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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Must I Repeat?

Originally posted by omeime321:
Originally posted by Nightflash617:

I am not new I came here 2011, played FFT 2012 this is my alt. I don’t mind the hate at all I enjoy it. You guys missed a lot more things. Now quit being all serious like a party pooper. I’m just having fun.

By destroying fourms with garbade x.x

Cause he’s awesome you idiot :)

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Gunner Guide

Hello everyone! I hope this Gunner guide helps everyone! So first lets start off with the basics before we get to fighting different classes. Ok, so first you want to crouch in the center and just stay there. Then you start wasting your bombs on yourself. It’s essential that you do this. Use Copter Kick when your opponent is falling. Charge in with your Rail Gun. Use your Assault Rifle at far ranges. When fighting Tanks, charge at them and get blown up. Do this when fighting all kinds of classes. I hope I’m a huge help! Cya folks.