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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Carnival of Sorrows Inaugural Event!

Its true that new players cant easily clear the event missions yet…but did you forget you have 10 days?

10 days is plenty time to gather enough idols (well, assuming you haven’t just started) to be able to do at least the first two missions, IMO.

Note also that the returns:
1st mission → you get the new king, pete who even without items is better than sasha
2nd mission → you get a substitute for kaine who isnt even that great, monkey
3rd,4th mission → shiney carn chest
Freeplay → silver, possibly shiney carn chest

are quite generous, rewarding you with a splendid crusader JUST for doing a lvl 100 mission, albeit with some damage penalties.

Furthermore, having played (and beta tested) for other kong games with similar event limited stuff, I would not be too surprised if an event like this returns with more crusaders, but players can catch up with the stuff they did not do for the previous event.

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Topic: BattleCry / Farming PSA

For the price of a legendary pack (10000) I could buy:

1 iron starter (crafts to 1 legendary)
2 steel boosters (getting 4 blue and 10 uncommons)

2140 more gold in pocket.

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Topic: BattleCry / Bugs

Originally posted by horsejockey:

serious bug: certain units instantly die even when their in the backrow and they never got hit yet
please consider and fix

Certain stuff like ultra shield removes health from your units; which might cause them to instantly die

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Topic: BattleCry / Other PVP options, and Gold reward for 500 army

Originally posted by SchwarzerRitter:

Clearly you don’t understand how the game is supposed to be played.
Mages that spam mass destruction spells every 2 secounds is clearly how the game is supposed to be played.

I could say the same for you :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Chain attack

So why is chain attack so good?

Referring to the above example (and screenshots), you observe two things:

1.) tokens build up very quickly in a round, if you have enough machines.
In the example, you had 6 machines with 19% chance each. Roughly speaking, you would expect about 1.14 tokens payout every time you dump in a token. In other words, it is very likely that over the 5 rounds, you will build up a huge stash of tokens, letting you get your 5 beers (attacks) a round. Note that many good setups have 7 or even 8 sources – thats a lot more free beer!

2.) tokens carry over to subsequent rounds
While on average, you might get 1.14 tokens, if the first token gives you nothing, your round pretty much ends. However, token carry over means that if you get lucky in say, round 2, in round 3 you will have that many more chances to get the tokens flowing again.

In other words, chain attack is (when you have enough of it) like a snowball that will eventually spiral out of control, checked only by the 5 attacks per round limit.

CA – tables

The following tables were generated by a Monte Carlo simulation of 1000000 mock combats. The calculations have their limitations, which are:

1.) I assume all sources have a base chance of 6%. It is of marginal significance; lowering each base chance by 1% has a small effect (less than 5%)

2.) Spillover (the number of attacks you can carry to subsequent rounds) is assumed to peak at 2. It is pretty fuzzy how spillover works still, so I made this conservative assumption. If spillover can peak at even larger numbers or is unlimited (the screenshot above on the blood knight can be interpreted as 3 free attacks being carried over from previous rounds), expect chain attack to be even better than shown.

3.) The calculations do not account for spellbreaker and claustrophobia, which prevent you from proccing chain attack

4.) The random generator I used could be biased (its the one in the C++ library); but the effect of this is presumably negligible.

5.) I only did calculations in the range of (8%-17%) boost and (3-11) sources. Anything more than 17% is ludicrous pretty much imo, 8% is what you get from extra magazine + 3% flurry talent bonus. Similar logic applies to the sources.

The first table gives the average number of attacks per round; the second table is the logarithm of the first table, divided by the logarithm of 1.05 (in other words, roughly how many 5% buffs it equates to)

Note that the second table only shows how much the damage you do from attacks will increase; not proc damage. For example, if you have 5 sources with an 8% boost, adding 1 more source would increase your attack damage by about 2.43 buffs. Whether that 1 source is better than say, a heroism 2 buff (which would increase your attack damage by about 2 buffs and your proc damage by 2 buffs as well), depends on the composition of your setup.

Also note that a heroism 1 buff actually gives a little more than 1.00 to your weapon damage. This is due to the enemy’s natural ‘armour’. Explaining is hard without a hypothetical example (note that the damage formula isn’t so simple, but this is a rough explanation)

Damage: 100. Enemy armour: 80. Damage done: 100 – 80 = 20
Damage (with 5% buff): 105. Damage done: 105 – 80 = 25

The effect of course, isn’t so pronounced as that, but its significant enough to factor into your decisions. As always, if in doubt, test a bit until you arrive at the ideal balance of chain attack/buffs.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Chain attack

Why chain attack, of all procs?

Chain attack is the most powerful (in the late game at least), yet least understood proc. This guide aims to explain how chain attack works, and how you can exploit it to its fullest potential.

How does chain attack work?

Chain attack, quite simply is a proc that gives you one additional attack, up to a maximum of 4 additional attacks a round. This means that you can get up to 5 attacks per round, 25 attacks per fight. While this is common knowledge, the mechanics behind chain attack are more complicated than that.

Note that all this below is theory based on observations; I have no way of knowing how it exactly functions. Thankfully, results from tests do support the theory, so you can rest easy knowing that even if the theory is flawed, it still provides a good working model to use :)

We shall define two things: sources and boosters

A source is quite simply, anything with the chain attack proc. Each item with the chain attack proc has its base chance. It is folklore that flurry (the power, not the talent) has a base chance of 3%-7% as it levels. The base chance of the other sources is shrouded in mystery.

A booster is anything that increases the chance of chain attack. There are only a few, of which the most prominent example is the extra magazine – which gives a 5% increased chance of chain attack.

Chain attack and slot machines

Picture yourself in a casino. For each source, imagine that you are playing one slot machine. So if you have 6 sources of chain attack, you have 6 slot machines. Let’s give them all the base chance of 6%, for laziness sake.

Picture each booster as a ‘hack’ that increases the win rate of ALL your slot machines. So, lets assume you are using extra magazine (5%), dragon sage(3%) , gryphon (2%), and have the flurry talent maexd (3%). This is a total boost of 13%, making all the slot machines 19%.

Now, assume (for the purpose of the explanation) that putting in one token into a master machine will activate all 6 slot machines at once, and you will chug a beer every time you dump in a token. At each round, you will get one token, so you put it in, and chug your bear, while waiting…

Kachink …. Kachink …. Kachink….

Let’s first assume that none of the slot machines get lucky (each had a 19% chance of striking). You are out of tokens now, so your round ends.
Round 1: 1 beer chugged, 0 tokens left. Round over

We now move on to round 2. You are given yet another free token, so again, you put it in, chug your beer, and wait …

Kachink …. Kachink …. Kachink….

This time two of your slot machines strike! You are now given two tokens, one for each of the machines that strikes.
Round 2: 1 beer chugged, 2 tokens left

Your round isn’t over as you have tokens, so you put in 1 token, chug your (second this round) beer…
Let’s assume you got lucky on 1 machine, leaving you with 2 tokens again.
Round 2: 2 beers chugged, 2 tokens left

Lets assume the next few tokens proceed as follows (each time, one machine strikes)
Round 2: 3 beers chugged, 2 tokens left
Round 2: 4 beers chugged, 2 tokens left
Round 2: 5 beers chugged, 2 tokens left

(You are now thoroughly drunk)

Sadly, as you are about to dunk in another token, the casino manager forces you to switch machines, ending your lucky streak (and more importantly, round 2). At least you get to keep your tokens…

With the 1 free token, you are up to 3 tokens…
Round 3: 0 beers chugged, 3 tokens left

Let us assume you get unlucky and none of the machines strike, leaving you with 2 tokens:
Round 3: 1 beer chugged, 2 tokens left

and that you get unlucky again, and again…
Round 3: 2 beers chugged, 1 tokens left
Round 3: 3 beers chugged, 0 tokens left

Ending your round. Round 4 will start with you having 1 token again. By now, I think you can get a picture of how chain attack works, so further explanation is pointless.

BTW: in case you did not already realize, each beer chugged corresponds to how many attacks you got during the round.

In more dry (lol) terms: each time you attack, you roll for every chain attack source you get; and each successful roll gives you one more attack, which will be expended until you attack 5 times in a round, or run out. If you attack 5 times in a round and still have bonus attacks, they are carried over into the next round.

(interpretation left to the viewer)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

(Incomplete section, obviously)

Lvl 1-50: PvE player (i heavily encourage pvp early on, but whatever floats your boat)

- highly recommended: at least pvp until you get the mount (2500 VP), and the talent points for pvp

- hunt for raven and lucky gun in r2.

- trade for soul strike nukes, build up another nuke (purge is probably your best bet) for coven boss fighting (your goals being to pick up boots and gems)

- pick up the ancient set in r2 for pve; do the earthmend quest whenever you can. trade/buy sanctuary in the sands (SitS) scrolls, forming the core of your heal setup (optional if you have good level in blessing of the elders).

- accumulate rubies in old town after gathering as much pve loot% as you can OR hunt in crypt (if you can win) to build up a holy setup (I like this option better, because it’s your only chance of having midgame power).

- At x8-x0 levels, consider portals (red pasture is the weakest).

End result: Talent points in early regions (or a headstart on them at least), a core for a heal based setup, some rubies (although definitely not as much as a pvper), more progress (than a PvPer) in terms of gem hunting and portals.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] PvP guide

Originally posted by Mathesthos:

Love your guide.

I’m currently lvl 12 and got Charger, Gloves, both Glyphs, lifestealer sword the crafted belt bad moon pendant and chloro lvl2. Using Zombie and Frost demon as servants.
But sofar i’ve only gotten 7 goth girl and 8 nosferatu and not alot of luck on Diablerie (5/10)(used Demonic rights and Path of the righteous sofar).

Would you say doing the pvp quests is worth it? and what about the Accesories you can craft with the items gained from doing the pvp quests.
I did a Coven boss and got another purple gem should i craft a gem and put that into the pvp belt to make it even stronger?

Thanks in Advance

The pvp quests are a new addition and they are fantastic. Remember to be in the region that quest relates to: e.g. kill people while in the first region for the first quest and kill people while being in the second region for the second.

The pvp (duelist) belt will be fine with a bloodbane gem which you can buy from the jeweller with a small investment of VP.

Good choice of servants and powers, consider chloromancy since its great at lvl 2 (replace path of the rigtheous)

The pvp quests give you lots of VP and the accs are very nice early on, so they are definitely worth doing.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Suggestions & Bug reports & Changes

Originally posted by venti5:

sorry but I am confused about something, in the wiki it says: To battle against a verdant coven boss, players must be at least level 11 and no more than level 20. yet I have seen the verdants summoned by level 50+ players etc. is this a bug or is there a special event. Or is this no longer the case and the wiki just needs to be updated?

Yep you are right; the wiki is incorrect. Hopefully they will update it soon :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] PvP guide

Yeah i would definitely agree revert is skippable. It is very highly situational. Guide updated

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Van Goth Portal

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Building for power: How to do a gazillion damage

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Life after bladestaff

The world is your oyster. Finish up the stormbringer’s compass (if you havn’t already) and enjoy life. r12 with its electric set is an obvious place to go to – the atlantean set is INVINCIBLE in PvE atm. You’ve officially entered the late game :)

Other obvious priorities are to:

1.) Continue farming pvp for rubies – don’t forget to do the daily quests like a good boy.

2.) Maximize your efficiency. In simple words; get a decent max bloodlust, and get all your costs (PvE, PvB, PvP) down to 6.

3.) Continue increasing the damage of your bladestaff setup. Once you reach a certain degree of power, farming the level 120 coven bosses is highly recommended for the lucrative rewards.

4.) Pick up the obvious stuff:

- The aforementioned r12 setup

- Coffin of legends and gryphon are still awesome; and work well with any weapon for bossing purposes

- Any stuff you feel is necessary to boost your bossing setup

- If you like the look of another weapon, you can start building into it – you have all the requisite power and loot to do it. Tidebringer and neptune’s fury are the most obvious options to go towards.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Lvl 91+: PvP path

If you are reading this section, either:

1.) You were planning to build spear of the moon goddess anyway

2.) You got really unlucky/started late and couldn’t complete an efficient build

3.) You’ve had your fun with your build, but need to transit into the late game

4.) You are just reading the guide in its entirety (lol)

How close are you to bladestaff?

If you feel that your build is still killing the bosses efficiently enough (especially if you picked up shiny new loot), you can go on your merry path, especially if you got lucky in your previous farming. If you feel the chance of you getting bladestaff quickly is low (out of skulls, slow killing the lvl 100 portal bosses), it’s time to move into r10 and beyond.

Your goals in r10 are:

1.) Get through.
Sounds stupid as a goal, but you will sing a different tune after doing the quests.

2.) Collect blood badges and gems
Your build should still be very good for coven bossing (if building into spear, I hope you picked up either cross or nova blade), so just pick up what you can. r10 is a dreary place, so do what you can to make it more enjoyable (haha). You want lots of blood badges for r11 (6k in total, or 9k with spear); so you want to carry lots of blood badges into r11 (4k being the max you can bring in). Start maxing out your blood badges just before you go in, of course.

3.) Save up 30 IWCs, or even 60 IWcs.
If you have lots of portal armour, this might be unnecessary; otherwise, by the time you finish r10 you should have quite a stash of IWCs anyway, and the armour is pretty good. The lvl 100 coven bosses also drop IWCs, so thats another good way to pile up. I would recommend NOT crafting the arctic pieces yet until you are sure which piece you need (refer to r11 section).

4.) Catch up on whatever items you need

Your goals in r11 are:

1.) Purchase both mayan accs. These accs are fantastic, and pretty much must gets. This means a lot of coven boss grinding, so enjoy. Hopefully you will pick up the jungle boots; but if it proves too hard the lvl 100 coven bosses are a lot more efficient for blood badges; the lvl 90s aren’t bad too. Rising suneate is still pretty cool, so don’t sweat it if lvl 110s aren’t easy (although if you lucked into primordial matter, you might want to persist anyway to finish the jungle set).

3.) Try and get jungle gloves. This is pretty much all luck of the drop, just make sure your pve build is able to beat the lizard consistently enough.

4.) Craft jungle helm if you have no good helm for bossing since its dirt cheap. The crypt helm is still better in holy builds, but craft it anyway – it makes your final bashing with UT better.

5.) If you luck into primordial matter (unlikely, but always a possibility), craft the jungle armour. The jungle set has a LOT of heroism.

6.) Use your stored IWCs, if necessary, to craft either gloves or combat armour.

7.) Make sure you have 3k blood badges when you hit …

Lvl 109

Note that I don’t have truesilver sigil (lazy me), but its better than the holy books. I used flurry because even at level 1, it gives a lot more than most other powers (if you have blacksmith blessing at lvl 4 or so, worth considering as well). Jungle gloves are stronger than arctic gloves, but I chose not to use it just to show how effective the build already is even if you can’t get ‘everything’. If you have both sigil and gloves, your build should perform at about the same level as mine; even if your pole proficiency isnt levelled. If you were unable to get hold of the holy servant; just chuck in a traveller.

It’s time! Purchase the spear of the moon goddess, and unleash your vengeance on the portal bosses. You should achieve effects like:

(this is on a lvl 120 cow king. Note that this setup is strong enough to get you killed by backlash, so retreat if necessary; or tinker around with your build; or fight it only when your bloodlust is low. Whatever works for you. You can go wild on the other portal bosses without too much fear.)

(on a lvl 120 dragon. Note that both these hits aren’t the best; or the worst, they are just good hits from the setup).

The setup does around that much on average; albeit with maxed polearm mastery. Expect to take longer; possibly around 15-20 hits per boss (factoring in the finishing off with unholy trinity). The usual tips for portal bosses apply.

I wasn’t able to finish my setup in time for lvl 109!

Don’t worry, the power jump from the 110 to 120 bosses isn’t that big. Take your time and catch up (probably in the crypt; since you might not have had the power to enter the crypt earlier)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Lvl 71-90: PvP path

Nows the time to POWER UP! The past levels have built up the backbone of your character; it’s time to surround it with the equipment to make it shine. The earlier section has already mentioned the equipment specific to your damage type; here I’ll focus on the items you should be getting anyway. Note that some suggested generics might be inferior to whatever I suggested for the damage type, in which case you can just ignore the generic.

The shopping list of items (again, some might be out of reach, but you should aim to get most of them) is:

-Prepare what you need to obtain the weapon
… Duh.

-portal summons
As soon as your setup can handle the portal (red pasture and dark oblivion are the easiest, as usual) get your posterior in there and start piling up the skulls, Tamerlane style.

-bane glyphs
Continue to level up the bane glyphs. Bestial can be levelled up almost anywhere, demonic glyph in r6 (hopefully you were training this glyph while grinding for UT), xeno and dragon glyphs in the respective portals.

- amethyst and sapphire gems
Do enough CBs until you have a small stash of gems. Your sapphires can initially go into -2 BL pve for your LGLG, spend some blood badges for more if you need (in my opinion, pve is the biggest consumer of bloodlust, so your priority should be to lower your bloodlust cost for pve first) Avoid spending for gems prematurely – buy them only when you need to socket them (or unless you are maxing out on blood badges, which is unlikely to happen).

- Glyph of old glory
Get this quick, and level it on weak bosses, both coven and epic.

- Frost ram
I prefer hunting for this than trying to save up 3k blood badges for wyrm. This is stronger anyway. For most of the builds, you will pick this ‘on the way’ as a lot of vampiric powers are dropped by epic bosses. Get the rest you need by spamming r1 or r2 bosses and lvl 20 bosses (which helps level your glyph as well!)

- rising sun suneate (lvl 40 CBs)
Cute little pair of boots with heroism 1 and a purple socket. Relatively easy to get as well. Pair with rising sun glyph if bane glyphs are not well leveled (which they shouldn’t be anyway)

- warbringer belt (battlemaster)
awesome belt, and cheap to boot.

- Hourglass of the ancients
heroism 2 and a sweetener in the form of attunement

- the purple and blue talismans

- Extra magazine
if your weapon of choice has chain attack, seriously consider getting this in, especially if you don’t have 6 good accs anyway. It’s the best late game acc, so I see no reason not to get it anyway.

- oblivion talisman
could be hard to drop, but if you luck into it while hunting for skulls in DO, socket three heroism (or your damage type) gems in. If your weapon peaks later and you have nothing else, just camp in DO for this

- desperation talisman
not worth being desperate for (haha), but if you get it, is a pretty good place to chuck in -1 BL gems. Not essential immediately unless you are very rich and can afford to socket lots of -1 Bl gems.

- coffincracker droid
if you spam r9, this is pretty good, with its heroism 2.

- coffincracker combat pointers (coffincracker juggernaut, r9 epic boss)
only go after this if you have nothing else to clear, and have the time to do so (i.e. you are many levels away from your weapon and have already completed the rest of the build) If you don’t want anything else from the other r9 bosses (which is quite likely), I advise giving up for the other bosses to save bloodlust and avoid picking up unnecessary exp.

- Netherwrath armour (r6)
not fantastic, but has random heroism here and there; you probably already got some from all the epic boss killing anyway. You can replace one piece with armour from the rising sun set for an equivalent heroism 1 from the set bonus.

- the suggested items that strike your fancy
In case you forgot life is not all about generics :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Now you are at the crossroads pretty much. What you need to decide now is which weapon to aim for, pretty much. Ideally you want to start portal bossing (or coven boss spamming) once you get your shiny new weapon; and you want your setup complete ‘on time’, that is, you want to obtain it just (or soon after) you pass the level requirement – you don’t want to complete your onyx blade setup at lvl 110, for example.

Here are the weapon candidates (note again that I assume you are a non donor for all this. If you have donor items that make a particular damage type very good, you can pretty much ignore whatever I say here and go with that)

A lot of potentially useful stuff to fit in. Portal bosses have nightward but the sheer power might compensate for it. Going for shadow has the additional bonus of making your UT finish bosses faster. Definitely worth consideration. Cow king is the easiest boss, and should be started with.

Unholy trinity: Try not to use this as a main weapon. Its heroism isnt that great, its shadow damage isnt good. Better things are around.

Vanquisher: No. Just no.

Onyx blade: It isn’t too bad for a shadow weapon, but shadow damage isn’t good on portal bosses. Could work, if you have halloween stuff. Boost if with what you can get from crypt and the damage might be good enough to overcome the nightward. No guarantees since I never used this.

Lance of the black knight (r8): Could work. You will need to level up the pole mastery (electrolance?) for this to work out as whack based which could be difficult. It has heroism 3 which is nice though, and is level 78, meaning you can hit level 80 bosses with it. It’s not easy to use it at that level though, so I recommend training pole mastery after you get it, and building up shadow stuff from the crypt around it, peaking at the same time as onyx blade would – with weapon mastery level 2 its probably on par with onyx blade.

Items to consider (besides the standard items which will be mentioned in the subsequent levels):

Doom (r1 bosses): Decent power, you will already have some progress on it too. Level 3 or even 4 would be nice on this.
Eternal oblivion (crypt): the best shadow power; if you can survive the crypt, hunt this one as much as you can. Aim for level 4 on this
Demonic rites (pvp): At level 5, this does great shadow damage.

Succubus (r6): If a lot of your damage is from nightfall, this servant (which you are probably close to getting anyway due to your UT grinding, is quite good.
Demonic tutor (r6): 1 damnation and 3% corruption; not bad
Vampire bat: Synergizes with doom decently
Skeleton Retainer: If you got this from halloween. Same effect as vampire bat. The two combined let you go crazy on the shadowcurse.

Blackwood coffin (pvp): Worth spending on for some extra power
Black warg (pvp): fantastic substitute for frost ram, especially if you get bat + retainer, although I still recommend you get the ram.

Netherwrath robes: Since you are trying to peak early, this is pretty much the best shadow armour around
Witch hat: OP much? You probably wanted to use shadow because you got this.
Cryptstalker helm: If you decide to delay until lvl 93, this is decent to pick up, especially for lance. Not worth waiting for IMO if you have witch hat, but worthy of picking up if you reach that high a level and still want to use shadow.
Cryptstalker grasp: Fantastic. Get this.

Blob in a jar: Easy. Just pick it up as you go along.
Vial of volatile nightmares: If you lucked into this, it’s great to use.
Corn on the cob: The most powerful of the halloween accs for bossing, if not fantastic. Pair with some blacken sources (skull belt and amulet of the mai perhaps). It has some additional value for its necrosis, which really helps.

With slay rite as the backbone, chuck on powers, servants, fill up the rest with generic stuff and you are good to go.

Tyrant axe: Only base your setup on this if you have slay rite, or at least enough for the cruelty 3 and possibly slayer 3 bonus.

Eon axe: if you got lucky enough to pick this up, its pretty powerful, but I’m not convinced its worth building around without slay rite.

Suggested Items:

Hunger of the beast (r2): Get level 4 on this
Frenzy (r2): … and trade for whatever you need to get this to level 4 as well.
Slay rite set: Duh. The only reason you decided to get tyrant axe.
Dominated Werewolf: Pretty good, easy to get during halloween.
Warg: You will probably get this while hunting for hunger of the beast. Just chuck it in if you have nothing else.

Black Warg: As good for physical as it is for shadow. substitutes for frost ram if you couldn’t get it in time.

The weapons here are all designed for bossing, and all require blood badges. Expect a lot of slogging through CBs, especially if you decide to center around the spear. It is essential you can survive the crypt as well, so don’t hesitate to pick up intermediate weapons – you might end up buying two or even all three of these weapons. As a bonus, none of the portal bosses have blasphemy. If you can survive crypt, I highly recommend choosing holy, as you have a lot of margin of error due to having three weapons of varying levels. If nothing else works, holy WILL be your final step before bladestaff.

Cross of the redeemed: Possible intermediate weapon due to its somewhat low cost. If you manage to get all the holy stuff fast, it could prove powerful enough for bossing, but I’m doubtful.

Nova blade: A more expensive but stronger version of cross. Blood badge cost is higher, and attempting to peak at lvl 100 is kinda hard IMO, but doable. It’s also a lot better for pve than cross. You might want to get this as an intermediate weapon, building into spear of the moon goddess.

Spear of the moon goddess: This is pretty strong, and costs only a little more than nova blade. It peaks later (lvl 109) but that just means you can surround it with all the r11 goodies (and have more time to farm everything you need to). If you have the patience to wait to lvl 110, and farm crypt holy stuff (and blood badges) until then, this is quite rewarding. This is the BEST weapon in r11 to build around to hunt portal bosses.

Suggested items:

eternal salvation (crypt): best holy power. crypt is hard; but you can settle for level 3; although 4 is ideal.
tomb guardian (crpyt): decent little servant

Wings of ascension (halloween): if you got this, its good.
Holy handgrenade (r6): Get this if you have wings for an exorcism 3 acc (2+1 set bonus)
Book of burial rites/lore (crypt): exorcism 2 accs. Worth getting, since you will be doing a lot of crypt grinding anyway.

Dawnbringer gaze: Get this; it’s fantastic.
Dawnbringer grasp: As above, although this is admittedly inferior to the jungle gloves in r11 if you are using spear. It’s still very good paired with cross and nova blade in the meantime though.

Truesilver sigil: Decent with the spear, due to its chain attack.

There’s only one weapon here worth considering. I don’t recommend it because there’s not much decent fire stuff, but its worth considering if you have demon mask. You will rely a LOT on generics for this build. At least all the specific stuff is mostly in r6, and you have axe proficiency…

Inferno axe: Good against cow king, you will be spending quite a while in r6 to power up pyromancy and other fire based powers. Can work; although fire support (other than demon mask) is not fantastic, cow king is the weakest portal boss by far, and being a pvper, you have axe proficiency as well. Blood badge cost is high though, and once you get cow king’s drop, you pretty much throw this axe away (lol).

Suggested items:

Let the world burn (r6): level 4
pyromancy (r6): level 4

tome of elemental fire + demon mask: If you have the mask, pick up the tome for more ignite
phoenix robe: the best of a bad bunch.
jar of dragonfire: as above; really expensive as well.

flame dancer: better than nothing

Fang dagger: There just isn’t enough poison damage around to justify building poison damage around this. However, it has heroism 3 and two purple sockets at lvl 79, which makes it usable. If you pick this up, you might want to have a go at a portal boss at lvl 79-80 if you have a lot of generic heroism alread;, legion damage might just carry you through efficiently.

Pretty easy. Get the powers, get the ballistic accs, fill everything else with generics. Nothing fantastic (other than extra magazine which only shines late game), but the support is good, and there’s nothing more you can ask for.

Gatling gun: Possible, especially if you have help getting the alloy or buy it rather than waste time hunting it. Mass precision (accs and powers) and this can be pretty good when you get it. Rifle proficiency from your early pvp days helps too.

Jungle guns: Meh. Could work if you are desperate i guess, it’s like a mini sniper, although its probably a bit more powerful at first.

Sniper rifle Jungle fever and Tundra stalker: both are good as bash weapons, pick whichever strikes your fancy and build ballistic support around them (stalker is cheaper, is easier to build around due to its chain attack, and has a lower level requirement so you might go for that). Snipers reach their peak later, because you need enough chain attack, the proficiency bonus, crit chance, weapon damage, stuff like that, although they are still pretty good weapons (almost on par with gatling gun imo) with basic ballistic support.

If you plan to use it, you will need to do a lot of training with it, sort of like how people playing piano should learn as young as possible (lol) If you are lvl 80 with 0 proficiency in it, unless you are prepared to do lots (and i mean LOTS) of grinding, stay away. If you read this guide and are low level, and want to use a sniper (they are cool weaps, and pretty powerful with good setups), start training early (you can use them in pvp on weak targets, for example) and reap the benefits later.

Suggested items:

Marked for death, hawkeyes, lock target (r4 and r9): The ballistic powers. Hawkeyes is expensive; if using this, level 3 is sufficient, although level 4 gives you a better nuke. Lock target and marked for death are easier to get and pretty good too – the true aim is inconsistent but can give you fantastic damage. I would probably go for marked for death (level 4) and hawkeyes (3 or 4) here for the nukes.

Extra magazine (r9): must get.
Target system (r9): as above.
Sniper scope (r6): Easy precision 3 acc

Gamekeeper gloves(halloween): if you got this, its fantastic with gatling gun, and still good with snipers (although losing out late game to other stuff).

Ice: … expensive and grindy. no
Psychic: no.
Electric: I don’t feel that phase cannon is good enough (or rayden staff), except with donor items

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Powering up: a possible progression

Lvl 1-50: PvP path

- pvp for rubies

- unlock regions as you level, to enable yourself to do all the pvp quests. Consider picking up the lucky gun in r2 if you forsee an event coming soon.

- kill random lvl 20 coven bosses for boots – soul strike is cheap and good nuke for them – can be done around lvl 21 with a lvl 3 nuke or whenver you feel comfortable hunting them. try and kill only those with the talent point.

- beg/borrow/steal/buy/trade for raven, zombie, and (luxury) blood surgeon, underground blogger

- At the x8-x0 levels (28,29,30,38,39,40…), consider doing some portals (especially dark oblivion and red pastures for talent points and loot), or do coven bosses to try and get gems. x9 and x0 especially are not good levels for doing pvp anyway. In dark oblivion; try to do the thrillseeker quest if you can beat the nameless terrors. Ghost ink is cool.

End result: Lots of rubies (well, enough to get lglg at least), pvp talent points, portal talent points (or good progress on those), boots and maybe a stash of gems, basic raven and zombie servants.

I cannot stress this enough. Early on, you want to take advantage of your low level, so your bosses are (relatively) weaker than you are, your portal enemies are weaker, pvp is easier. Later on when you have ‘got everything’ and feel like charging ahead, it’s fine; but not now.

- Do event portals if there is an event
Obvious. Events are sources of great loot. Even a pvper should definitely spend some time (pvp equipment is quite often better for pve than what most pve players would have) in the portals for some of the loot.

- Trade for stuff you need if its inefficient for you to hunt it
Self explanatory.

Lvl 51-60: PvP path

Note: as a pvp player, you have the luxury to spend some of your extra vp on whatever equipment you feel can help you pve more effectively. Sometimes (although not now) LGLG just can’t cut it (for example, heal + lglg in crypt will most probably be crushed as the mobs pile up the necrosis) and you might want a weapon from the battlemaster. Some armour (like juggernaut) is pretty cool too for pve.

- Continue PvP (especially daily quests) on what targets you have – there won’t be that much, but its still free rubies. The r6 sigil is pretty useful, so try and pick that one up. As usual, lvls 59 and 60 should be spent away from pvp.

- Purchase LGLG (pve loot% get!)

- Pick up the ancient set in r2 (it doesn’t take long), and get the ancient sigil, assuming you didnt already have it.

- Finish up portal (red pasture and dark oblivion) talent points with your lglg + heal setup. In red pastures, take dragonbull quest and try to hunt his talisman.

- 8 pvp talents +6 portal + 1 from lvl 20 Cbs = 15 talent points. Pump 3 heroism, 3 invocation, 3 bloodbank, 1 (regen or shadowcurse, whatever you like), 5 thrillseeker to help you get the summon loot flowing.

- get talent points for the other bosses and Cbs (start from the lvl 50s for the gem drops) in r2-r5. They don’t drop anything essential anyway so you might as well clear them now.

- any spare time goes into trying to hunt vampire skull pendant in r1, and unholy trinity in r6. Avoid summoning the r6 bosses until you have the above-mentioned loot boosters.

- if you can afford it, level up bane glyphs, in particular, demon (r6 is great), bestial (r2 and a lot of regions), corrupt (r3), undead (r1). The first two are for portal bossing; the other two have their uses elsewhere.

Crypt: Where the sun don’t shine
After you get LGLG, if you find that you can survive in the crypt by some means or another (maybe by halloween items or something), it’s worth hunting in here until you get the two books and the dawnbringer grasp (if you plan to use holy in future) or the cryptstalker grasp and possibly more cold iron for a future cryptstalker gaze (if you plan to use shadow). The crypt gets a lot harder in later levels, so it’s worth considering starting early.

Summary: pick up more talent points, hunt for codex; vamp skull pendant, and unholy trinity.

Lvl 61-70

- PvP when you can, as usual

- Finish (if you weren’t lucky enough early on) codex, vamp skull pendant, and unholy trinity.

- blood badges earned should either go into buying sapphires or getting a glyph of old glory (unless you are really desperate for sapphires, maybe to put into LGLG, I like getting this early)

- March on for talent points: you want 31. The easiest are:

8 from pvp
6 from portals
8 from epic and coven bosses from lvl 20-50
1 from Alithia in r6
2 from r1 (because you will be farming there like crazy for vampire skull pendant probably)
1 from r2 (living tree, take the quest)
2 from r3 (consider using pearls, it might help)
2 from r5 (90 and 50, pretty good).
2 from r6 (due to all the unholy trinity chasing)

but you can mix and match, and possibly get your talents from other mobs not mentioned here. I like hunting the easier regions in particular, because lglg can deathblow (more loot, more boss summons), and the more boss summons helps when trying to get frost ram (the bosses are easy and more plentiful, so its far easier to go after frost ram).

- With 31 talent points, your build will look something like (the two points in karma can be placed elsewhere as preference dictates):

- you are advised to trade for a blood surgeon if you havn’t already got one, and maybe underground blogger.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

TLDR summary

1.) Build up power and loot chance.

2.) Portal bossing —> bladestaff and compass

3.) Finish up late game setup.

Pre portal (the items here may be replaced by portal stuff when you get them). Also note that all item recommendations assume non donor.

Loot chance

Codex (red pasture portal) – compulsory

Vampire skull pendant (r1) – compulsory

Ice shield (halloween event) – event drop, get if you can

Mayan knife and calendar (r11) – if you reached r11 already and still havnt hit the portals

Unholy trinity (r6) – somewhat troublesome to obtain, but worth it, imo

Glyph of old legend (1k bb) – you should be levelling this as soon as you can


Important Note: If you do not have much power, its probably pointless trying to do portals early. While portal bosses are indeed ‘weaker’ at say, lvl 80 than at lvl 110, your equipment is also probably much weaker. There are cases (for example, slay rite with tyrant axe) where you will be able to kill them very efficiently, which might make it a good idea to try your luck at certain levels (78-80,88-90 for example) rather than waiting for access to r10/r11 stuff; but these are rare.

You will need a good source of damage, whether it be from heroism boosted legion procs, or a well supported weapon. Without it, do NOT try to boss yet. Plan the build you will use to hunt for portal stuff, and gather the items, before your try it.

Heroism armour: Consider arctic set (you only need three pieces for the bonus) as a cheap starter, the jungle armour (in particular, gloves and boots) if you have access to r11. Mix in portal armour that you obtain as you see fit, or if you luck into it, r11 and r12 have two very good breastplates (ajaw and triton). rising sun suneate (and the glyph) is worth getting

Alternate armour (armour without heroism): Headstompers if you have them are very usable, especially in physical, due to their two purple sockets, any helm with chain attack (in particular the two from crypt portal) are worth considering. Any other armour with heavy buffs for your attack type can be considered.

Servants: Try and get at least one (or two) good servants with at least a heroism 2 buff (or a buff for whatever damage type you use). Traveller (regardless of whether you use electric) gives 20% crit damage which makes him somewhat useful as well. Spider drone, if you have plenty of chain attack sources is another choice. Other servants worth considering are those that enhance your damage proc chance (like 10% increased chance of berserk or whatever).

Mount: Frost Ram (you’ll get some through grinding for vampire skull pendant and unholy trinity, you can get the rest through grinding early regions), or Bonewyrm Vanquisher (3k Blood badges) if you are lazy

Generic accessories: Oblivion talisman (dark oblivion), hourglass of ancients (r7), are worth going for.

Belt: Warbringer belt (battlemaster) is cheap and versatile.

Coffin: not much that will help, if you have sarcophagus (r7) you can use it for proc resist, or you can use the battlemaster onyx coffin for a little shadow damage.

Powers: I like ‘buff type powers’ – megalomania (which you will slowly level up as you kill portal bosses), eternal oblivion, eternal damnation (both from the crypt portal, boost shadow and holy), pyromancy (r6, boosts fire), blacksmith blessing (dragon portal, default power to fall back on if nothing else is of use), flurry (alien portal, read description for blacksmith blessing), and the curse powers (poisoncurse, shadowcurse, stormcurse etc.) Nukes are always an option, as are proc based damage powers. Experiment and see what works for you best.

Other stuff you should have

Talent points: Having legion of the antediluvian will help immensely mid game, although late game you might not want it (I feel its a bit expensive to get, but it does help a lot in boss killing even when you have a lot of items, as your loot setup is always going to be much weaker; legion will make your loot setup a lot stronger). having 3 in heroism, 3 in invocation, 5 in thrillseeker, is almost compulsory. The loot chance, reduce in BL cost, are all goodies worth going for as well.

Some sapphires (and blood sapphires): To put blue -1BL gems in good bossing equipment (more on this later)

Basic BL regen: Try and have some +6 max BL gems in your afk setup, preferably on useless equipment, and hopefully obtain blood surgeon. You should definitely have boots by now!

PvE loot boosts: All the boss power and loot chance is useless if you don’t have bosses to summon (thus the thrillseeker and invocation of the old ones talents). Get the standard pve loot boosters, and develop workable pve setups for the portals you are hunting in.

Daily buffs: Always get them! The damage boost is invaluable.

Bane glyphs: Try and level them whenever you can, they do help, even if just a little.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] A guide to PvB

Stat points

To refresh you again:

Rage increases weapon damage

Control reduces weapon damage you take

Constitution increases max hp and resistance to procs.

How should your spare stat points after satisfying equip requirements be placed?


Why, you ask? Rage has less and less effect late game, control does nothing to increase your boss killing speed; but constitution helps you resist procs (not to mention the max hp helps you avoid dying and losing 60BL). Resisting a spellbreaker/disrupt/dispel is far more advantageous than hitting just a little harder per hit.

Talent tree

Basically, when making a talent tree build in the late game, you need to decide the following:

1.) Do I want to focus on power with the pvb tree, or do I really want the 15sec BL regen (and 1% pve loot) in the scourge tree?

Personally, I recommend the pvb tree for its power, but there are cases when you would opt for the scourge tree:

- you are planning to grind a lot of pve for a long period of time
- the 15 sec BL (especially if you are a non/light donor) is tempting

If opting for the scourge tree, your talent tree would look something like:

(basically putting points into scourge to get the goodies down there. there’s plenty (too much?) room for customisation here)

2. Do you want to have points in duelist?

Deciding this is fairly straightforward – how much do you like pvp, and how much will you benefit from the extra 3/3 bane/wards?

If you do decide to go duelist, your tree will look like:

after getting the duelist talents, resist procs, and flurry, the rest of the points are more or less optional. Wrath and the loot bonus can be substituted with hit/miss.

3. Do you like heal?

If you use heal a lot (in pve or pvp), your tree will look like:

For the PvBer who dabbles with heal, after getting boss -1 BL, the rest are dumped into flourish and ancient blood

4. Do I need legion of the antediluvian?

This is crucial. In the mid game and even the late game, legion is still fantastic; not to mention all the juicy loot bonuses. Going for legion, you will have a core of :

Plant the remaining 10 points anywhere you like (putting all into duelist transits into build 2 shown above). Karma or proc resist is a matter of taste – I opt for karma here because it’s a mid game talent build and nukes can be useful.

5. I don’t need that. I just want full power!

Then this is the tree for you:

Picking up all the talents that give heavy bossing power.

Bear in mind all these talent trees can be tweaked to suit your needs; for instance, the duelist build could be mixed with scourge points instead of going deeper into champion for loot. One might find specific talents better than the ones outlined here – for instance, shadowcurse or elementalist