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Topic: Kongregate / PLEASE stop badging pay games; voice your yes or no here

I beg you guys (and I know MANY others agree), don’t badge games that at any time will even possibly require for progress any form of real currency or game money that needs to be bought with real money. Also, I think there shouldn’t be badges for tasks that require anything with a game’s multiplayer section. I think a badge should be only for accomplishments that:

1—never even slightly possibly require an action to spend actual money on, no matter how easy it is with whatever big amount to work with, and

2—only depend on that one person behind the computer to achieve. Because the problems with multiplayer is that there could be many long periods of time (hours even) where nobody is in that part. Also, people could have horrible skills and/or luck against real life people vs. better luck against a game’s CPU opponents.

Mostly, like I said: PLEASE stop badging pay games and such. But, I’m not trying to command you guys like I’m your job boss, and I know you need funding to keep Kongregate up. (I swear, some of these games I wonder who in their right mind would badge it, as it’s plain with almost all bad games that it couldn’t have the required high enough rating for badges. So I concluded that they must pay to have their games badged, which like I said, is understandable from a Kong management standpoint)

Everyone who reads this post is not only welcome, but encouraged, to give their agree or disagree opinions on this too. :)

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Topic: Kongregate / let us delete suggested

IKR; here are some of my paired suggestions: 1—City of Steam: Arkadia (MMO, Multiplayer, Unity, 3D, Steampunk) because you rated Belial: Chapter 1 (Devil, Point and Click, Mouse Only) highly. 2—Contract Wars (Unity, Shooter, 3D, Action, Multiplayer) because you rated Stellar Hunter (Atmospheric, Mouse Only, Relaxing, Space, Hunting) highly. 3—SAS: Zombie Assault 4 (Zombie, Multiplayer, Shooter, Team) because you rated Diamond Penthouse Escape (Escape, Point and Click, Adventure, Mouse Only, Puzzle) highly. o.O I’m just sayin’.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

I made a post almost the same as Paratroopa123 two spots above me before seeing this section. his is a good idea and I thought up that same Ancient; here’s what I wrote (before I checked out this section for update suggestions). There is a 0.5 second delay between an enemy dying and the new enemy appearing, except at the end of a 10-set. There should be an Ancient with a max level of 5 that costs the usual 1 more HS per level (example: 4 HS for level 4) that reduces the dying delay by 0.1 seconds per level. So, when you max it out at level 5 there is no delay between one enemy dying and the next enemy appearing.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever heard a strange sound that others can't hear?

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

Have you ever heard the story about the woman who had a June bug stuck in her ear and kept yelling ‘the helicopter! the helicopter!" and her family took her to the ER thinking she’d gone nuts? Took them a while to figure out that she had a June bug stuck in her ear and it’s beating wings sounded like ‘the helicopter’ and the pain of the insect scurrying around in her ear was making her panic hysterically.

It was on “Untold Stories of the ER” and they ended up pouring alcohol down the ear canal and had to remove the insect piece by piece. Thankfully it didn’t permanently damage the ear drum…

I heard of something similar on a news program once. A kid kept hearing what sounded like a light drumming, like someone drumming their fingers on a table right next to his ear. Eventually, his parents took him in to get that checked out. Turns out there were two spiders that had crawled into his ear, presumably while he was asleep, and made that their home. It makes sense as far as the habitat goes. If you look at the web of a house spider, you’ll see there is a “cave” or “burrow” of sorts, their main house part of the web, where they stay inside of when they aren’t on the big outside “fan” part that insects get trapped on. The ear is almost the shape of that “burrow” part of the web. Now, as far as them actually getting into his ear, some people wonder what kind of poor living conditions the family lives in for that to happen, but others argue that almost every house has spiders somewhere and it could happen in any house with spiders.

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Topic: Forum Games / The Never Ending Sentence [Continuous]

Magnetosphere and Xaviersphere

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Topic: Forum Games / The Never Ending Sentence [Continuous]

used for calculating

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Topic: Technical Support / pre game ads still playing after I click the (CLOSE) thing Here’s a link to the screenshot of what I’m talking about. It says "YOUR GAME WILL START AFTER THIS MESSAGE (CLOSE). I can still lose the visual aspect of the ad when I click CLOSE, which appears ten or so seconds after the whole screen appears. The game screen of whatever game will come on like normal but I can still HEAR the ad until it’s done as if I didn’t close it. I could always click CLOSE to close an ad after about the ten seconds ever since I started on Kongregate, so it’s not a hack or anything, and this hasn’t always been a problem.

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Topic: Technical Support / pre game ads still playing after I click the (CLOSE) thing

I know you can pay for K+ and avoid it altogether, but I’m fine with the ads. What started happening roughly some few months ago is when I click CLOSE in parenthesis I can still hear the ads. I know I can’t avoid them as a non-K+ member, but it hasn’t always done this and it should stop when I click CLOSE anyway.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestion for comments

It would be nice, and way quicker in a lot of cases, if there was one or both things:

1—A “Jump to Mine” button; a link on your “my comments” page that will go right to the page your comment is on. This is very useful for popular games that amass comments and games after they get badge of the day and get a mass of comments for that day.

2—Every comment’s rating to the left of the comment on your “my comments” page.

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Topic: Kongregate / High Scores are useless because there are so many cheaters.

Another example, just to add my little bit, not to report, is that on one of the Cover Orange games, there are 25 levels. Every level has a counter starting at 1,000 and goes down by one every second. This means that even if it were possible to place every item in less than one second every level, the maximum you could get for the whole game is 25,000 points. I checked the high scores and the guy in the #1 spot had a score of like 100,000,000,000,000. I even left a comment, which got a massive up-vote, saying “It’s kind of obvious you’re a hacker if you get 4 billion times the maximum possible score for the game’s programming”. Just a memory I thought I’d share. XD

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Topic: General Gaming / Sky Garden (everyone come look at this)

Everyone rate this game to the max so the Kongregate crew sees it’s high rating and give it badge(s), ’cuz: this game seriously NEEDS badge(s). Relax, you can rate it back down after it gets badged, and not before. >:D

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / How to grind best?

Originally posted by idleheroe:
Originally posted by daexion:

By logging off and letting the game base your gold gained on the highest level you’ve unlocked.

Horrible advice… game closed yields less gold/minute.

Usually you want to let it farm the latest level, it grinds more gold per time.

It’s also better (if you don’t have any computer problems with a browser being open for long periods of time XD) to leave it open because you will kill chests at times, which, as you probably know, is worth a massive boat load more money than standard enemies. If you close the browser it doesn’t factor chests into the offline counter earnings when you log back in.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New navigation changes

The one thing so far I’m not really fond of is that now there is only one game name listed under “Recently Played Games”.

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Topic: General Gaming / Gemcraft or any other flash game TRANSFER SAVE FILE TUTORIAL

Most flash games store the data in like people are saying. Some games will store data in a similar folder in the same folder location called There might be one, maybe two others, but I can’t remember their names. To be absolutely sure, go to “My Computer” and select the C: Drive; don’t actually enter it by double clicking, just single click to highlight it so it’s selected. Maybe you can just click START or the equivalent, and do a search from there, I think it should be the same as selecting the C: Drive. Anyway, in the search box, type in “sol”; this is because all flash game data is a .sol file with that extension. The folder containing the sol save file may have the exact name of the game, part of the game name or something that looks like gibberish. Inside that folder, the sol file will almost never have the full name of the game as it’s sol file name and sometimes it also is something that looks like gibberish.

For example, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 save file may look like “ebf4.sol”, Lightbot 2.0 might look like “light2.sol”. I know that the save file for Glean is named “digdig final.sol” or just about that. Just find that .sol file and copy it to a safe folder. One other thing that might make players happy: this is VERY useful for games that autosave but have no in-game save slots so that you can only progress without getting to go back to an earlier point to try to get a better result and some games like that you have to start all over if you fail instead of loading up a save in a slot in-game. A perfect example is the game “Learn To Fly” where, at least for one of the badges, you have a limited amount of days to do something and there are no in-game save slots. If you don’t get the requirement by the certain day, you have to start ALL OVER. This is combated by copying the sol file after each day (or in this game, after many different days), and if you get too far behind on progress you can delete the current sol file in that game’s folder and copy one of the older sol files to it, effectively making your own kind of game save slot by manipulating the computer-online game interaction with save files.

It’s cheating in a sense I know, but to each their own, ya know?

It’s just like Idle type games that have an offline calculation counter. These are manipulated by closing the game and changing your computer’s calendar to a later date. When you go back, you get that many days worth of offline calculated earnings in that one moment. Changing the date will cause a certificate error on the Google homepage and maybe some other sites, but there won’t actually be anything wrong with your computer like a virus and such. The certificate error will go away once the correct date is set again, and you can go there anyway by clicking “Go to page anyway” on the red warning page. This sol save file copy and paste method won’t work with games like “Frantic” where it only saves your progress between rounds in-game and if you navigate away from that page you must start all over. It also wont work with games like “Elements” (or any MMO game) that save your progress and stats on their own servers. Hope this helped. :D

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Topic: Kongregate / December '14 Suggestion Thread

You know how you can click and hold a site name in the “favorites” part of the menu bar in a browser and rearrange them in exact order one by one? That would be so great if you an put every game I your playlist and favorites exactly like that. I know there is the general filter/sort thing, but it would the best if you could also have it in the order you want one by one. If that’s not possible (which I think is, it can’t be that hard to make a program for that), then at least add the sort/filter options of arranging it by “type of tag” and by “alphabetical order”. But the manual one by one thing would be nice.