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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / **Figa Ka3aku - OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT/NEWS/DISCUSSION THREAD**

In-Game Name: gorerider
Level: 59
K/D Ratio: 2.5
Amount Contribution : 75
Previous Clans If Any: 300 spartan( clan is pretty much dead.)
Other/Previous accounts :none
Why You Want To Join:want to hangout with some other ppl , back when i was in 300 everyone is a lonewolf…kinda boring.
Have you sent your request in-game:yes

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Topic: Contract Wars: Creations / Building an Airsoft Noveske Diplomat!

you got the wrong gear box mate.
get a polarstar next time.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / BNGCW Hacker Clan

well, there is hack for CW.which is no recoil /no spread/unlimit ammo and nade.
there also a charm hack which turns ppl mesh into red/green.

combin all those hack with a universal aimbot with only aim at red/green ….so yeah the hacking in CW is real.
don’t belive me? google it yourself.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Beta open but read please

just dump this stupid RCF….they treat the loyal player like shit and screw us all over.
combat extreme 2.0 are at the corner. see you guys there!

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Topic: Red Crucible / RCF relaease and existing profiles

Originally posted by dk462310:
Originally posted by jackhornblower3:

Old players are going to be screwed. Any premium guns you own now will be the underpowered junk of RCF.

How do you know? As far as I have seen, the premiums in RCF seems to be reasonably powerful

from what RGS did in the past few months?

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Topic: Red Crucible / New game, same old...

Originally posted by karanthania:

… moderators who delete everything they don’t like. Congrats, boys, you are true representatives of RGS.

THIS^the good ol’’censorship’’

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Topic: Red Crucible / Some new models : M4SO, AK Gold etc

Originally posted by Skyalice:
Originally posted by j_u_r_e:

And the cycle begins again. A little better looking guns with a little better stats and soon we will have another round of balancing.

The stats havent changed at all from what Ive heard. I get why people get a little suspicious about the whole cycle going around again.. but you really shouldnt just tie everything up towards “oh RGS so evil”.

they are.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Major Changes to the Weapon system ( Take 2)

Originally posted by Dozrock:
Originally posted by j_u_r_e:

You also had people who were willing to pay 20$ for each LE gun but who will never pay anything again because you scammed them out of their money. And why would anybody pay 20$ for guns which is only 10% or less better than class gun?
I have been called names in game for having LE guns, now I am called hacker and cheater because even after the update I still kick people’s asses. So bottom line is, freeriders still aren’t happy, paying players aren’t happy, but it is really important you devs are happy. I wonder for how long as I bet your income felt hard after the “balancing”.

Dude, the balance is fine to me now. I see your point though. The reason freeriders were crying is because they spend their coins on stupid things! A lot of them also didn’t know that even BEFORE this balancing, if you upgraded class guns to T12, they get ALMOST premium stats (Which is fine, since they are free). Apparently RGS didn’t realize this.

the proplem is they scammed us.
180 dollar worth of guns turned in to garbage .
not even worth a cent.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Major Changes to the game

Originally posted by JureEruj:

Do you think the game will not suffer now? How can you think we will ever buy another premium weapon when you turn it to shit over night? You lost even that little trust we had in you. It’s all gone now. Along with many excellent players. I hope you enjoy the company of freeriders.

this^ also they are suffering now. look at the total online player .
before this stupid update there were 8K-10K player online a day.
now? 3-7k.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Gun Changes

it’s good to know that the backfire of the stupid update has begun
before the update,there’s 10-8k of ppl online.
see how much you fucked up the game?

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Topic: Red Crucible / Cobra OP again?

Originally posted by ElectedDictator:

For fucks sake…
They just can’t deal with wallet warriors complaining…

oh really? wow. being a customer of their business and we can’t complain about how their ‘’business practice’’

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Topic: Red Crucible / A few words on the future of the weapon balance

Originally posted by Wearmacht:

Dear RGS,

I really appreciate your thoughts on improving this game the way you think.All that you have said is quite exciting and well appreciated.

But I have just one question for you guys.

Do you think it’s a correct business practice to sell something which you advertise or promote with enhanced specification and then when a consumer buys it you reduce the statistics to a level where your consumer feels cheated.If you think this is justifiable then with utmost respect I have no further questions or comments to make.

If you see in every sphere once a good is sold that’s final.You can sell a racing car with xyz specification,the customer will like it and buy to have advantage over others.But you can introduce the same car with advance features which will attract others but will never modify the old one as you have already committed that the sold item will have the mentioned specification before selling it.It’s a mutual trust and commitment between two parties.I know you might say that these are two different business scenarios and shouldn’t compare…CORRECT…it would have been if no real money was involved in the transaction.When we are spending real hard money,definitely i mean business.

You could have improved the game without modifying the premiums also…HOW?

Introduce new guns with advanced or better specifications and keeping the old premiums as it is.

Improve your free/HP weapons to match premiums.

Improve the armor statistic ultimately this is the main thing which will protect you from any gun.

fucking this

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Topic: Red Crucible / Please dont forget to rate this game

Originally posted by congian:

1 star for scam


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Topic: Red Crucible / Gun Changes

Originally posted by PIS_DarkBeat:
Originally posted by PIS_DarkBeat:

When will the MGL available in the shop?? I wanna get that gun :3

f**k off with your game breaking shit

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Topic: Red Crucible / Gun Changes


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Topic: Ballistic / There's a hacker!

report hacker here via: “”;

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Topic: Ballistic / Report Hackers Here

Originally posted by Moe_the_Striker:

A lots of people now hack because they cant win against higher levels

lol i saw alot of them are 30lv…

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Topic: Ballistic / Report Hackers Here

At lease 1 hacker per match right now…this is getting out of hands

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Topic: Ballistic / Vote Kick Abuse

Originally posted by Chilastra022:

This shit really needs to end. So tired of low level players rage vote-kicking me from a game just cause i kill them repeatedly. Im a lvl23 vanguard, with a ranger, boosted with armor and titanium ammo and UAV, of course im going to kill you, a lvl3 (insert class here) repeatedly. Thank Rumble and the new match making system for that and stop taking your anger out on me.

There needs to be a restriction placed on vote kicking, if your below lvl10, 15, or whatever, you cant votekick till you actually know wtf your doing in the game. Otherwise butthurt players are just going to keep abusing this.



Originally posted by Indy5000:

I’ll admit this has me a bit miffed too, but the worst part is that when I encounter a legitimate hacker (One hit kills at distance with a Blackjack, no headshot and full health) and start a vote kick, people don’t care enough to vote either way. The kick gathers maybe 1-2 votes and then dies.

same happened to me!
thanks rumble!

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Topic: Ballistic / There's a hacker!

one more
name: babybemap
hack:(lol he’s the far worst i seen) aimbot/wallhack/speedhack/1 hit kill

i think someone recorded!

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Topic: Ballistic / There's a hacker!

caught a hacker today
name: Stozie
hack: 1 hit kill
i got full health+armor on and he just one hit me

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Topic: Red Crucible / Magnum Scope

Originally posted by Pigman168:

Yup! Totaly messed up. But the list of fixes is long and the productivity of RGS is low…
By the way, why is my profile gif not playing?

gun gif photo:  tumblr_lr2lzuQGGV1qh5ip4.gif

same goes for talon.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Another Hack

Originally posted by Pigman168:
Originally posted by SpetsnaZ111:
Originally posted by Snakeyes58:

The Aimbotting and Wall HACKING has been out of control the last few days, I think their is a gun hack that increases the power because some guys are killing me with one shot to the body from and UZI. The AIMBOTTERS are easy to spot, when a guy out snipes you and he is using UZI from really far away.

Thank god, thought it was just me. Am i the only one to notice that people using a SAW seem to getting very accurate with that too?

Have you not been listening?! This is not a hack!

LOL save your breath.

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Topic: Red Crucible / PMC

seems like there’s a bug on the pmc skin which makes them invisble from time to time.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Katana

Originally posted by 99GR1MRIAPER99:

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight and then complain about getting shot.

Thead/ also my side !XD