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Topic: Serious Discussion / U.S. Presidential Election

Originally posted by vikaTae:

Amnesty to illegal immigrants means they can work legally, and pay taxes for that work, whereas they cannot work legally as it stands, and thus do not pay any taxes on those earnings. It’s making the best of a bad situation. They are swarming in anyway, and we cannot seem to stop them, so why not make them work for the country’s benefit?

It’ll greatly reduce the stress on our resources as a result.

It won’t encourage more in, because I suspect they’re already pouring in as fast as they feasibly can.

Amnesty means they will be granted an easy path to citizenship while still having the middle class tax payers support them through healthcare, welfare, and other entitlements. That is not fair to the legal immigrants who spent time and energy trying to do it the right way. You are awarding these people for breaking the law with greater incentives to come which is going to bankrupt the system more than it already. This is an obvious Obama ploy just to receive votes.

I will be voting for Romney. We should start voting out leaders if they fail to keep their promises. Obama is far worse than Bush now. $400 billion dollar stimulus program and we still have above 8% unemployment for 42 weeks in a row, and $5 trillion dollars in the national deficit in only 3 and a half years. Imagine if Obama gets a second term.