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Topic: Off-topic / Raped by horm :( Sims medieval gives me tingliez (HELP DOES THIS MEAN AM WRONG?????)

Originally posted by Maowee:
Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

Wow, you cheated on Rolby.

NO WAY!! i cant help that homones attack me, thats RAPE not cheatn!!!


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Topic: Off-topic / Poll: Favorite Game Cathegory?

Sandbox, build-your-own objective games, with a good flow and design.

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Topic: Off-topic / A list of awesome underrated music artists

by that you mean damon albarn

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Topic: Off-topic / Uh-oh... US will no longer be a country on Friday, November 1 if they cannot compromise a budget

Based american pesos

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Topic: Off-topic / Government shutdown

The reaction to this “shutdown” shows how stupid the new generation really is.
Also, don’t even think about using shit statistics to reinforce whatever point in this thread.

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Topic: Off-topic / >does an assignment

oh my god
who cares

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Topic: Off-topic / Indian Food Dishes

butter chicken

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Topic: Off-topic / Rome 2 Is Shit

I’ve heard from a many people (/v/)

>implying that they’re not all samefags

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Topic: Off-topic / Rome 2 Is Shit

all advisors look like down-syndrome people

Did you not see this in the preview?

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Topic: Off-topic / RIP Ariel Castro

I personally think that it’s unfair for the women

this mentality is cancer

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Topic: Off-topic / Rome 2

>You can now recruit armies from your army
>Would not play

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Topic: Off-topic / Dammit!

I dont know what “Wrekt” means by now.

wrekt, rekt, wrecked
a homogenization of the word pwn,own

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Topic: Off-topic / What are some things that you miss about the old OT?

When you realize there are threads like this


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Topic: Off-topic / Vegetarians are dumb

Requirements to becoming friends
with an insecure girl:

“Oh my, you’re so thin.”

Production: Someguyinworld
Director: Someguyinworld
Author: Someguyinworld
Set: Someguyinworld
Special Effects: Someguyinworld

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Topic: Off-topic / Converse about the subject of how I am ultimately more intelligent than any of my peers at the institution where I learn.

I’ve seen and met literally thousands of people like you, who live in their little villages and claim intellectual superiority. Go challenge and compete on a wider scale, you might actually be someone that way.

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Topic: Off-topic / What grinds your gears?

Originally posted by I_Am_Bethany:

people who
complain and insignificant
and act petty when faced
with that thing

so y’know
grind my gears


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Topic: Off-topic / The Beautiful Pictures thread

a picture of what my “friend” cooked in his new city apartment.
this guy used to complain about the kitchen being so dirty so that he couldn’t make use of his cooking skills in the dorm.
so apparently he was proud of himself enough to share this picture, i laughed out loud on seeing this.

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on the contrary, much of internet communities tend to thrive on shit like this

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Topic: Off-topic / minecraft is for autists

Never played minecraft, but it sounded like something I would enjoy


Topic: Serious Discussion / Cairo Massacre

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Topic: Off-topic / PROOF that SDers are sociopaths

Yeah, i saw that thread, it’s all about talking over another


Topic: Off-topic / The Official Furry Thread ;3

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Topic: Kongregate / The Evolution of Kongregate over the years.

1. Kong has gotten more commercialized.

No shit, it got sold

2. The community has become less cohesive.
bq. 3. Game development has grown and shifted.
bq. 4. Microtransactions.

ITT: flash game industry is dying
gamestop liquidation 2014

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Originally posted by occooa:

That happened with my $150 headphones after a year of use. What did I do? Bought $180 headphones.

good goyim

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Topic: Off-topic / MY SCHOOL IS FORCING ME TO WEAR PANTS!!! (legit thread)

Originally posted by Zachary_Greene:

>The school is forcing me to were pants!