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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

So I’m going crazy trying to find a “game”. I use quotations cause it wasn’t really a game but was on a CD-Rom format and I believe I first played it on an iMac waaaaay back in the early/mid 90s. Basically it was a load of different backgrounds (like a ballroom, a swimming pool with an orange diving board, a rollercoaster) and each one had different music playing. Your mouse was a cylindrical shape (sometime with an image on it, for example the ballroom had a little ballerina and she’d spin) and you could change the speed and size of the object – when you clicked you could draw a pattern with your mouse and once you let go the object thing would follow it exactly as you just did, no matter how random or fast. I do remember one scene was a blue background and your mouse was a yellow circle like a flashlight and underneath was a message saying something like “can you read this?”. I know it sounds stupid and boring but when I was 5 it was the best thing ever! (mainly for the funky music). I think it was just a crappy CD-Rom that came with the computer to teach kids how to use a mouse. Any help appreciated!!