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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / Pro Tips I wish I'd known ...

Welp! Glad to see the response and seems like we’ll have a conversation! Small addendum to first post: thanks for to those that clued me in on the things I hadn’t realized … helped tons.


1) Devoting all resources early on, i.e. lvl 1 through lvl 205ish? into one single HERO, and your basic stats will be so far superior to your adversaries that they will barely scratch you.

2) “Twinking” i.e. staying lowlvl and going for some sort of perfection via mass-OCD cavorting about every minutiae—twinking—isn’t a factor at all in this game, despite the level ranges for different PVP interactions.

3) As for spreading of investment … I should have clarified that after the Solo Superman technique you’ll eventually need to pick up other characters and at this mid-point in the game, resources really aren’t the constraint, rather availability of certain materials that bottleneck your progress … i.e. you can’t possibly pour all your xp and resources into just 5 Heros … and in fact having diff heros that do different things can help tremendously beat whatever obstacle that stands in your way.

4) I’ll admit no first hand experience with dodge at high lvls … got me there, though that was some of the chatter and given how much Hell’s minions dodge … PERHAPS … dodge does work , but you’ve already countered with high HIT and thus haven’t seen ?? anyways, it’s one of the few attributes, so, if it doesn’t work much, it really perahsp should?

5) As for the Hero procs … it was just an attempt to point out rather less mundane traits found on just certain Heros i.e. not all healers get even a chance at revive.

Let’s keep the ball rolling. Nice to see some back and forth. :)

Originally posted by MorphX:

Pro tip One : Single Superhero Card can solo the game early on
Pro tip Three : Twinking cards at low lvl’s not worth it

Pro tip Four : Spread the investment of exp an d gold into numerous characters, instead of 4, for example
No, don’t do that. It will end up with you having a bunch of cards that will rely on “babysitters” to beat Hell8+.
Do so research early on, look what skills/buffs cards have, think of combo’s, (like group defense + group reflex or bleed+confuse), think ahead and solely focus on 5 cards (endgame). At max, if you chasing ego’s, make an army of LS/PS solely for boss event to dish out top dmg. But apart from that, no.

Dodge is practically not in the game. At high lvl’s also.

If a team has to rely on revive —> wrong team
But on the other hand, there is no real “greater” substitution for LM buff.
Confuse can be very dangerous indeed, again, if it doesn’t proc, waste of buff. Like… any buff is a waste if it doesn’t proc, so like any buff can make or break battle, not just confuse and revive.

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Topic: Reckless Ruckus / Pro Tips I wish I'd known ...

First a short commentary: It’s nice to see a game on Kong where P2W is a choice, but one so onerous that only the fanatics and hopelessly frustrated will bend the wallet to the extent that it becomes the deciding factor. A game that’s generous enough with it’s gameplay and ingame currency that F2P can counter with the F2P grind and grind. If only for that, I’d really like to see the game more active with Kongregators.

So the AD before the tips:

Clean, super quick gameplay that doesn’t force you to button mash or E(nergy)-wait just to play the game.

Various viable strategy (as evinced by the broad variety of combinations at the tops of the PVP ranks).

Automated grinding that shows consideration for a player’s time <—- pure genius

Cute characters, sexy manga angels.

The only real cons are its thin documentation and rather shoddy translated verbiage and certain mechanics that don’t become obvious till you’ve already smashed your face into a wall of frustration.

As for the first — seems a really easy fix that I hope the community will join in to polish clean.

As for the second:

Pro-TIP 1: A non-numerical stat that makes and breaks the early game: defense.
Defense seems to negate any damage that doesn’t break the threshold, so rather than spreading thin on 5 or 4 or 3 or even 2 characters, a single super hero can solo the early parts of the game immune to damage by low attacking mobs and kill at will.

PRO-TIP2: Lots of opportunities for recurring gem collection everyday, so with some patience, whatever spending mistakes early splurges is really a non-factor. Spend a little to make life a little easier. And all investment into a character is remedied by gold, and you get a ton of gold every reset — characters reservoir exp and you only need mass amounts of gold to convert that exp.

PRO-TIP3: Twinking characters at low lvls by delaying growth just isn’t worth it… you want to level and level fast as possible as many goodies are unlocked along the way: free money, bigger armies, Angel-Hookers …

PRO-TIP4: Each mission is quite beatable if you’ve given yourself the option of numerous team combos by spreading out your investment of exp and gold into numerous characters. At first blush, it’d seem logical to plunge everything into a set four that will do everything (and in the early game … it’s quite so) … but each mission definitely has a “theme” and a narrow cast of mobs, which then are countered by changing up your team.

Some useful types:

Single target heroes: Panda Sage, Lost Blade and numerous NPC-Heroes for events which mostly center on doing as much damage as quickly as possible before the Boss wipes out your entire team. PVP favorite as well, though a number of AOE heroes might smash through 1-shotters that fail to get 1 hit fatality, or fails to land entirely (dodge becomes huge at high lvls).

Hero abilities: Confuse and Revive can make or break a battle.

Angel-summoners: Angels abilities are activated like a RAGE meter … so the more damage you’re suffering, the quicker they energize and wipe out your foes. The current, most prevalent meta says, the best defense is an overwhelming offense, but those teams that can take a beating without necessarily having killshot abilities have Angels’ overwhelming wraith as a very scary counter.

Pro-TIP5: You suffer no losses for defeat. SO, definitely play around and don’t fear getting wiped out.

PRO-TIP6: Mired in the arena ladder? After unlocking Strong Territory, wins there will count towards your arena battles for you daily pvp-achievements.

PRO-TIP7: Take care how you evolve. ‘Course the easiest way to meet evolving reqs is to shop for blue/purple cards, but lvling chars from white/green takes very little exp and will save a ton of badges which are always valuable as they constantly upgrade all the way up to legendary orange <—- endgame. As long as you have enough scrolls to evolve, I’d save the badges and use the scrolls and a little elbow grease for evolving fodder.


When you think you’re stuck … you’re not … wait a day, get showered in gold, grind through past missions, note enemy tactics and have enough variety to counter each and it’s all be gravy …

Kindly add me if you’re actually a PRO (I’ve been faking it and simply detailing all the pitfalls I’ve had the pleasure of diving headlong into).

On server 5 — Mzrri
On server 4 — The Collector

And of course, if you’re just starting, do check the invite box and input


for tasty Scoobie-Snacks for everyone.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Some starter tips

Originally posted by theGameMaster123:

Add in that you should never complete levels if you lose lives because you don’t get bloonstones, and also add in WHAT bloonstones are for and WHY you don’t spend them on in-battle bonuses or speedups.

I’d do the opposite. Tiles will have dozens and dozens of waves, being OCD about each tile for a few shiny blue rocks will undoubtably cost you more time than those blue stones would buy.

FYI, Bloonstones are used in very limited quantities for some upgrades (20 – 50 stones) … You certainly don’t need to hoard them.

If you find yourself caught up and playing for hours and hours, do the right thing and buy the starter pack (5 bucks) … it’s a good deal and a good game to support, unlike 99% of those games that use your own psychosis and human penchants against you. Support quality devs and quality games.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Some starter tips

Having crashed through this game for 24hrs now, here’s the view down the road for people starting up.

1) After a certain level, tiles will become “trivial” (1 green dot) and become free, i.e. you won’t have to fight for them. SO, circling around doing all the easy tiles is actually 1) boring you to death and 2) removing all the tiles that will become trivial: Tiles in relation to your level will change in difficulty, all the way to trivial. SO! Go angle out searching for chests and other interesting tiles doing medium and hard and sweep up the easy ones when they become trivial.

2) It’s all about money management. While certain monkeys certainly pack a punch, if you don’t got the cash … so, bang for your buck in order of appearance:

A: Dart Monkeys using catapult set to “last” on a straightaway.
B: Ring of Fire (4th upgrade to Tack Dart)
C: Engineer (available at lvl 5 in your 2nd city <—- Available at lvl 15 from your first)
D: Dartling Gunner

3) It’s a LOOOONG GAME and gets longer as you progress. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t OCD on every tile feeling as if you’ve got to hardcore and perfect it, and replay, replay, replay… Grab up as many tiles as you can, however you can.

4) Don’t invest in too many buildings that take up a lot of space that you can’t use quite immediately. Most buildings you cannot demolish and once you’ve built it, you’re stuck with it. Do build the upgrade buildings as you can research simultaneously for each. <—— a sign of a good game, with conscientious developers, that doesn’t make you wait unnecessarily with forced bottlenecks. You’ll find at least half of the monkeys are valuable in their way, and research adds to experience, so it’s win win when you’re constantly researching as much as you can.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle. GO JOE!

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / New guild, to hell with it all

M.A.D. definitely isn’t for everyone. We see competition as fun, and, comraderie as a pre-requisite. What Screambraker is describing is what most guilds are. A place to dump your honor. At M.A.D., with a 24/7 private room we coordinate and commune and that’s why for most of us we stay playing the game. Screambraker came to M.A.D. a noob with crap stats and a crappier knowledge of the game and now, can certainly stand on his own, in part, whether or not he acknowledges it, thanks to MAD.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Beginner Guide for Dawn of the Dragons

tl;dr (most of it).

any “light provider” (LMAO) claiming to know the “way” is either a huckster or a solipsist know-it-all idiot (not verbatim).

every build has its playstyle. meta is the name of the game in any multiplayer game.

why would anyone but a complete noob listen to a at-best-mediocre player spout advice about what is “best”? i.e. solprovider: “I am level 579 with BSI 22, Duel Rank 25, Colo Rank 18. I have no idea if this is good.”

i won’t even bother to compare my toon w/ sol’s, but let’s just say, there are plenty of people including me that prove that sol don’t really know jack.

for instance (and just 2 of dozens): tagging hundreds of z10’s to get a few non-pc troops will engender you the hate of many. N’s are MUCH better SP than NM’s and AP comes to every raid you hit eventually, so why would you EVER ignore N’s? There are no rainbow AP cheevo’s in the sky.

i could go on and on and on… but just a word of advice: getting advice from a beginner like sol: lvl 579, DR25, CR18 is about as beginner as you can get.

lvl 1800, duel rank 40, colly rank 40.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Failed raid crediting

Realize that the system in place does and has effectively killed off the possibility of participating in farm pools while gathering raids from the RC. The first iteration’s timer allowance were enough so that one could do both. Now that the leashes have been tightened, it’s nigh impossible and really too much trouble given farm pool’s dramatic shrinkage.

Effectively, this and the most recent changes are creating a massive farm pool collective.

Whereas with farm pools you are essentially guaranteed those raids won’t fail, that useful raids are summoned, that good magics will accompany each, RC does none of these while now attempting to wave a stick to threaten with expulsion if one doesn’t act accordingly.

Whereas with farm pools one can choose to opt in or out of pools, the widespread adoption of the script has monopolized the raid game and it’s either play it’s way or, effectively, don’t play.

I realize that some have an increasing hunger for raids, but the status quo is effectively forcing one particular play style, RC or gtfo.

Please no rhetorical hand wringing that there are options to it that are viable for a competitive player or otherwise. Or that one could simply choose not to use it — let’s be real.

The first iteration’s timer’s were relaxed enough to join farm pools and submit the left over spots to the RC for credit. This squeezing people for raids has become increasingly not just restrictive as to play style, but bordering on the dictatorial. I’m beginning to see the cause of the alarm that was raised originally.

TBH a culture of massive FB farm collectives with perfect magics, guaranteed success rate and flawless management seems to me ideal to maximize my efforts and energies at the game. Spending a concentrated amount of time a few days a week rather than having to pull random raids and hitting what you can, as quick as you can, (for fear of missing more raids) has increasingly become less and less of a playstyle that I’d enjoy.

As much as the RC has done for the community, as have the scripts before it, can we admit that it’s choking off any other possibilities? Possibilities that have their comparative advantages, with fewer disadvantages.

This new advent is particularly troublesome.

So let’s start calling things what they are. RC is the Kong Collective. You’ve already been conscripted by the fact you’re playing on Kong. And if your raid fails (and many many many raids fail) you too have failed and are now assed out.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Suggestions

As a collection of a lot of voices here, this post basically asks for better functionality.

There should be better filters:
EQ filters for energy/stamina
Raid filters for damage/raid type/players participating/last participated in
Craft needs better filters and perhaps a re-organization … rather than Pegasus, think of Flutes, Dreamcatchers, and the those that come up for Raids under a Raid list; Limited Time, under a Specials; etcetera.

Play should be streamlined:
0 damage Raids should poof away automatically
Guild raids should be easier to access and getting rid of those annoying warning messages “you’re already part of the raid” shouldn’t require an “OK”; “you joined, would you like to go to raid screen”.

Thanks for your work. Let’s all keep working to make it better.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / PETITION for DEVs

oh it could be very much like a ccg … just animated w/ player controls. imagine the possibilities!

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Topic: Epic War Saga / PETITION for DEVs

That is exactly exactly exactly the point. It’s the impression and press that these dilwads are getting/creating that is the sure ruin of the game becoming really really great. Most who pay won’t pay for a game w/ hackers which will become obvious when they 1) read the forum 2) look at Kong achievements 3) look at the rankings 4) spend 10 minutes on Kong chat 5) etcetera, etcetera. No money = No Development – Game Death. The game has huge potential. Look at all the other CCG’s out there raking it in, then turning that around to create more content, circle, circle, ad infinitum. Check out Tyrant. Check out Dawn of the Dragons. Or even more famously, Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh. And none of them had the kind of interactivity that his does.

Sure things will need to be changed to make the strategy depth in terms of units/equipment/characters as infinitely playable, but that’s the hope and aspirations that this place deserves.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / [Guide] Math Strategies

Nice work on the Sera charts. They look great.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / PETITION for DEVs

Add a post if you support the DEV’s taking some action … even if to open some dialogue regarding the rampant hacking of the game. I was of a different mind before, but since the attention to it won’t go away, then this something else needs to be done.

ADD a post and make this, not the hacker report, the most seen thread.

I for one won’t spend another dime till we hear from the DEV’s. They should realize that this issue is destroying the viability of the game itself.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

There has to be some compromise between what the community is willing to do and the DEVS are willing to accept.

There are a number of options:

1) Sanctioned player spotters: DEVs will allow certain players to provide them with hard evidence. Instead of checking on these, the DEVs will simply suspend those accounts until it is contested. Those players then can go over any details with accused personages and only as a last resort will the DEVs have to actually “check” on anything.

2) Hell there are a LOT of options. Some script to check for statistically impossibilities. and AutoBAN. Some indication of those who have bought crystals or not, i.e. the colored crown method. Serverside confirmation for crystals/GS/UGS … any mismatches result in suspension.

The point is that there are obviously many people willing to help that are being frustrated by one thing: silence. I’ve spent far too much time and money to simply abandon things, but to be honest, things are looking grim even for my hopeful nature.

SILENCE KILLS. There needs to be some concerted effort to get the DEV’s attention to this matter and how corrosive it has become.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

While it may not seem there is any movement on this problem, I’m glad to see that the Devs are indeed acting. I wonder at their humility in not advertising their efforts.

I won’t go through the full list, but just a taste.

Recently banned: FuhrerBradley, zeppet, KoralEx666, asahiruban, hayhaylonton, AndresGustaR

I’m invading the Dev’s privacy to simply demonstrate that something (I realize not enough to everyone’s satisfaction) but SOMETHING is being done — we are not being ignored.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

I plan on buying the 2 galaxy sword promo. Right after I get my next Ultra. Just FYI.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Quick note: The tower update added quite a bit of extra gameplay, so thanks for that. Great to see things progressing along.

Considering the visual thrust of the game, I was wondering if you couldn’t expand beyond just towers to something more territorial and group based.
At the moment you have players co-opting others as pawns for their own small fiefdom. What if there were a kind of system that encouraged social
interplay and competition in the form of guilds / kingdoms that fought for land. This could have a number of implementations:

A)different faction members fighting v. other faction members either randomly or by selection, online eventually, AI for the time being.
1) a never ending tug of war where specific gameplay against opposing factions continued till one capitulated/time ended/some points were scored.
more like guild challenging guilds.
2) different factions starting off w/ some territories expanding into others, ultimately fighting one another for control. initially seizing the land would require cooperative effort to accomplish, each battle accounting for some small bit of damage to some uber-boss/army.

the point being that there would be some type of cooperative gameplay pitting certain teams versus other teams. like the towers, but expanded to include some more agency from all the involved parties. social groups would then spur one another on — the eventuality you’d ultimately want to keep the game interesting after the gameplay has ceased to be.

however, i think there would have to also be some sort of tiering so that all lvls could enjoy. OR, some sort of balancing so that effective strategy could have a chance to beat pure material/experience advantage. I think that’d mean some overhauling of the present system and some thinking towards the future in terms of creating a more complex system than present rock paper scissor dynamic, i.e. where one element trumps another, trumps another, etcetera. skills, vulnerabilities, resistances, could thematically be laid across the varying elements so as to offer numerous counters for any one strategy.

also… please think more towards microtransactions for unit purchase and perhaps some heftier payment options for some permanent conveniences rather than power imbalances.
the greater the divide in power between those who pay and those who don’t will only lead to greater division and ire. whereas paid convenience is something most couldn’t begrudge another.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / A Word or two, or three

Risking presumptuousness, everything about the most recent update was most welcome, but for one glaring omission: dialogue.

Since the last update, and I dare guess, the one before, players have been anxiously awaiting certain (seemingly logical and presumably easy to implement) legitimate changes that have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

While being the games self-proclaimed biggest cheer leader (I often wile away the grinding hours with singing my song of “the Dream”: a dream that this place could revolutionize CCG turn based types and yes, TAKE OVER THE WORLD) I am deeply disheartened that the Developers have turned a blind eye to the most vocal, and because most vocal, seemingly most widespread of the players’ concerns.

They are:
1 ) The seemingly rife and cavalier cheating.
2 ) The illogic of buying 1000’s and 1000’s of items 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 by 1 by …

While there may be no ready answer at hand at the moment, I think it would behoove the Devs to allow the players some insight on the status of the discussions. The Essence being, players will stick around and stay as long through thick and thorn, storm and sh*t, as long as they genuinely believe that the Devs are working in their best interests.

We may all not agree, but as long as we are all part of the conversation then we can continue to disagree. The silence has been deafening and just a word or two, or three would help immeasurably. I’ve felt the tide of sentiment overlook the great work done on the updates to gasp in disbelief that nothing was said / done about these issues.

Even wiping the visible stains on the rankings and Achievement lists would go far to provide some confidence. While you’re building the tower, don’t forget to clean off the graffiti. The broken window theory provides that because of it, there will be more and more of the same, because of the broken windows themselves.

Many thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you soon. Silence in this case is not golden, but the splattered sh*t hue of corrosion and entropy.

edit: May was the last contest? Let’s have some more of that! :D

Ever hopeful,

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Topic: Epic War Saga / How To Fix Tower Bugs

Let me be the first (and hopefully not last) to show appreciation for the Z man’s efforts. He could have, like most of us, sat back and continued to bitch and moan, but instead, he went out and proactively took it upon himself to solve a problem whose solution is beneficial to us all.


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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Please wipe haxxed scores from KONG achievements. It looks bad for the game. GameHaven btw, suddenly poopped (yes pooped) out of nowhere with 99,999 games won. Like I said… looks bad for everyone.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Strategy

As for the cheaters, I think there is, like crime mixed with a 24-hr news media, some hype and hysteria fed by the constant attention it’s given. If you look at the achievements board on Kong which instantly calculates the most egregious, there are relatively just a handful since it was most recently cleared. Many would indeed show up on the achievements list trying to get as many free crystals, yet you see that most scores seem relatively on par with what would be expected.

Your point about ALWAYS being 1 tactic better than most ignores meta, when players are pitting competing tactics that takes any 1 prevalent tactic and abolishes it with another, circling and circling. Your presumption is based on some static foe that never changes. I’m presuming a more fluid changing of the guard.

I agree that it’s up to the players ultimately, but the point is that there needs to be certain mechanics necessary to make the players WANT to explore. EWS as I see it is a kind of animated CCG. Bonuses as to level and items can be done away with if necessary to make it more competitive for others, or some tiering system like the 2x 3x as we already have in the arena. What’s key I think is that there are certain skills/elements that don’t simply have a 1to1 counter. As it is, it seems like a sophisticated game of rock paper scissors.

I’ve only a little experience with CCG elements, so I’m asking for others to contribute. What makes them worthwhile in the end? Even when a person has superior cards, it’s still skill in the end up to a point, no?

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Strategy

As opposed to discussing current strategy, I’d like to open up the idea that atm the game requires too too little strategy. Since there really isn’t a significant multi-player aspect (better to grind farms than make enemies) there really isn’t a significant meta. The math discussion is one aspect of what this place needs more of, but that there isn’t 1) incentive to do so 2) enough variety to make it interesting to fathom all the possible permutations.

We’ve collectively fallen prey to the 1 size fits all approach to missions and to farming. While incredibly helpful the wiki and the youtube mission guides, I believe, have created a stultifying effect on people’s creativity and gamesmanship. Certainly all of this will radically change when some true multi-player aspect evolves, but even at this point I think it worth discussing possible ways to create real variety and distinction between units / heroes that then will foster endless discussions on strategy.

And more so than variation (at the moment, eq, units, and heroes seem to me to be simply too linearly stronger versions of one another) what is it that makes endless strategizing possible? If you think about it, the game-play of EWS is really a kind animated real-time variation of a turn based card game. I think we all realize how deep the plot on those can go.

One aspect seems clear that “uber” is only good for the strong. There should be ways for even the relatively new (some curve here allowed) to compete successfully based on skill and tactics.

I’m endlessly hopeful for this franchise, knowing how they’ve playfully tried different concepts, adopting the good and discarding the not-so-good. I’m hopeful as well that the game isn’t nearly done evolving, rather that this iteration really does become a SAGA that grows more interesting as it ages.

What makes a game endlessly interesting? Your thoughts?

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Topic: Epic War Saga / What happens when typical Joe tries to craft Galaxy Sword.

Originally posted by Xentos:

While briefly straying away from the final boss of crafters called “Galaxy Sword”.
I saw updates being mentioned..and crystals.

If the bits we saw will indeed become the part of the game then…well..we’re gonna need more crystals.
As I doubt that a lot of new content will be gold-purchasable. Aside of more CoT.

I don’t think that is a fair assumption. Obviously the DEV’s plans to take this to a mobile platform indicates that they’re planning for it to go big. Their history definitely points to making crystals a shortcut, not a end all be all to ultimate power. I’m guessing that it’ll be a mix, but that in the end free players will still be able to enjoy the game to its completion without any more crystals than is already supplied.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

The prices should go up accordingly to compensate for the upgrade. The point is merely that rather than just 1 uber-item, variation within the “uber-items” will only be a good thing. Adding to possible strategies, utility, realism, etcetera.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Bug Report

To celebrate the upcoming update a thorough(ish) typo/grammar log:


next to UNITS image: [:FIREFIRE] -→ [:FIREFIRE:] or [FIREFIRE]

Hero descriptions need capitalization, or Robo Jack MK.II and Jasmine need to not have capitalization for consistency (I’d probably go with caps) and some have periods at the end of “info” and some do not.

Viegraff info: Epic war legend hero. -→ Epic War Legendary Hero (though I would probably go for: Viegraff info: The First Dragonrider) and Armored Popo info: Still Epic, Now Armored. or Now with Cannon Technology.)

Oni the Brute info: A Red Demon from the East

Khobbit: Descendant from hobbit sage -→ Descended from Hobbit Sages fast runner (no other hero gets such a prosaic description).

Mighty Ghato info: His nickname ‘Otot …Wesi’ -→ The ‘Otot … Wesi’ or The Faithful ‘Otot … Wesi’, and if the “nickname” must stay, then Sobriquet: ‘Otot … Wesi’ . (Nicknames are usually diminutions of longer names, not longer names. For instance, Otot… Wesi would be his real name, the nickname: “The Mighty GhatotKacho…”

Cave of Trial —> Cave of Trials A wondrous, hollowed and hallowed cavern of trials and tribulations for the brave and foolish. A whisper in the air licks your ear, “You will not survive.” OR at the very least: The Cave of Trials for the brave who seek more chal[l]enge.

Shoping Plaza -→ Shop[p]ing Plaza … Purchase various item[s]. (Or better yet: Select and sundry items for every adventurer! Browse or buy, you’ll be back.)

Hamburuger —→ Hamburger (looks more like a sandwich to me)

Orange Fruit —→ Oranges

OK, taking longer and getting longer than I had originally anticipated. Will have to continue this later.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Originally posted by Vlax:
Originally posted by Ryboiii:

ForceofLight, theres no way hes going to get that many good skills…

The game actually lacks a supreme offensive hero, Lilith does well, but she’s fast and needs lots of attack to be really good. A slower character that can dish out tonnes of damage could add some new strategies. Besides with those skills it lacks support abilities, which makes or breaks almost all heroes so far, so it would definitely be a situational hero.

This gave me an idea though:

A hero/unit editor!

You can pick any hero/unit model and customise their items, stats, aptitudes, skills, move speed, attack speed, size, pop, cost and everything else. After you’re finished building them you can fight against them for fun, wins and losses don’t count. Players could come up with some new hero/unit ideas and surely some players will aid in balancing the current units. It allows players to test crystal heroes and units before purchasing them, I’m sure many people would like to purchase something but hold back incase they don’t use it (myself included). Finally these battles could be saved to the server for other players to fight, as long as the player managed to beat it, and with a lvl marker for what lvl the player was when it was beaten.

+1 on customisable up-gradable heroes / units. Different skills having different values.

On another note: The best units being Void for a reason, they should to be benefit from Elemental bonuses. They benefit from the lack of maluses to, but also lack bonuses to … this makes them valuable, but fair and not OP. The metagame being stacked bonuses, they become virtually obsolete (I’m assuming this is not the intended effect) in latter gameplay.

+1 this post if you agree.

Also! Galaxy equipment (equipment in general?) needs greater differentiation. Really, who wants 6 swords? What kind of hero runs around naked wielding six swords? Either make slots that take only 1 kind of item, or make it reasonable to use differing equipment for differing reasons.

For Example Galaxy Sword at present is: 1200/1800/900 Mana +L, Gold/Exp/Item/Hero/Elemental +M Probably could use a nerf to 1000/2000/500 (How does swords add much defense in the first place?) Even 0 Def seems more logical. (but then needs more ATT to compensate).

Galaxy Armor is: 1900/400/800 Mana/Exp/Item/Fire/Wind/Thunder +M

Galaxy Sword outclasses Armor in EVERY aspect … even Defense. Makes no logical sense to me, other than it is cheaper and easier to build. And basically is never got in favor of G. Sword. Again, having top-tier equipment/units made obsolete in the end game seems to be a flaw, rather than feature.

IMO G. Armor becomes viable as such: 2000/500 (or 0) /3000 EXP/GOLD/ITEM/HERO +L
Not only does it make armor viable, it increases strategy and variations in the meta.

G. Shield becomes viable at: 1000/500(or 0)/2000 EXP/GOLD/ITEM/ELEMENTAL +L

or something along those lines. I realize that the stat bonuses become rather meaningless in the meta, so greater care needs to be taken to balance the +L’s and +M’s.
One of the Galaxies definately need some +L on elemental however, as Laev being the best +elemental being a bit ridiculous.

OR, consider a separate category +VOID to take care of both the void and the item difference problem all at once.

Course, this isn’t limited to Galaxy equipment. TBH a general rule Weapons +ATT only, Armor +HP only, Shields +Def only sounds reasonable as well.

ALSO (and this is the last) consumables are OP and being used inappropriately atm. They are meant to be consumable, but at the moment they’re being used infinitely to protect in ARENA fights. They should get used even in defense and leave the character naked. The point being that they cost a lot to be used once, NOT, to be used countless times while AFK.