magic Ring, which gives a Magic Damage bonus that cannot be summed together with the Class’ Magic Damage bonus nor with the Staff’s Spell Damage bonus, but has to be multiplied to the formula separately. Hence:

Magic Power = Level * sqrt[INT*DEX] * Equip Spell Damage * Equip Magic Damage * Class Magic Damage

is likely more accurate.

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

Originally posted by mrwiggs8:

@ secrets, I’d need to know is the 95 int what it says with or without the +6 int equip bonus added in. (Since if it’s equipped then it’s already added in and accounted for with your int stat.) And the guild bonus sp boost has the guild tier added in already, so the +340 is extra. Lastly, we’d need to know if the 60/72/60 is following the post from kingk and doing magic/gun/sword or following the game’s order and being sword/magic/gun. With that information cleared up it’d be much easier to pinpoint the problem. :)

INT 95 is without equipment
I wasn’t sure about the guild bonus/tier boost, so thanks for clearing that up!
For skills I listed them per the game’s sequence, sword/magic/gun.

Originally posted by garutto:

I got ur number using int 101 and guild bonus 830 and adding INT-7. Note that u have to use the int that shows in character tab, and the guild bonus that shows as soons as u enter guild tab (not vault tab). Oh, I assumed 72 is your magic.

Thanks! I’m not sure about the -7INT though. Are you adding a negative 7 to INT or are you using the minus sign as a dash/hyphen? I’ve been using 95+6INT in my calculations but they never seem to give me the correct 5838 SP whether or not I count the 340 SP bonus.

Update: I still can’t get it right! (Stats have updated since my last forum post)
Actual SP 5838
Sword skill level 60
Magic skill level 72
Gun skill level 60
Total INT as stated on Character page: 101
Divine Staff Class +SP bonus: +200 Max SP
Capsule +SP: +50 Max SP
Guild Bonus +SP: +840 Max SP

So the formula goes:

101*72/3 +
101*60/6 +
101*60/6 +

60 +
60 +

30 +
30 +
30 +

0 +
0 +

20 + 50 + 840


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Topic: Dream World / Possessed Bosses Encounters and Guide

My problem with these possessed bosses is that it takes so very long to finally meet one.

I’ve only got 2 out of the 10. For me, perseverance is key. I do healing moves a lot more than offensive moves and it does take me a long while to down a PB.

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Topic: Dream World / Stat training

I posted the following in another thread:

Originally posted by Secretss:
Soft caps for the attributes STR, CON, INT, DEX, SPD are 50, 120, 32, 32, 32 respectively.

Equipment bonuses and premium items are not counted in the soft caps. So if you have a + 9CON weapon/clothes/ring equipped and your CON level shows 99, then you have to subtract 9 from 99 and your actual CON level is 90. This means you have 30 more levels to go to hit the soft cap of 120.

The following table indicates what the soft caps limit:

                       LP |      yes
       Premium item boost |      yes
            Mystery boxes |      yes
Puzzle boxes (both kinds) |       no
                   Chests |       no
     Purchase from healer |       no

There are two types of puzzles boxes: the one with 9 blue buttons seeking 4 correct ones, and the mastermind puzzle seeking a correct sequence of colors.

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

As for magic power, what I’ve calculated is

rounddown (

level * sqrt[INT*DEX] * (1+EqSDmg%/100) * (1+EqMDmg%/100) * (1+ClassMDmg%/100)


EqSDmg% = equipment spell damage percentage
EqMDmg% = equipment magic damage percentage
ClassMDmg% = class magic damage percentage
I use the percentage values, hence the division by 100 and addition of 1.

It matches my magic power, but as I don’t have more data to work with, I can’t really know if it works for other combinations of stats.

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

Originally posted by MrJ0shua:
Originally posted by Secretss:

I’m wondering that myself too. As well as the formula to calculate Skill Points. I can’t quite get it right, only approximate.

This is from an older KingK post that I saved;


it’s very complicated, roughly equals to:

int / 3 * magic + int / 6 * gun + int / 6 * sword + gun + sword + (1
for each magic up to 30) + (1 for each gun up to 30) + (1 for sword up
to 30) + (1 for each level gun greater than magic) + (1 for each level
sword greater than magic) + various bonuses

value not to exceed 32767

(note it does not depend on character’s level)

Thanks. But I must be adding things wrong.
My stats are:

Skills: 60/72/60
INT: 95
Equip +INT: 6

Class +SP: 200
Capsule +SP: 50
Guild Bonus +SP: 830
Guild Tier +SP: 340
Equip +SP: 0

Calculated SP 6074
Actual SP 5828

Help? :(

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Topic: Dream World / kari help im dumb (dex)

I’m VERY, VERY confused about your calculations. Let me try and work it out:

attack power
= sqrt(str*quick) * weapon damage * .08005

230 dex gives 100% critical with 62.5% chance of over-critical,
which means 2.625% extra damage

I am confused from here on:

  • What is x? Is it the normal damage without critical?
  • Why is the actual damage dealt equal to x * 2.625?
  • Why do you multiply x with 2.625 when previously you found 2.625 as a percentage? If you want to say that actual damage is 2.625 times of normal damage, then your previously found “extra damage” should have a percentage of 262.5% instead since “200% of something” means “2 times of something”.

If x is normal damage without critical, then:
actual damage
= normal damage + extra damage
= x + x*2.626%

Suppose actual damage is 20982.
Then normal damage x = 20445 (not 7993)

Again, I’m confused.

  • First you equate actual damage to normal damage * 2.625
  • You find normal damage from that equation.
  • Then you redo the calculations again by multiplying normal damage with 2.625 rounded up to 2.63 to get actual damage.

Apparently there is a normalization factor of 39. You do something:
|2.625 – 2.635| = .01
which means 1.01 difference
And you get a new factor 39 * 1.01 = 39.39

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do;

  • What is and where did the 39 value come from?
  • What is and where did the 2.635 value come from?
  • What do you do with the new 39.39 value then? Does it have a purpose?

I assume you mean that +1 in STR will increase actual damage from 21021 to 21027
So the new equation is x * 2.625 = 21027
The new normal damage x = 8010
The increase in normal damage due to +1 in STR = 8010 – 7993
= 17

Last by not least:

  • Why do you do this: 18*2.625=47.25?
  • What does the 47.25 value represent?
  • What is and where did the .83 value come from?
  • What is and where did the 5/6 value come from?
  • I can’t tell what your conclusion is about since I can’t draw any connection between what you were trying to do and what you were concluding about.
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Topic: Dream World / Dear KingK / Playmage

Originally posted by xXBSAAXx:

What I have heard and seen from this event is not too much positive and a lot of negative. Dreamers are upset with the haunted house and the pumpkin bars.

I wonder where/who the OP heard from. He/She sounded very convinced about it too!

Edit: I like the event. Especially seeing as how I don’t live anywhere that celebrates Halloween (which translates into 31 Oct not registering much of a blip on my calendar), being able to experience an event on a very typical and ordinary day (or days) for me is awesome :).

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Topic: Dream World / Are you worth being a mule?

Originally posted by NickBBE:

lol always when i see “kroner20” i read boner20 ._.

I’m always going to see that now…

Anyway, back to the topic: I’m quite mystified by how the plan was supposed to work. The “mule” takes some equipment from his guild at 4 hours per taking, then quits his guild, waits 24 hours, join the OP’s guild, donates said items, quit that guild, wait 24 hours, and rejoin his own guild. In the meantime after the “mule” has donated, the OP will quit his guild, wait 24 hours, join the "mule"’s guild, donate coins, quit that guild, wait 24 hours, and rejoin his own guild.

D:? Did I maybe miss something with regards to how players can pass items/coins between them other than using the guild vault?

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Topic: Dream World / How do I get to Isendel?

I was only able to go when I hit 67.

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Topic: Dream World / What are Strength and Quickness for? (if you're a magic user)

Originally posted by weezyfosheezy:

90 would be a good strength to shoot for if you OCD also likes multiples of 5 as well :). 90 is a nice multiple of 10 for 5% block a nice multiple of 5. Your OCD side of you will be in love with you :)

:O Oh my goodness you’re right! I’ll need to save up some though… two more white crystals to go.

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

The above formula for magic power gives me a lower approximation of my actual magic power.

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Topic: Dream World / What are Strength and Quickness for? (if you're a magic user)

Originally posted by Omega2064:

Quickness for a mage will just be adding to defense. A little less damage taken. Probably not enough to be worth it. But cant find the thread that explained the way it plays out.

Ahh, thanks, that’s good enough :)

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Topic: Dream World / Magic Power???

I’m wondering that myself too. As well as the formula to calculate Skill Points. I can’t quite get it right, only approximate.