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Topic: Rise of Champions / Guild recruitment


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Topic: KingsRoad / Level Scaling Makes an Otherwise Great Game ... "ok"

+ 1 to the OP. thanks for the feed back form RumbleGames, knowing what they said now makes it easy to close the book on this game. perhaps a poll should be held in the future asking “why play RPG games” i doubt that “getting stronger in comparison to that mob you fought when youre lvl 1” is something anyone would think but in this game that mob actually becomes harder to kill when ur lvl 60, xDDD!!! made my self laugh typing that line when i realized how true it is, but i digress when such a scenario does come up you start to question yourself “did i just spend 10+ hrs grinding jut to… uh… get weaker?”.

if you read all the above and disagree with it take it out of the context of this game and look at ANY other e.g. ever imagine to hit a max lvl then go to help our lvl 1 friend in that one mmo first dungeon only to find the dungeon still takes nearly the same time to com pleat as when he ran it alone without your “help”? alternatively SKYRIM yeah it scales but point 1, its open world. end of. point 2 skyrim has a hard-cap on its dungeons re-spawn, read the dev blog, though u can force the dungeon to spawn something matching ure current (if higher lvl) if you leave it alone it will re-spawn and stay at its hard max cap unlike this game where it will always match.

p.s. soloed the game on champion by lvl 35 so yeah not hard but not rewarding, just save ur instant 50% healing pots till you’re lvl 30+ and playing mid campaign on champ, also knight is the only viable class vs bosses solo, apparently, only class ive played that far so cant comment. for the 40+ dungeons dont try to be a hero u need the shadow resist set then u can solo up the party mission where knights cannot win alone (barbarians are broken atm 2 of them will kill a knight who isnt being drip fed premium pots)ranged attacker and kiting advised.

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Topic: KingsRoad / The more you level the harder it gets

+1. I do not enjoy games where the battles scale to your level. it just takes out the feeling of progression and achievement when as the OP mentioned you can go back to the original mission and now you will be fighting against fellow lvl 60 enemies opposing to having a nice fun lvl 60 vs lvl 10s blood bath that i personally enjoy time to time.

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Topic: KingsRoad / lag

One major issue with this post, define lag.
Performance lag: mouse skipping frames/ slow motion of graphical effects/ effects skipping frames e.g. swords swing is instead a raised sword then sound effect then damage without the full animation.


Network lag: clicking on a targetable object just to watch your toon run up to it and have a 5 second – 15 min staring competition with it until it suddenly takes damage from your attack / interact with an object such as an npc with no response of clicking only to have all your menus load up in one go 30 seconds or more later.

I personally suffer from network lag that’s during extremely specific times of day 10 AM to 1 AM (15 hours of the day) which makes me think that the network traffic being routed during a certain time of day is causing massive delays for me. EU – UK origin here awkward considering I’m playing on the EU server, I would like to request a petition for it to be mirrored to a competent host ASAP.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Alliance War Time

I have heard many complain about the timing being too late in the day for them to attend. Generally speaking from attending the Alliance war myself, I have seen that there are not many people that are normal online at that particular time period. With the exception of the few who like myself go out of their way to make sure they can make it e.g. when alliance war ends it leaves me with 4 hrs sleep time before work.

The intention of this post is to see how many people agree or disagree with such a change. So for anyone reading this, just write yes or no if you don’t feel like typing much more.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Alliance War Time

I’m asking if the Alliance war can be moved 4 hrs back from 18:00 to 14:00.

As I’ve seen a large amount of people mention it and at least from my point of view it seems like more people are online during European time then the 18:00 server time.

This is a general impression post to see how many people are for or against this as mentioned i usually see very few people on during that time period.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

page 2 kong bug

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

^ +1, without the level bracket for obviously bias reasons. xD

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

would that not just motivate anti-progressive attitude?

i.e. You are at the top of your game as a lvl 39 yet lvling up to 40 would mean your at the bottom of the barrel. causing the exact same scenario except every 10 lvls also promoting over all slower progression and steeper arena curve for new players.

I think whats truly lacking is content at the moment.

To be more specific campaign is the main method of pushing up your personal maximum power bracket whilst instance gives you the equipment. that aside the arena and Colosseum (which currently seems to be a design concept in progress) are both highly generic.

Aside the above something needs to be added to give the game content that’s out of the norm e.g. Timeworld here on kong made a nice instance battle addition using just the generals as units in a CCG sort of element.

I do see the button for what appears to be the 3 way war between the nations which i expect to be inevitably patched in soon due to the introduction of the country chat tab though i sincerely hope it involves more than just another copy of city seige battle but now with a more lenient excuse to target alliance members.

Potentially alliance war could turn into something good but the city capture rewards in the end being stagnant since server opening does seem to imply that the devs aren’t to interested in perusing this direction.

something i personally would like to see as i originally mentioned is a better alternative use to fragments which is currently selling them off. as the in-game gear goes and don’t quote me as i haven’t done any serious math for comparison but set items are a world apart from their equivalent fusion gear, hence for thous like myself that prioritize efficiency will allays just scrap the fragments for silver.

Another nice addition that id like to see, which i have no doubt is already in the works, is alliance buffs. Being in a bigger alliance should pose more benefit then just being in a slightly larger & tighter nit community but also enhance the members. Its a highly generic thing i know but as an alliance leader it would be nice to focus on something that directly helps all the members.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Infinite Skill Points?!

The reason u notice this happen more with higher rated players is because of how the AI skill mechanic functions. initially most skills start on cool down for the AI around turn 3 it begins activating them and around turn 9 it has all the skills on a sequential cool down (every turn a skill is off cool down and ready to be re deployed).

try using Gass, Virus or Anti-Tank. Those are all end game high value skills yet low on the skill tree. Even if the enemy heals for 90% hp its no use if you reduce the max stamina by 20% or reduce the armor if its just too durable for you to kill in 1 turn with 4 unit focus fire.

Again i stress the argument that if you cannot take out that elk in 1 turn do you not think in a live 1 v 1 pvp that same player will overcome you by positioning his troops in such a way that you would be forced to target it while he takes out your units with targeting correct counterparts where the AI currently neglects to employ both tactics?

ps I’ve had several losses to the heal loop myself, always figured out a way past it. I just found it a fun chalange tbh.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Infinite Skill Points?!

Ever notice AI attacks the closest unit in range. Whenever there is a simple AI there is always more power in its favor so that you have to think to win hint use focus fire or get a skill that counters healing, if that doesn’t work odds are you couldn’t win even if the AI didn’t use skills at all.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

teknofan,ndawai Battle MR cost requires you to have the full amount in storage however it actually charges you at the end of the battle by calculating; MR value of all units/10 + (unit damage taken% * (that units deployment cost-10%)). that is not the official formula but it will still provide you with an accurate understanding of how the cost is fluctuating between your battles.

What I’m trying to explain is if the player that’s helping you takes next to no losses they only pay 10% of the MR in the end, even in my case it will charge a grand total of 14k MR. I’ve never had issues with MR since i started to keep the factories up with my level though i see your point when the person helping you takes significant loses as they will indeed need to fork over the higher amounts.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

@Tian318 couple points.

Airship is set as infantry because of mechanics, its whole purpose is to sprint “fly” across half the battlefield and potentially 1 shot the enemy source of damage which is implied to be artillery. as infantry has a huge bonus vs artillery hence the property allocation.

Unit types/sets – once you climb about lvl 60 you’ll see a whole new picture, it takes weeks to half gear a unit with 1 set last thing you want is another unit type for a completely different set.

land rush rewards distribution, it would be handy but id rather devs do a million other things then compensate for alliance owners not being bothered to use a calculator.

Instance players taking a turn at a time – a good idea on paper but in practice you will hang yourself before you play the third instance of the day.

instance unit starting position – in the 50+ instances u will find that the battlefields are rigged to match the unit lay out, e.g. for honor is a zerg rush map that consist of stank spam front lines and artillery in the back. a little imagination can tell you the effect on the difficulty curve should the unit types be randomly spawned.

some of the points you made are quite valid while others are potential areas the game could expand into though i cant say its more content its just a more tedious way of doing things e.g. general redesign suggestion.

My 2 cent on the land rush, SCALE THE REWARDS! when the server opened 2 mill for capturing London was amassing, i give an alliance of 20 people a cut and everyone is very happy with their extra 100k, a near days levy. now i personally levy almost 6.5 mill a day and nobody in my alliance of 40 people will be too happy about a once a week cut of 50k, a single levy.

Suggestion id like to see: City capture reward = (base x (average guild member level / 3)) x (maximum alliance members / current alliance members) the 3 in that formula would have to decrease as average player levels rise as it will force the reward to bottle neck into an insignificant value eventually. Now i cant exploit that formula by making an alliance with just me in it whilst at the same time the growth of fellow members becomes an asset for the alliance as it controls a rather significant boon to all members regular income of a said resource.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

@Pricklyman A few short answers that you will see at later levels to your points:

Level recommendations – these are based on the assumption that you are near-peak-geared and using the top end units of that level.

Campaign chances: its self explanatory, why do you want more chances? to get more loot~ If there is no limit on chances ill just spam the same instance 900 times and laugh at silver even existing. alternatively it will be abused to complete a battle what you have no chance in unless you happen to crit 3 times in a row with a net chance of 5% or less (1 in 20 battles).

Gear. now this might be just me but all gear aside the sets is near useless… going on that around lvl 40 you will find that every instance has at least one of the 3 blueprints to be a 3% drop rate or less, isn’t that fun. it will spice up when you get on to making your second tier of blue prints when the average battle trophy becomes 1 per battle with a dice roll between 0 – 2

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Topic: General War: Memories / 【GW Updates, 1 Jan 2014】

This update has caused a glitch where some people including myself cannot log in due to still having the persistent maintenance splash screen. For others reading: the maintenance was over hours ago.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Bugs


10. “Staff” ranked member cannot edit the alliance bulletin/description. Capable to enter the “Management” option and modify text but when attempting to save the game merely states you are not the president and reject the change. ~Confirmed


15. If a unit counter attacks exactly 2 times during enemy turn there is a high chance it is forced to skip the next turn. Clicking auto does not force the unit to act during this turn.

16. When moving onto a tile out of range you get a message saing that you cant go there but it in some cases consumes the movement of the unit for that turn. Perhaps caused by attempting to move to an empty tile that’s within range but the pathway is obstructed by an enemy.

17. (Visual) When moving past an enemy unit your own unit will path through red empty tiles that you can’t travel to due to being obstructed by the enemy en-route whilst moving to the instructed green tile.


18. The announcement post on the number 9 parking slot is an intractable object with no on-click event.

19. Colosseum → Bets. In this feature players are offered pay 22 gold for an increased ratio of 1:4. At lvl 64 that means and extra 256,000 silver. This is approximately on par with 2 forced levies, assuming member lvl is 1, which totals 3 gold.

20. Colosseum → Bets. The server was slow sending the mail after the battle involving the bet was done on 28/12/13. As a result only 1 bet could have been placed across the 3 rounds.

21. Colosseum – Match. During the power battle it still shows 10 chances, though a member lvl 6 can still sell them on the black market this can be considered a glitch exploit. Please remove those chances during the 2 days that they cannot be used as it is against the definition of “chance”.

22. World announcement. It stats a victory in Colosseum which is incorrect as the victory took place in the arena.

23. Arena AI seems to have infinite “sp”. Kindly confirm if this is intended.

24. Sometimes when clicking the silver coin hovering over the HQ to levy it levies 2 times in 1 go.

25. With screen resolution 1920×1080 when clicking full screen during the “Allow Full screen…” notice if “Allow” is clicked within 40% of the left most section of the button it also attempts to levy as the silver coin is directly beneath.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Bugs

9. “Next Supply CD” the timer doesn’t know what it’s doing. I’ve had times it stated 00:39:58 and I could still supply. 2 hrs did pass it’s just not updating.
10. Some “Staff” ranked member mentioned that they cannot edit the alliance bulletin. Selection of “Management” is possible but after modifying the text the change does not “save”. ~I’ll have to ask another member to confirm this

11. Units with attitude! Every now and then 1 or 2 of my units say no to my orders and pretend to have no actions when I click. Selection “Auto Mode” does force them to act.
12. When starting an instance there seems to be a chance of an unexplained instant victory, suspect spamming “Auto Mode” during the initiation to be the cause as every noticed instance of this involved an impossible-to-loose set up on the player’s side hence all 3 would be using it.

13. Mentioned by someone that if you use the Safety Stone in “Equip Fuse” then leave without attempting the fuse the Safety Stone is lost.
14. Training/Producing MR displayed incorrect “~Obtained”. Sometimes stated 0 but stopping production still yields a resource from the said pool displayed by a 0.

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

There are a lot of ideas that I’d like to see come to fruition in this game but for the moment none of them will mean anything if the player base remains to be as small as it is now.

Currently server 1 cannot even maintain enough people for 2 alliances. Naturally there has not even been 1 decent alliance war.

With the above issue taken in consideration I would much rather see a lot more open doors for casual/f2p players. Some suggestions would be:

• Create an alternative purchase of the gold units but increase their value by about 40% compared to their current silver counterpart e.g. Vickers 6-ton is 399gold and the silver unit that follows it “Renault FT-17” requires 16,000 rep 130,000 silver, allow the Vickers 6-ton to be purchased with silver at 22,400 rep and 182,000 silver. This way you still have the revenue and the game would be far less elitist. The gold still allows the purchase of the unit much faster thus remaining as the prime method of acquisition. In doing so it does not hog tie a player who is not using gold to exclusively using significantly weaker units.

• Make events attractive, not a time sink! In specific this xmas event is considered a failure due to the fact that players are stressed over not being able to attain the xmas exclusive units. Why are you making people slave for a unit that they will abandon in less than 30 days? Pump up the drop rate to 40% on the resources, make the exchange quest a 1 time thing and add in a few unlimited exchange quests for the same resources but greatly diminished results. Remember human psychology 101: people like to win no matter how small and they will always remember the bad things above all else i.e. not getting that one drop from an instance they repeated 20 times!

• Reduce impact of negative effects. I highly recommend removing the taxation on “Occupied” cities. Specifically remove the income they are losing, allow the “Occupier” to receive the 20% as a ghost income; 20% of the levy goes to the occupier but is not deducted from the client town.

I believe if the above 3 points were taken into fruition you would have removed a great deal off reasonable arguments against the game at the moment whilst still maintaining your income(the gold units). In doing so more players will stay and hopefully your quota for launching a new server will be more than 70 people logging in within 24hrs. ;)

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Topic: General War: Memories / Ideas on making the game better

What I’d like to see:
Add an alliance “Capitol Weapon™” – similar to instance elites except allow the alliance to manufacture ONE using fragments donated to the alliance by its members and the players in control choose which aspect of this experimental unit to upgrade speed/move/range/damage/etc. Such a feature will slow player growth in game as they would be losing fragments but would add depth to the game, win/win as a design concept I assume. ~I love the idea of having this defend the alliance Capitol/Town

Alliance Instance battles – 8+ player instance restricted to same alliance members. In doing so allowing the stronger members push the weaker alliance members forward whilst still getting the ego boost for being far stronger than the average player. As a cashing player I think this would greatly help reduce the hate between standard and paying players. Should this happen I would prefer if the reward, aside the basic silver/MR/XP for attending, would go to an alliance vault much like the alliance war loot and be available for the leader to manually distribute.

Re-Balance alliance war & make alliance more than just “hi you’re on the same list of names as me” quirk with some insignificant silver/MR benefit.

  • Establish a minimum time for the town to be owned before it is considered as captured.
  • Allow “Raiding” of captured towns. Key purpose of this function to be able to attack a said town without giving up the occupied town of the aggressors. In doing so perhaps give a 5% increase to the winning raiders and -2.5% to the loosing tow.
  • Without a “raiding” function why on earth is there even a protection time? It just allows people to capture towns last second, even steal them from a stronger faction that decided to do a battle out of boredom. It’s a function that causes people to play passively thus creating a “best results are those of doing nothing” mentality in the game.

Current issues that need to be fixed before it’s considered a polished game:
Text issue – buy your English friend a few pints of bear, once sufficiently enticed have him copy and paste all your test into Microsoft office word then right click and choose the correct spelling or fix the simple grammatical issues. Alternatively pay an intern $15 for 2 hrs of his time to do it on an English teacher’s level.
Turn timers – I completely understand the logic behind 30 seconds. I have to agree when waiting for the team to move so you can occupy a cell another player is on combined with variety of players performance issues more time is necessary to avoid relying on auto battle. My guess is upping this to 60 sec would be smart before leaving Kong beta.
Details – alliance war does not show how its output scales, currently it seems that winning battles increases the end city reward, I’m stabbing in the dark here though.
Development – the game seems quite shallow as after unlocking the 5th unit the only grows is superficial numbers and quantity of gathering structures.

Some things I hope never to see happen in this game:
“Server time” events – no, I don’t want to wake up 5 am! Nor to tell my colleagues to shut up for 45 min whilst I play a video game to be able to compete with the unemployed/self-employed.
“1st place rewards” – the congratulations for being number one, here have more rewards to keep you there so all the players who want to compete will quit and wait for a new server to be released.

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Topic: Outernauts / Balancing/Early starting

I’ve been playing this game for a few days now by that i mean aprox 10 hrs game time. I do still have a surprising difficulty with playing this game for more than 15 min in any one sitting as either the energy burns out in 7 odd battles or i find all beasts to week to battle and all my gold is gone in any effort to keep healing them after they stop insta-lvling around lvl 11.

some difficulties i have that i could eagerly take some advice on is:

lower lvl beasts tend to be auto targeted by the AI apposed to random selection making leveling new pets a chore of back tracking lower level areas and fighting the case of dejavu, any way around it?

energy burns out so fast that its impossible to plan anything to do i.e. level a new pet only to find 4 levels in i need a hr break usually meaning come back tomorrow. perhaps a lvling guide for nubs?

perhaps the same as the 1st question but just to clarify, money seems to be an invisible currency as it takes good 10 battles to save the money to purchase 1 home structure or buy 2 items. Is there a better way of saving money other than the “Player V AI player” or digging shrubs?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Spartacus: Vengeance] New Battle Mechanic

Its not a typical “boost” per say its rather the fact that someone would only use rage in a close fight i.e. approximately same stats on both fighters including lvl. In which case should an enemy attack, he is guaranteed to pack a punch and giving them the option of getting the sucker punch on the player just because they want to activate rage mode. This makes it feel like the player buffing the enemy as it also usually results in the players fighter being insta KO’d if he was below 20% hp when cliked on (tho the rage activation dose not result in more damage from the enemy themselves still, people with glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks, hence i tend to mostly not use rage in close fights when it will push the enemy to auto attak).

Minor Issues:
Rage bar – i have the tutorial up and its asking me to click on fighting group 1. Now at my level i 1 hit kill everything and since fighting group 1 the players fighter attacks .5 seconds into the fight it makes the tutorial an ugly checkers toilet seat styled bug, yes the simple work around is to put a weakling in front to make sure he doesn’t one hit the opponent, this is just a heads up. As for the usage of the bar, simple enough to use (cant see a 3 year old failing at it now).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Spartacus: Vengeance] Bugs/Issues

Community issue? (not realy sure ho to categorise this one heh)
Role-backs don’t feel too good, especial when they seem to have sent a week of progress to the bin. Heads up would be nice in the future and some sign that you care about the damage caused would be appreciated. Maybe I’m just wining, cant help it suppose.

PS. gifts/bribes and other motivators are highly appreciated. If its likely they will be wiped anyway I guess no harm? :P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Spartacus: Vengeance] Bugs/Issues


Quest 1: the previous duplicate mission still persistent. Whereas completing a quest removes another quest marker from the map and grants u the silver structure if relevant however upon returning to the map the battle that was just won is yet again available

Quest 2: Avellino this is after completing the area and returning to it. If you drag the map to the far right so that the black “off screen” zone is visible there is a quest there, cant actually read the description it was 3 fighters lvl 25,38,51 in that order reward being 6 slaves and 600 silver. Strangely enough after completing this quest and changing maps I can’t drag the map far enough to the right to see if the quest has reappeared there or not.

Quest Log: still have the ghost quests. Being 1 time or storyline that already completed .

Rage: The bar defiantly not the most user friendly thing with the 1 – 0.5 seconds to actually click the circle. However once accustomed to it’s quite insanely easy to use aside the fact that half the time it forces you to kill your own fighters (previous post for more info).

Repair: hammers can be farmed at the rate of 1 hammer event per 3 to 4 battles. I know most will hate me for saying this, but that’s too frequent considering late game I’m using 10 every 40 or so battles (top 3 fighters only ware down weapons).

Silver structure: Collection makes a sound and updates the supply in the tool bar but most of the time on the map it shows still available and doesn’t display the value u collected n click. This happens about half the time. Odds are flash acting up on my end, depends on other users I guess. Love the romans recapture disable btw.


Fighter level: reduce the level advantage drastically or seriously increase the xp per level requirement (though that will possibly only delay the problem). Currently I can use 3 lvl 89 but naked fighters to farm lvl 50 – 62s while still 1 hit killing all enemy’s.

Silver: acquisition far surpasses demand, though it is a LOT of fun to acquire a high exchange rate currency rapidly it does need somewhat “cash sink” for as 4k for some of the best current armour can be acquired in roughly 5 min of battles (guess how many 50dmg swords I’m juggling…) and that’s even if the energy wasn’t bugged.

Content 1: we got battles and basically pvp for a secondary currency for which the reward doesn’t really vary from the standard (perhaps make capes and other accessories for pvp only currency this can become extremely in depth selling maybe skills?… ).

Content 2: battles (PVP/NPC are carried out identically so no points for variance), gear shopping and 3 option upgrade. That’s less than there is in most 3 star flash games(non mmo), to put it simply more variety or make the current aspects somewhat in depth (based on coming soon visible on some maps I’m hoping this point is void).

Helpful idea:
When I look at this game it takes me back to “Gladius” on the PS2. I highly recommend having a quick glance through it as it is one of the best overlooked games of the arena genre.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Spartacus: Vengeance] New Battle Mechanic

there is a problem with this rage mechanic: when the rage fills it pauses the battle and as I’ve mentioned in the tips post regarding Rage – it does not only provide you with a chance for player enhanced hit but also enhances the next “default” attack between the fighters (be it friend or foe).

Due to the point mentioned it will force a lot of lower level fighters who are fighting a foe who’s roughly the same level to actually take more damage then they inflict on apox 40% ratio as the enhanced strike from the enemy almost always hits harder than a non crit from the player. allowing

Usability wise its better than the mouse clicking that many people I’ve spoken to complained about thou I personally didn’t mind at all.

I do agree it adds nicely to the battle mechanic as without this player intervention factor it would be a simple game of numbers.

Great to see some live signs of development!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Spartacus: Vengeance] Bugs/Issues

Critical Bug (disables story line quests):

4 technical issues later, the quest has reappeared. refreshing the browser twice didn’t help I did however do roughly 8 battles on the map before triggering the technical issues that reset the map with the quest on it. on a side note some of the quests on structures have returned and not bugged up this time.