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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] More Boobs

Originally posted by smuggler6:

Go go power rangers


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Tabitha's Exile Week 1 Spoiler

Originally posted by ghassanintably:

to devs . sorry to say but let me put it in a nice way .
The team that is creating the new skills need some serious help . i mean really what is this . valor . ol . legion . like seriously there is tons of skills out there . u dnt even have to use ur emagination just pick up some nice skills . and put it in this game

They aren’t making anything, its being ported over from their previous tyrant game which they left to rot.

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Topic: SwordSaga / [Emergency Announcement] Servers down Issue 11/28

Just reset the servers to force fresh start. this is a pay to win game, people are far less likely to join in now that they see everyone else before them got an even bigger lead for free.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] Vote for the HP buff amount


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] Spike Nerf Alert !!

+1, more nerfs on spike please this is a good start!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Game Design Flaws

Hello. This post can be considered a rant, and it is, but do believe me that the issues listed are genuine.

1. Max life buffs. This is one of the worst buffs in the game on a mechanical level because the math on it is done in a punishing way.

In detail: unit with 3 max Life and 3 current life received a 5 life buff for a total of 8 max/current. Should this buff be removed it it removes 5 life from the CURRENT hp e.g. 3 hp unit buffed to 8 hp takes 3 damage. should it take no more damage and the buff ware off for -5 it will instantly die.

My issue: Think of it as putting on a bullet prof vest. you get fired on the vest takes the bullets, tares due to the force but your unharmed. now take the above scenario and consider what will happen when you take that vest off…

2. Spear/Pike damage.

In detail: cavalry have x2 movement of standard units and take double damage. but once they start to gallop spears become something they giggle and run onto.

My issue: Spear does not do extra damage because horses are allergic to long sticks, they do more damage because the faster you run into a long stick stuck in the ground the further u drive that stick into your own body. For that reason why are spear damage formulas not “damage dealt = base damage + (enemy max movement x 0.5) -1” -1 is due to 2 being the base movement.

3. Hero damage.

In detail: reputation for all races improves crit and block. yet for hero (class) rep its only crit.

My Issue: currently the most disappointing game is a rush game. to top it off the “lucky crit” which becomes less and less lucky as people max out the rep on their rush cards. seeing that half the classes don’t even make much use of crit why not just to make the game a bit more about actually winning the lane half the crit per level bonus for class rep and have block grow double that of factions?

PS. Yes i am a fan of long games. Note that if on average every game becomes longer wouldn’t that mean that they would just need to tweak the reward per fight in pvp and we actually would… u know…. spend more time playing the game and having fun rather than seeing how many rush battles we can win in any single sitting. I am a rush deck user in top 15 btw, its just not worth winning 3 power fights in the time that i can win 10 rush fights with a chance of loosing one in the middle, the net rating gain is still better.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / New player potential.

I have been looking for a new game to get into and most likely spend a couple hundred $.

On that note is there any chance to compete in this game when the server is as old as it is? note by couple hundred i mean 2k or 3k kreds max.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / No negative or POSITIVE effects for Chosen ones?

so if ur fighting against a mage in the top 50 than the chosen one is effectively a really bad sacred touch. noted.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] RoM New Server coming today !

Originally posted by imaliar:
Originally posted by blindlight36:

yes lets go start from level 0 in wondrous avalon with full strength lords lording us XD ;-)

I’m sick of older servers getting nerfed pack rates just because we “aren’t profitable”, so, I’d love to move to a newer server.

you aren’t profitable because all the f2p left causing the low end vip to leave due to becoming the next most common stomping ground and so forth until its just the people that “went too far to quit now” who are remaining. should you move to a new sever with a high roller account it will start to rot only slightly slower because it will be the newest server thus some slow income of new suckers.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] RoM New Server coming today !

Originally posted by imaliar:

Let all members of the actual LoA migrate to the new server.

interesting idea, though id imagine only the players of the old servers will opt for such an option.

Originally posted by FIGHTER_TAMOJIT:

just 1 question,when the next eu server open can the name will be as the name of very fast guild of City Gates?

Name it Merry Poppins for all i care but do tell if there is one coming out before the new year.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Are spears broken?

Originally posted by Miaon:

ow come on, why play with so many words. if someone is sitting on a horse whether its just walking, hopping, jogging, flying or galloping, as long as they are sitting on that horse they should get double damage from that sharp edged weapon as long as the pointy end is towards the horse.

i agree.

it is more likely that the programmer forgot about spears concept when gallop was added (they were just focused on the 1 extra move).

ps i agree on mounted heroes taking double, its funny but balanced.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] RoM New Server coming today !

US or EU?

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Topic: Knight's Fable / european server

+1 for EU server, I cant invest money in a game when the events are likely to be in the middle of the night.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by Tafkam:
Originally posted by SockMonster:
Originally posted by Tafkam:

Cain was in the pvp rewards several times before the system changed over to packs; odd they didn’t include him. Additionally: Cain/Caitlyn bananas are garbage.

I agree. Azrael one isn’t that great either to be honest.

Oh, I forgot about him. Yep, also trash!

Wait your quoting a card that hits 2 times for 3 base damage at range with armor pen. let me rephrase it, for thous of u in the quoted post that lack some intelligence – a card that can turn a dead locked lane e.g. DS/Rulk/any other card with armor, any card with huge hp and a dangerous weaker card behind it on enemy side and kill both while at a safe distance which can also be buffed for double damage rewards as “Oh, I forgot about him. Yep, also trash!”.

there is a reason why this forum post is pointless, the people that complain the most are the people who have no clue of whats going on or how to improve anything. No im not the smartest player in the game, on average i take someone else’s lead in guild showdowns.

Cain bonanza was on Canyon’s Embrace (EU) server mid/late September it was 20 master undead packs for leg cain 20 master halfblood packs for leg yumi. personally it wound up being a usless bonanza as i got cain in the first 6 packs and yumi in the 13th pack heh…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

20 Standard dragon packs for a legendary shadow dragonkin OR blessed dragonkin
20 Master dragon packs for a legendary Ferena drake

My justification:
Silver for leg drakes its not going to let the f2p players out play the higher VIPs but the cards atleast in the newer servers will add a lot more punch to the average f2p deck.

Gold for a Ferena that impacts positively against spike decks. Need i remind you that spike decks were bared (30 card deck rule) from the tournament tested on the select US servers so i know the Gamefuse reps don’t like rush deck meta. Based on that why not add this incredible card into the game pool, after all its only going to have a positive outcome on making more interesting battles and anyone that can splash 4k gold at will would already stomp on any f2p player that would complain that it would make their fight against the owner of such a card impossible.

And yes for the record i do love 30 min 2v2s and a possibility of 1hr+ 4v4s, even if im not in such a game its quite entertaining to watch. i have never seen a spike rush vs power game where i was rooting for the rush team to win unless they were taking out a power team i would otherwise face in a tournament and did not want to.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / godlike ferena or legendary khnum

Originally posted by dias17se:
Originally posted by Chopper91:

1st world problemos

haha immigrants…

Back to the OP. Khnum is in the top tiers of a damage output cards combine that with self sustain and summoner heal. If that is something your deck currently lacks considering your running two Fernas which are more of negligible damage but a global support skill then id recommend taking the trade.

Whats truly against you taking this option is the fact that whoever has the gold to buy it off you may use the card to more of an advantage in beating you in upcoming tournaments as apposed to you increasing your odds of winning by having a potentially better rounded deck.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by sharpclaw:

Why not create cards that based on a VIP level so the lower the vip level the more powerful the card is.

because that’s like running a marathon and getting the gold medal for coming last.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / "ISIS" card

Please for the sake of the few intelligent people playing this game do not change the name of the card because of this OP.

As for valleyboy. God damn i heard of daft people on the internet but this is my first time seeing a non-quoted post for such level of idiocy. Well met sir!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

Originally posted by TeckXKnight:

As the point of allowing players to acquire a Cain by purchasing 20 normal race packs is to give something to vip0 players, I imagine the point of this is to not completely chase off the free to plays. As such, I’d like to suggest Freya.
Buy 20 Angel/Demon/Dragon packs get an Epic Freya. Any of those would be fine.

She’s a card that benefits virtually every player, is versatile without absolutely dominating, and is something your average free to play will never have a chance to get. If you made it something like 20 mythos packs to get her, that pretty much locks every f2p out of being able to do the bonanza, invalidating the chance at getting her.

Also much like the last Cain/Yumi event if you need to open 20 packs for a card that has a decent chance to be in one of the 20 packs then the event is pointless.

Please split the bonanza into two parts 20 silver packs for a decent epic gold pack card like freya to give f2p players some diversity as in the post above and 20 gold packs for an “unusual” or closed event leg like Juliet/Ryli or Khnum/Zeus if its a higher price pack like Kings/Mythos 2

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs---[Cain the Traitor]&[Yumi Swiftshot]

+1 to the opinion that this should of been on undead/halfblood silver packs. the cards are indeed decent but they do not pack enough punch to push over anyone who’s buying gold packs.

speaking as one who has spent tons of gold on the master pack i can say id be happy to run into f2p players running these cards for a closer to fair battle without feeling ripped off for paying for master packs. besides at 198×20 = 3960 gold its not really worth spending for a Cain and the packs have been known to yield over 95% trash when compared to a half price kings pack in my opinion(almost always an epic vamp/zombie as the top card maybe one in 15 is a desperate soul).

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Major Recharge Event -【Annie the Dragon King】

Originally posted by Hector01:

There is no major difference between godlike of this card from legend. Just higher chance of fear and one hp. one epic slash not even legend slash just kills this unit. Rush wouldn’t really stop by this. actually adds more time for units for military charge.

thats verry true on low – mid level gameplay.

However on the high end game play only the “spike” version of rush deck is successful (due to most people having cards that completely annihilate all other rush cards), for which as far as i understand it a windwalker card with ambush is buffed to 7 – 14 damage then runs at you for a hit ranging from 14 damage to a 28 damage crit. the problem with these endgame spike rushes is that if the windwalk doesn’t trigger say… because the card was summoned and skipped the first turn then the entire rush method fails.

the hp is a good balance as most people that rely on spike decks will not have too many ways of inflicting 10 damage via skill while at the same time it is still possible, tho i agree this card is a must have and too bad its $200.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Norse Mythos Pack

Originally posted by TheGil:

so there have been passed 24 hours since this topic was created by the devs
people complain about the lack of space in nventory and the need for more of it (we all need more space in life, dont you think?)
people complain about the connection between this cards and the norse mythology (i still havent found this connection yet)

and devs respond is : __________
devs just said nothing, cause apperntly they dont care. anyone remember when they posted in forum, and in chat room, that they will talk more with the community, and answer our questions? well apperntly devs forgut that…
now thye just spam us with events and try to make us feel desperat.
too bad devs, really too bad you dont care.

this has been a bit irrational for me to read so i guess ill answer for you and everyone else asking.

“lack of space in inventory” – this is a post by a PR representative about a new card type,neither the rep nor anyone that can do anything about this issue will read these questions because the OP has nothing to do with it.

“people complain about the connection between this cards and the Norse mythology” – again tho a good point unless its a dedicated post titled “[name of card] has nothing to do with mythology of [name of culture]” and has over 1k replies (enough to effect the financial aspect of the game that made purely for profit do not expect anyone who can do anything about it to care.

“devs just said nothing” please understand devs = developers = people who coded the game, im quite sure they don’t even speak English and their alcoholic friends who translated the game into English left so many grammatical errors that im quite sure any question you type that consists of more than 5 words will never make enough sense for them to give you a reply. in short id recommend aiming questions at their kongregate representative for gamefuse.

also a general forum thing you might notice tags of “[Event]” usually mean this is a post about what ever follows this tag hence any admin looking for feedback regarding a certain thing will look at what the context after the event tag is, im quite sure in the event announcing norse mythos pack release no admin will look for feedback regarding in game inventory space.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / I'm tryng to buy golds...

don’t beat yourself up over the tarot, “the death” costs 2,000 kreds and the other tarot rewards are so common you will have them by end of the week.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / 【Event】Rewards for Opening Packs

just to make an example of this i wont buy gold for this month and the next

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [HOT EVENT] ROM Masters Tournament North America Trial Run

Originally posted by macr0s2:

The following cases are grounds for disqualification:
3. IP address of player is different from IP used to register on tournament server

Thats a huge problem for some parts of the world with dynamic IP adresses. At least here in Germany, like 90% of the population have a dynamic IP that gets a forced reset every 24hours. There has to be a way to insure that participants are the same w/o shutting out huge clusters of players.

As mentioned above in the UK virtually all household broadband IP’s are now available as dynamic only, the ISP no longer offer a static option. That being said please remove the IP restriction when running this sort of event for EU servers.