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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / Developer Notes: 1.1.0 & 1.1.1

Lost the Launch button.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / I think all top players must KNOW ABOUT THAT!

I like screenshots :D

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Topic: General Gaming / Papa's...Restaurants.

Papa’s dry cleaning, where you take out the food that was dropped in the earlier installment. Each customer tells you where to clean and with what, etc.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pandemic 2: Better 100-day Strategy

We hear a lot of things about the best starting countries, so I put it to a test.
I tested each country 5 times.
Buy Sneezing and sell all symptoms once the starting country becomes infectious.
Buy the first Cold, Heat and Moisture.
The goal of the test was to see if you could infect all countries except one. If more than one country was unaffected, it counted as 0.
So I will post the result of those that made it. The others did not in 5 turns, so they are not contenders. The positive number is the number of days it took, the letter, the last country remaining, if that was the case:




New Zealand


South Africa


East Europe

I have put them in order from best to last, according to the test. So the OP is right, except you can add Australia and to some extent, South Africa. The last two depends a lot about them infecting Greenland fast, so I don’t think they should be tried, but they are possible.

As a note, the 43 days with Madagascar, I would not have had the badge. There was 5 Russians left after 99 days, hiding in the snow. :p

You need to infect the world faster than 40 days to make it, which will happen with any country except Madagascar. When other countries fail, it is because countries are shutting down, and this happens usually before day 30. Madagascar is quite random, and rely a lot on which country it infects first, and when, but it does make the game the most interesting.

As a note, if you have everything infected but not Peru and Argentina and countries start shutting down, buy the 4 drugs updates to speed things up, and maybe coughing and sneezing so Brazil can infect them faster. They saw you anyway. I got a couple wins like this which were pretty close.

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Topic: General Gaming / Island Escape 3D: Tips, Hints, Secerets, and more!

Don’t use the car. Not only the exercise is good for you, but you are more likely to meet things and get objects and do quests.

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Topic: General Gaming / Papa's...Restaurants.

Just go vertical instead of horizontal, with Papa’s slaughterhouse and Papa’s pig farm.

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Topic: General Gaming / Gaming logic: The fun with it.

Things drop money when you destroy them.
Buying health, speed, accuracy or some other physical stat.
You need to kill all underlings before being able to talk to the boss.

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Topic: Kongregate / Chronicles of Blood loot challenge

Originally posted by trickyrodent:

When you woke up this morning, I bet you thought, “I’d like to kill some flaming pony things today.”

That is what I thought this morning.
But then I read the comments on the game, and I said to myself:
“Do I REALLY need to kill some flaming pony things?” :P

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Topic: Kongregate / New Developer to Kongregate: Educate Me! :)

Personally, I don’t play demo games, and it is nice to see it in the tags or the title.
You can expect people to downgrade it because it is a demo, as most people want full games. Maybe a small extra premium is fine if it does not affect the game too much. But only 10% of the game is not interesting.

It is nice of you to ask though.