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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Runescape] More than 200 Million Runescape Accounts in Farmer100

I have played farmer100 for several years, and still like it. I remembered the first high level Runescape account I bought form farmer100. It is a good account with 5’99 skills. Now, many game players say Runescape is boring, but I don’t think so. Runecape is one of the most popular free-to-play massively multiplayer online adventure games, and Jagex studio is promoting new items on it. I still think it’s interesting and I believe it will be better and better.

Now, it has more than 200 million Runescape accounts registered. Runescape has experienced a meteoritic level of success since it was first released in 2001. During the last 11 years, Runescape has got 200 million adventures from more than 150 countries with 4 language versions. When Runescape gets 200 million registered accounts, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard commented, “although Runescape has achieved so much over the past decade, smashing 200 million accounts is a huge accomplishment for the dedicated development team and is thanks to our awesome community. When the game was first released, nobody could have expected it would reach such high levels of popularity largely by community word of mouth. It has been an incredible journey to get to where we are today, and by continuing our tradition of constantly innovating, evolving and lovingly crafting Runescape we are certain to continue to break records by creating an online adventure like no other. We’re witnessed a really strong resurgence in the game’s popularity over the past two years and are seeing strong player growth year on year. “It’s really awesome.

Farmer100 has more than 5 years on Runescape accounts trading. You can sell your Runescape account on farmer100 to get some money; of course, you can also get a very good runescape account with little money.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Runescape] Avoid Runescape hacks on farmer100

This is to protect account creater. So keep these information safe never discover them to anybody. If someone steal them and try to recover your runescape account, it will get blocked. So take care…

What is the runescape account recovery used for?

You can recover your runescape account by using the recovery when your runescape account get hacked or blocked. If you have never set recovery for your guy, it will be active when you set it first time. If you have set recovery before, your new set recovery will be active after 14 days. You can cancel the new set recovery too before 14 days runing up. When your runescape account is blocked, you can find it back with your recovery too. But if you select recover a hacks account, when you get it back the used recovery will be canceled. So you need to set recovery again, and the new recovery will be active at once.

In my experience the recovery is important but not so important. I have tried to get my runescape account back without present recovery. What I used is the creation information. Such as created date and place, internet provider when it was created, earliest password etc.

So if your runescape account get hacked. Don’t be tension. You can use your recovery to get it back easily. If you have no recovery you can use your original message to recover it and select recover a hacks account. When you get it back, reset new recovery it will be active at once. This is to protect account creater. So keep these information safe never discover them to anybody. If someone steal them and try to recover your runescape account, it will get blocked. So take care.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Runescape] Free farmer100 Runescape Money Making Guide

I have found our an interesting idea about how to make farmer100 money recently. It will take some time to really make a lot of money with it, and you are going to need money already to be able to do it. It is really just an old idea that has been recycled. Taking an idea and making it better is what I call recycling. This is just the basic buy low and sell high idea, and yet they have taken it and made it better.
Here is what you do; first, start buying. Save up the item you are going to sell. You might want to be selling something on the side to make the money to pay for the item you’re planning to sell. Let’s say you are going to sell Swordfish. People usually will want to buy it raw, so try buying from some specialty fish stores.
Try to buy when there is a lot of them in stock so that the price is low. You might want to do some world changing before you begin buying, so you know you’re getting a good price.
Begin to save your Raw Swordfish in your bank. The longer you hold out before selling the more money you will make. The reason this is true is because people like to buy a lot of them at once, so that they do not have to do a bunch of separate trades, and thus, are willing to pay more.
It is even better to sell to Members. A lot of the mare higher level who like their items as soon as possible. If you can stock up at a cheap price and sell at a high bulk price, you will be making a lot of money.