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Topic: Transport Defender / [Feature] Revamp Jack in the Box

Agreed, jack in the box aint worth …. jack, at the moment.

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Topic: Idle Civilization / What would you like to see implemented?

-Heroes developed a bit further (stats or skills, permanent heroes) or such. I hate losing my heroes and items when i reset :(
-There is no need for event warning about hosted culture events.
-Moar techs, or techs with multiple levels, the god of research is technically god of heroes atm, since only the overpriced tavern techs he helps with. The development curve is well tuned till quints of resources, but after that i just hit a brick wall.
-This new culture thing is nice, but please make the bonuses work while offline.
-More influence techs, for example: decreasing culture decay, increasing max culture, increasing the effect of spells or their max charges, increasing adventure xp or success chance, and so on.
-Military menu merged, recruitment and world map could fit into one screen, saving us from a lot of clicks.
-There is this weird bug, i hope its not intended, for example: i recruit 8 soldiers and 15 ppl in a tick, i am on max population. My population stays max – 8 while i get troops, but the food cost of new people keeps increasing.
-Green kingdom power / reward increasing slightly after every successfull attack in a reset.
-Glory gains being slightly incremental.

PS: Keep up the good work :P

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Topic: Idle Civilization / Hero system suggestions

Suggestion: Legacy experience shouldnt be 0d when used to give heroes. That way hero progression would be a lot better. Or heroes /items could just remain through ascensions.

I mean when you distribute your legacy xp, it should remain counted and added to the xp of next reset, if heroes level too fast this way you could add more adventures or such, but at the current build its a bummer that not just you lose all your items but 90% of the xp too when you reset.

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Topic: Idle Civilization / Hero system suggestions

Originally posted by vsistudio:

I plan to release this info. I really want to set up a wikia page for Idle Civ but time has been so so short :( But I will get around to it soon

Mouseover tooltips explaining mechanics is a better solution :P

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Topic: Zombies Ate My Pizza / Full screen mode

I could tell you how to fullscreen but thats basicly not opening kong or his adds, i can only explain if they are fine with that.

( you still have to open kong normally when you log, so idk whats their policy)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Got 2000 of everything.

Originally posted by SkuineaPig:

I don’t know if vvd2020 hacked the game or not, but I do know this: you can complete all of the achievements in AdVenture Capitalism right now, today — if you spend enough kreds. I’m currently at 2k of everything except newspapers, car washes, and pizzerias…. and at 1850+ for those three commodities. I didn’t cheat. BUT I did spend money! I’ve increased the multiplier, bought a couple of time warps.

And while there are some who might argue that spending money is cheating, I suspect HyperHippo Games appreciates the custom. ;)

Yup, its a bit too fast if you put in some kreds, i only bought multipliers from leftover kreds to support the devs. But i also made my own progress speed up too much, o well :p

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Got 2000 of everything.

So you made a post about being a “genius” and realising you can just abuse the calendar, and you brag here about how you spoiled the fun for yourself? Grab a cookie

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Maths

This is the best example of math being done wrong :D
Maybe you should try to factor in the upgrades and achievement bonuses you currently dont have? i serously doubt that you have all of those and your AI gathering speed cant increase

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Challenge Submission Thread

Carrier Challenge

Reach level 65 on all carriers without using carrier potions or the business feature

Objective: Reach carrier level 65


1. No carrier potions
2. No business

Note: Either 65 or similar levels on all carriers or total carrier level goal. The goal could be higher, or lower, as you feel like


  • Medal Name: Carrierist medal
  • Skin Color: 220/0/0
  • Eye Color: 220/2/5
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] Suggestion thread

New suggestion: A bit longer pet names, not much, but cmon you cant give a good name with only 5 characters.
(Sorry if anything is suggested before or repost, didnt check original forums) :p

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] Suggestion thread

New suggestion before i forget:

The fishing window drives us crazy, it blocks part of the chat window, making it annoying to chat when you are fishing. Please make it moveable, or just make the default position a bit more to the right

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] Suggestion thread

Hello let me share a few suggestions please:

1. More training quests: Many people dont know that they can synthetise hp packs or bigger books. You should implement an early quest for it to make ppl know and not quit cos annoyed by manual potting.

2. Fix the class balance early game: I think you intended a Warrior>Healer>Blade>Warrior rock paper scissor. But blades are just so weak early on that they really need fix or no idea why a blade would continue to play.

3. A bit more flexibility on events, or a chance to obtain a part of the extra rewards too by using retrieve xp.

4. A bit longer early game, we run out of quests too fast. We play games so we have something to do, not just wait for the next event. Bit faster energy regen wouldnt hurt anyone either.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] Assassin Part One

If only blades could change the class for free that would be great. Also fixing the flat heal on warrior shield would make them more balanced (nerf obviously, or make it attack based and lower)

A “rate the game” event would be also about time, so it shows up on kong list and hot new games.

More flexibility on events would be nice too, many players stop playing when they realise they will always miss grove/clan war/ gogadon because of their time scheldue.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Hey, wanted to add a suggestion.

A subscription similar to kong+, for a small monthly kred fee like 10-30, to make it worthwhile for kong too.
It would basicly ask you if you want to save the game progress (cookie or flashdata) on kong server too.

Regardless of game, if coding the API is possible to older games too, i am sure a zillion of us would use it.

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Topic: Castlot / Suggestions for Castlot

3v3 pvp Arena with squires, wouldnt take long to implement, lot more strategy and fun

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Topic: Castlot / A couple of suggestions

Hello, i would like to share a couple of suggestions.

If you agree or disagree, please leave your comment and reasons.

League positions: While initially having 3 vices and 6 officers is more than enough. Later when a league grows big, having just those doesnt seem reasonable. The guy who is active, donates actively and cooperates with league should be the same “ordinary member” as the inactive who you never saw on league chat? – My suggestion would be to add different ranks below with smaller benefits

-Explore map: I know we have option to teleport, but having to go back for that sneaky left wing for quest, or doing 10x low level fights to get your medals is just stressing for players. You dont want to stress players. Reasonable option would be ability to close lower level (in comparison to player) explore fights while they are quickly resolved by server without waiting for visuals.

-Spirit bonus for league leaders: Its wastly overpowered, forced all the so-called noob helpers on s2 to all make their own leagues. This result isnt good for building active communities, and backfires on ideachannel too. Suggestion would be to just distribute that spirit between the chief, vices and officials.

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Topic: Castlot / What do you think about the music and sounds?

Music is fitting and good.
But the voice acting lady overreacts her role a bit.
I fell in love with the game when she say in smexy voice “brilliant strategy” just cos i managed to click the highlighted “start fight” button. Was comicly silly

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] A day in the life of a snail GM.

Lies, everyone knows that snail GMs dont even exist. Or if they do they are actual snails in real life trained to hit random characters on keyboard.