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Topic: General Gaming / How do I get more weapons on Cube Colossus?

OMFG! That is the most irritating thing about finding/purchasing equipment I have ever seen. When they make you finish the entire game, online or console game, in order to get anything excellent. Final Fantasy 6 is one of the most epic games I’ve played, but it does that with a 2nd Ragnarok sword and a 2nd Atma Weapon sword, both of which are two of the five or so best weapons in the game and both are from the two parts of the 2nd “Goddess” fight in the final battle, you know, right before the end of the game. A couple Breath of Fire games do that where you can get something good after you beat the game then save a completed file and reload it. Same thing here; it’s like: WTF?! Why the f*** does it even matter anymore? The game is over and everything is completed. I wonder what is the point of things like that at the end. I think final dungeons should only have good consumables, like Elixir, and EX file type of things.

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Topic: Technical Support / Impossible badge proof for Castle Crashing The Beard

In Castle Crashing the beard, the counter thing that says “Best so far:” isn’t working. Normally this would be solved by a screenshot, but this badge needs the player to do it in an amount of time. However, this is impossible to show in a screenshot because the “timer” in the game is not visible onscreen. The two facts: “Best so far:” counter doesn’t work, and timer not visible, make it literally impossible to get the badge because you can’t get it yourself normally or with a screenshot.