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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] BUGS GALORE

first of all grats on your hard work you really menaged to kill the game. I sometimes spend more time refreshing than playing the game lol. which is awesome for marketing. right on. and no I do not wonna see new assasins creed info over and over without being able to skip it instantly.

1. Issue one fight bug gets bigger by every day, loading not only involves battles now but sometimes even server conection, getting lotta server security gateaway messages.

2. I assaulted another player on planet diploe server zeus coords 41,54; starting poinz my colony is 38,46 and he obviously had something in defense but I got no battle button on the screen, altough I saw little mark on the map. result of it is folowing lol: battle report from that battle which was marked ‘-’ nice
and this is in it
nice I am obviously npc who had 0 ships and poof after battle got 63 lol. Enemy we dont know cause he was fighting undercover lol. leaders obviously love raiding more than me lol, cause they wont come home.
situation 1 planet assault from above issue -leader fails to return after an hour and situation 2 my other leader is on infinite raid of food node lvl5. here is ss of my battle log to this point
from which you see my leader never got to raid and now to the kick point
few ss of my leaders trying over and over to raid and get back to base lol. every time I refresh one starts going home again and other one goes to raid and none ever ends lol

5 hours later ss

tried to raid another node now have 3 leaders stuck in a loop wtf actually 4 cause sent one to reinforce a tp last night never came to the tp its not nodes i believe its I been hacked by IGN SpaceHiker, cause the ‘NPC’ battle is with him and all went down the hilll after battling him
and latest adition to my ss colection leader who I menaged to call of from raid teleported himself to upper left corner of map confusing my colony coords
thanks in advance for hopfully fast reply

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Bug with XP

and how that makes sense, the ship count is waaaay diferent, so basicly you say your trouble is worthless lol. mini boss rewards are no good anyway. but why should a newb get same experiance doing easy as seasoned player doing legendary, where is the logic. thought its strategy game. hence logic should apply. but here it doesnt. it did before upgrade. but upgrade should be called downgrade lol. lotta stuff is great but lotta stuff is no good. like trade platform. you said you wonna cut down multis. now they are in bigger numbers. raiding for spec and other res. and aliances lol. why have aliances at all? mean now you
made it it doesnt even matter lol. you have your faction and only purpose of being in aliance is chat cause you cant help out your newbs with res in war time. so why stop there instead of aliance chat make a faction chat and let the games begin lol. that wasnt one of brightest ideas not alowing factions to mix in aliance.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] New Expansion Update Contents

I agree with damion, to many things are not workking right. spec res nodes still have capture option. it puzzles lotta newbs they dont know what to do with it, thinking it has something to do with them. math should be right even if its fictional game lol.
change the dmge on ac. cause it doesnt add up. also new npc to player ratio is rediculous. give me some of that equipment that alows me to carry 200 bc , I would like to have that lol. mean wtf. and what happend with leader upgrade. so now you have to be paying customer to get red lead?. nice. dont tell me you can buy it with honor cause am top 10 server player and cant earn that amount in a month. you nerfed it down to satisfy deathstalkers of the game. mean him and all of his accounts. but you and him dont realise that its in vain lol. cant get a palyer out of cheater. and I thought multis are not alowed. but it seems that you run a server for one man show cause he is paying customer lol.

edited to add IGN woogie or woogieTM

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Star Supremacy] Instances not loading?

not only instances every damn fight,frome nodes to arena, and when i refresh my aircrafts wont get out, wich they should cause am offline, so i lose, please dont leave it at we will do something bout it lol, in 4 hours of game play I have to refresh 20-30 times. that aint much enjoying gameplay