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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Never a noob again.

When you begins the game u think that everything u found in the ground is a mother****** good.So here is my tip to never be a noob again:
1° step:> stay at the first server(not “best server”)and collect items droped in the ground.When you make a pack pick and put in the chest.Go there again and find items droped in the ground and make another pack.Put on the chest and go back at nexus.Find another items and make your pack(character).if u have a good pack but u re not with the right character say:plssssssssss someone give me a guild.After this you enter in the guild hall and drop the items there.Be fast because the items dissapears if take a long time droped.Pick the right character of ur pack and go in guild hall, pick ur items.

2°Step:> Now go to battle.Be lvl 10 to 15 to go to godlands.Kill amount of gods and pick the pot bag(if it be an egg try to find three and sell it for 1 def.Whatever you do never drop them in the ground.

3°Step:> Every time you got a pot buy items for your character at least 2 fame or 3 fame each.After you do this bevrytime try to buy good items for your pack in the chest.

4°Step:> Now doing this you will never be a noob because if you die another pack is waiting for you in the chest.

5°Step:> Say for your friends and subscribe :3

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

More units,spells,heros,items and levels.
try this names to units:Kicember the kingdom,loousar,efestus and blitz.
this names for spells:paladin power,rage level 2 and shield level 2
this name for heros:Pactus the shield man and Espectrum
try this name for items:infinity potion and artologic armor 9.0
try this name for levels:Grullborg is back,Pactus the destoyer and The ultimate fight with Espectrum