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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Bad Eggs Online] How to Get Free Bad Egg Credits

Hey all, I’ve explained this so many times that it seemed like a good idea to go ahead and make a forum topic on this, to save my time and anyone else who finds themselves repeatedly explaining to other Bad Eggs users that the fancy shells/weapons/swag that you get by spending credits are NOT a luxury for those with credit cards and real money to burn.

You can get Bad Egg Credits and all those cool weapons easily, quickly, and best of all for FREE just by using Kongregate’s built in Third Party Offers for Kreds.

Here’s how:
1) Look at the profile bar at the top of your screen, the one that has your username, level etc. Click on “# Kreds”.
2) In your My Kred Account page, click on Buy Kreds.
3) In the pop-up screen that appears, click on “Earn Free Kreds” at the bottom of the screen, under “Choose payment option:”.
4) Ignore the ones that give upwards of 20 Kreds, all of those require payment to some other company/service. Go straight to the “Surveys” tab. (The SwagBucks offer is excellent as well, but not under surveys. Currently its on the first page of the overall popularity tab: this one takes literally two minutes, and is an easy 10 Kreds)
5) Choose from any of the surveys, answer a few questions, and then take a survey if you qualify.
6) Once you complete the survey, the Kreds will be automatically transferred to your account. From there, you can spend them in game (10 Kreds → 20 BE Credits) and get your sweet gear. You’ll have to get at least 30 Kreds (About three surveys depending on the length. It took me under 1 & 1/2 hours to get 40 kreds) to buy a weapon pack.
7) Done! Show everyone your cool new stuff and revel in the admiring glances at your sleek new shell and powerful weapons.

Hope this helps!