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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Potion Tiers Thread

Carapace potion works really well with the Alchemist because of the Tinkerer skill.
Tinkerer upgrades a random equipment every time you get into a new area, so you’re less likely to swap armors anyway.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / With Which class Did You complete the Game?

Umm… All?
I had all achievements before the alchemist/tower update (which added new achievements). :P

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by iakul:

Thought about ways to make Str more useful, and for there to actually be reasons to spend exp on Str(other than for class leveling prerequisites) and wear Str rings.

My suggestion would be moving the plus to physical resistance from Con to Str.
If you want to keep the theme of having each stat affect 2 sub-stats, the stat deciding whether you get a penalty from wearing armor could be changed from Str to Con.

My take on this is to allow players to dual-wield any one-handed weapon if he/she has met a STR requirement.
For example, 16 total STR would allow you to wield a sword in the offhand.
Another would be to allow one-hand wielding of two-handed weapons.
Similar example, 18 total STR would allow you to wield a great sword with “one and a half hand” (you can use bucklers or books). And with exp costs rapidly escalating, 20 total STR would make it fully one-handed (but cannot be used in offhand).
The exp cost of high stats is huge, so it can only be done with STR rings.
Although this looks unbalanced, remember you’re sacrificing the all-important CON.
DEX on the other hand, should give a hit bonus to all weapons (melee and ranged) every few levels.

Something for the dev to note:
Maybe make the weapon types have more uniqueness. Right now, the only difference between weapons is 1-2 points in damage or hit bonus. That’s it.
Also more artifacts and enemies. A lot of a rogue-like’s replayability relies on the player trying to find all the unique items.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by RatzNGodz:

Version 1.02.007 is here, and here is the patch notes:
In addition, the cheat prevention is now a lot more robust. If you find a working hack, please tell me

Great news, this.

I’m going for one final high score run while the patch is hot, then I’m done with this game ‘cause I’m (finally) getting tired of it. It definitely got the record for being one of the few flash games that I played for more than a week straight (like Tower of the Archmage, another roguelike). I have a very short attention span when it comes to games, but this one made me stay for a lot longer than expected.
Cant wait for 2Quest! :)

Will check back for updates (and maybe play) every once in a while, so keep updating!
Will make a spell catalog for my final post, since the person who did the first one never quite finished all the spell schools.
Watch me get the first highscore on the skeleton-nerf patch! >:D

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by iakul:

I assume that the skills on this list are the ones you think are useless and need tweaking. I just want to say that I actually do use Mage Hand fairly often in the tower. Every 4 levels, I summon a meat shield between me and the door and then Mage Hand the door. I suspect I would have made that a habit for non-boss doors at higher levels too.

I just position myself diagonally from the door, summon things directly in front of the door, then open the door diagonally. It also keeps me from being immediately blinded by a Gorgon.
Works better if I have Thief Gloves, which makes opening doors cost no time. Then I can summon another minion in place of the door.

Originally posted by AleMat:

hi ppl :)
am i the only person having loading issues with the game? I’ve tried everything in my powers (change web browser, reload, waiting for hours..) but I always get stuck on the bouncing hearts screen.
any suggestion would be appreciated :)

Just wait. I think it’s a Kongregate issue, as it also happens to me in 1Quest and other games.
This is especially true if it’s your first time playing or if you cleared your web cache.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by Winterlong:

Currently on floor 63 with a hybrid Enchanter / Summoner build. I can kill everything beside Gorgon++. It does takes a while to climb the tower though. At which floor did you start running for the stairs to make your level 115 top score?

On another subject, mage related artefacts scales poorly, or not at all (Divine Book, Astral Book and Robe of the Archmage). I’d like to come across the fortress armor…

I don’t really remember when I started running around. I’m guessing around 90+ floors.
I was using a balanced build. Bash is the only reliable way to melee things with, and the it’s required to use a Light Saber because it ignores armor.

Mage artifacts don’t scale, so just use a good shield + a weapon with extra stats.
Divine book is a pretty good switch offhand though. It gives energy recovery.
As for Fortress, it’s not required. Dragon Armor would work as well. What you actually need is that unlimited upgrading of artifacts, which gives a lot of stats. Normal items are capped at +20.

On another note, I’m currently playing a Battle Mage main. Slash and Blast is great. It gives you an extra strike in melee whenever you use blast spells.
Maybe Might and Magic works through the extra strike as well. I’m too lazy to check the full combat log.
I don’t think this build would make it very far though, as I lose the opportunity to use a shield.
And that’s a real bummer. My first artifact on this run is a Knight Shield. :(

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Pure summoning build is not only really boring, but also extremely slow.
I even skipped all other classes and stats; went straight to summons / debuffs. Already had a very high Conjuration by Floor 16, but my summons (Skeletons, Elementals, Wisp) can’t hurt the Minotaur in any way, even with Curse.

Death Nova is really powerful. The damage scales greatly with Death affinity. I think it has the highest damage scaling of all spells.
Just make sure you have a high Physical Resistance so you won’t hit yourself.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

I’m gonna do another run with pure Death build.

Skill Suggestions:

  1. Mage Hand to Mage Sense. Displays the current stats of the target. It won’t make the game any easier, as we can already see the stats in the full combat log.
  2. Subversion to Blood Pact. Active Enchantment. Every time the target deals damage to anything, it also deals damage to itself. Damage calculation is just the monster itself attacking its own stats.
  3. Charm to Telepathy. Allows Enchantment Spells to pass through obstacles.
  4. Share Life to Herding. Allows you to summon more Familiars (scales with class level).
  5. Heal Summon to Consume Summon. Kills your non-undead summoned creature then heals you (heal depends on creature).
  6. Purification by Fire should inflict Fire Mark. Can target yourself to dispel negative buffs.
  7. Lay on Hands to Holy Pressure. Improves Smite, and allows you to use it against non-undead.
  8. Self Sacrifice uses 10% of your maximum health per attack, then inflicts damage depending on how much life you lost (meaning damage is improved by max HP). This should ignore dodge because it already costs health.
  9. Disrupt Evil to Zealot. Increases action speed when you’re below 50% health.
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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by Boyeteers:

What? But it’s

Originally posted by ravewarheit:

…mathematically impossible.


Just kidding.

Yes it is impossible. I still hold that getting a 105+ score is still pretty much impossible unless you Haste→Charge/Teleport (or Time Stop, the secret of my run) all the way towards the exit.
I highly doubt you do this because I was keeping track of your floor-clearing speed yesterday. And also because you would’ve just said so if you actually did this.

Monster stats increase dramatically every 7 (or 14) floors — explains the deadly Floor 15.
Bosses are impossible. I reckon a Manticore would have killed me in a single hit, even though I was carrying a Fortress(+58). Maybe even through Sanctuary.

I was already heavy on offense (I have artifact weapons), but I can’t deal damage to anything unless I use things that ignore armor, and even then I still need to actually hit things. Mind Burn also loses a lot of its effectiveness in very high floors ‘cause it doesn’t scale with equipment. Same with most debuffs. Summons always miss / deal no damage.

And if there’s even a chance you did make it beyond that point legit, mind telling us how to do it?
I already know what stat values will not work.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Nope XD

It was my dream that one day, I’ll have an all-artifact inventory.
So I gathered a lot of screenshots across multiple runs, then I edited that one in paint.
That’s also the reason why I don’t have stat screencaps — because the numbers aren’t real.
It’s not hard to manipulate pixel art. :P

My real character is also already very dead.

I only got to 100+ because I head straight for the exit. Then I got blinded, then mobbed, then mauled to death. :P

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

I’ve used up all my luck for this year.

Non-artifact equipment is capped at +20.
Still, +20 CON rings are better than artifact rings that don’t scale.

No stat screencaps ‘cause I don’t want to spoil my stat distribution, but you can kinda figure it out with my inventory window.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Artifact info update:
Bag of Wind: Unique artifact, it’s not an equipment. Can be dragged into the hotbar. When used, pushes back enemies. I haven’t tried using it because it costs Exhaustion. Just keeping it in the inventory gives you +1 Air, which is extremely nice (see below).

I just found out it’s possible to actually hit things with normal melee/ranged attacks if you increase Air whenever you can. On Floor 53 and I’m still reliably hitting all enemies except Slimes and Bats. But Air increases the effectiveness of Mind Burn, so Slimes/Bats are no problem.

tl;dr : Air pwns.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by WilliamB:

good info on arcane affinity i was wonder if holy or death affinity had stat gain

From what I gathered, nope, they don’t. Priest would be cheap as it gets +2 to these affinities for free.

Also, the Elemental affinities only increase your stats once you have Fighter’s Runes (Battle Mage) or Marksman’s Runes (Arcane Archer).

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

1. Don’t hybrid.
2. Use physical and spells (the definition of a hybrid).
3. wut?

Here’s some new info:
Once you have Fighter/Marksman Runes,
Fire: Increases Critical chance/damage (Main hand for Fighter, Ranged for Marksman).
Water: Increases Defense (Combat Def for Fighter, Ranged Def for Marksman)
Air: Increases Hit Bonus (Main hand for Fighter, Ranged for Marksman)
Earth: Increases Armor Piercing (Main hand for Fighter, Ranged for Marksman)

If you want very strong summons, put a lot of points into Conjuration. I’ve had Elementals clearing whole floors for me, and my Conjuration isn’t even that high. Golems are a pain though.

Uh I went to Floor 28 just to figure out these stuff, then killed myself with Death Nova. :D
Yep I spend more time trying to figure out this game (and sharing the info) than actually playing it.
More stuff coming soon™

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

What you think because you can’t do it everyone else can’t do it too without resorting to hacking? lol! So funny this kid!
Keep trying fella, you’ll figure it out. But then again,
if you do figure it out you’ll look even more of a loser for crying hack than you already do.
That’s quite the predicament you’ve gotten yourself into. lol!

My god, this person has issues.
Basically you’re denying hacking with nothing for show — no screenshots, no build guides, no math, not even helping the community. I doubt you even know what superiority complex means.
Don’t take it personally, it’s not about you and it doesn’t have to be you.
I’ll also gladly apologize if your score is, in fact, legit.
Nice to be the one with calm, collected maturity.
Also: We’re more interested in a guide (come on, help the community) than a screenshot (it’s not hard to pshop pixel art).

Originally posted by RatzNGodz:

Hi everyone!

This thread is fantastic :)

About the Hack, I’m not that surprised by this. The game is mostly described in xml to be moddable (in its standalone version) so it is very easy to hack/mod the standalone version. I’ll look into solution for this on the web version.
I have ideas about scoring system in the campaign mode (with a kind of chaos tower at the end), so maybe once better protected against cheating I can create a new scoring system with better protection.

I’ll break current hack in the next patch, But it won’t last long I guess

Time to go up again before a new hack is made then. :D
With screenshots!

Note to dev: Uh yeah this kind of anti-hack won’t last too long. Might last a few hours. :P

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by Boyeteers:

It’s easier to cry hack isn’t it? Sorry to disappoint fellas, but my 120 high score is 100% legitimate. No hacks, no exploit, no nothing. But it’s up to you to believe my words, because I will not spend another 20 hours climbing the tower again just to get you proof. All I can say is that the monsters get stronger as you go so it’s only logical that you keep up and never stagnate. And another tip, if you’ve got the patience and if you’ve played Diablo 2, which the dev must be a fan of, 120 is not a hack but a feat.

You’re right about one thing though, that I want the top score for eternity. So if someone beats it, I won’t cry hack. I wont rage quit…

I’d just try again.

When EXP required to increase stats grow exponentially while monster stats also scale up, you come into a mathematical impossibility to “keep up” with monster scaling, unless you have a way to increase your stats beyond normal. Like what Naelwyn had already said, it’s mathematically impossible to progress. Can’t argue with math. Or screenshots (give us one).
I’m not leaving the game because someone else got the high score. I previously held a top score of 36, then someone got 40+, someone else got 50+, before I finally got my 58. I’m leaving because a hack has been developed so there’s no point in aiming for high scores. Sorry to break your superiority complex.

Note to dev: Maybe in 2Quest you can obfuscate the strings, so it would be extremely difficult to hack.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Elven Bow is tremendously useful as it’s very accurate (maybe due to level scaling) and that scaling crit is amazing against tough foes.
If I don’t get a legendary weapon or armor/helm (for tanking) on the first 15 floors, I usually just end the run by suicide. Saves a lot of time when aiming for the highscore. :P
I haven’t tried this yet, but can someone confirm if Bash (Warrior) is unresisted? It says “against nothing” in the tooltip. I don’t have time to go another run towards the ++ floors, where you would see the difference.

Random tips:
Curse makes everything easier. It lets me Death Attack things I can’t normally hit.

(I planned to abandon this thread, but I have nothing else to do. :D)

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Found a new artifact:
Helm of Wisdom: Helm, obviously. Increases Intelligence by 2 (or 3, I can’t remember). Gives you immunities to most mental statuses. I’m guessing it’s the same as Mind of Steel (Enchantment): Immune to Confuse, Mesmerize and Fury.

I’m also officially abandoning further involvement with this game. Tried a quick Google and found there are people who found hacks to this. Explains how someone got 120 levels (which should take at least 4 hours) when I already “died” three times before reaching the 58th (Divine Intervention, 2x Ring of Life). Also took me about 20 separate runs before I could even grab the artifacts I want.
What ticked me off was it’s the same person who “beat” the top scorer (not mine) just 2 days ago. Maybe he wants to have the top score for eternity so he ran up to an impossible 120. Impossible because monster stats grow exponentially. There comes a point when your EXP gain can’t cover for the absurd stats of monsters.

Originally posted by Naelwyn:

Didn’t get too lucky on the legendaries – fighting the Gorgon mainly for fun since nearly all my magic affinities are maxed out. I think I might skip the bosses from now on to avoid another Manticore++

Your magic affinities can’t “max”. There are no reachable limits to magic affinities. The lighting-up display is just for show. If you hover your mouse over the affinities you’ll see the numbers go beyond that.

Anyway, see you guys again in 2Quest!

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Originally posted by Orangatuan:

You say the legendary items scale with us. Do they just increase a bit with each class level you gain or are there certain stats that if focused on will force the items to super level? I must admit I don’t really pay that much attention to my stats.

I honestly don’t know how your stats upgrade them, but they do level up with you.

*I edited some of my artifact item entries because I made lots of fantastic errors. That’s what I get for writing stuff while too sleepy.

New info:
Mutilator: One-handed axe. Cripples (decrease attack and defense) of enemies you attack.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.


Artifact (gold) items scales with your character. The more powerful you get, the more powerful these items become. Never trash them even if you find a great purple item. The artifact item will soon overtake it.

Originally posted by Naelwyn:

Figure I’ve played this enough to contribute something to this thread as well. Will gladly update as I find more or if anyone adds info later.
Legendary Item Index

Adding info/new items to this

New items in bold

Main Hand

  • Assassin’s Dagger: Increases Hit bonus of Death Attack.
  • Earthquake: Earthquake blast is kinda weak. [tested Earthquake on a high floor, the blast deals 0 damage to everything even though the weapon itself can still do damage)
  • Head Cutter: Chance of instant kill is pretty useful. I think it’s against Physical Resistance (like Death Attack), so you can instant-kill something even if you miss your normal attack. I don’t think it works on Undead.
  • Elemental Staff: Staff. Increases each of your affinities, provided you already have at least 1 on that affinity. Does not work on Holy/Death, but still good. Extremely good for Arcane Archer.
  • Bone Crusher: One Handed Mace. Deals more damage to Undead and has a chance to instantly kill them.
  • Bane: Great Sword. Increases your Death affinity by 1, and applies Curse (reduces all attack and defense values of target) when attacking. That Curse effect is awesome.
  • Impaler: Pole Arm. Your melee attacks can hit the enemy behind your primary target. Only good for corridors, otherwise just a better-than-average pole arm.


  • Divine Book: Also allows you to recover energy while walking. Very useful for kiting.
  • Knight’s Shield: A nice shield that increases your main hand damage and hit bonus by 2.
  • The Great Wall: Large shield that has a bonus for ranged defense.
  • Astral Book: I once had this, never got it again. Forgot what it does. :P
  • Shield of Luck: A buckler (you can equip this with a Staff or a Pole Arm). It grants a random amount of damage absorption. Seriously, it’s random. Every time I point the cursor to look at the value, it changes. (1~5)


  • Belt of the Bull: +2 Strength and Constitution. Reduces the energy cost of Charge (Warrior) by half. Charge everything!


  • Thief’s Gloves: Increases combat speed and Dexterity. Opening doors and chests now cost no time.


  • Ring of Life: This also gives you a one-time revive, just like Divine Intervention (Priest). Will destroy the ring afterwards.
  • The One Ring: +1 to Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Constitution, Close Combat, Ranged Combat, Dodge, Resistance and Magic. Bonus does not scale with item level (I think. Maybe mine is just too low).


  • Warding Pearl: Gives high physical and mental resistance, and immunity to poison.


  • Blinking Boots: Increases all your defenses and allows you to teleport randomly when you activate the boots. (Equip the boots, drag the boots to the hotkey bar)


  • Spider Cloak: +2 Dexterity. While equipped, drag the Spider Cloak into your hotbar. Activating it allows you to Root a target.


  • Robe of the Archmage: Can be activated (same way as the ones above) to give an additional 2 to Air/Earth/Fire/Water affinities for a couple of turns. It does not say in the description, but it costs Exhaustion. Be careful.
  • Dragon Armor: Light (?) armor. Increases Fire affinity by 1. Better than your average armor, of course.
  • Fortress: Very tough heavy armor. Makes you immune to critical hits! This must have saved my life countless times.

Ranged Weapon

  • Elven Bow: This has a scaling bonus to critical chance. Mine is currently at 140% Crit chance. :D

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.


Q: How do you unlock other classes?
A: Get one or more base classes to Level 5.

Q: How do you deal with bats?
A: Use skills/spells that target physical or mental resistance. Mind Burn, Drowning, Freezing Death are prime examples.

Q: How do you turn off infinite buffs?
A: Click on their buff icon on the right. It will also give you back any Exhaustion cost the buffs have.

Q: Why does my energy bar keep decreasing?
A: You’re using skills/spells with Exhaustion cost. Exhaustion reduces your maximum energy, so be careful. Big energy potions recover some of the lost max energy.

Q: How do you deal with golems?
A: Raw damage (two-handed or adamant weapons), armor piercing, burn, Incinerate, etc. Mental resistance spells work as well.

Q: Is there a cheat in this game?
A: None that I know off. There is a save exploit though.
Save your game (not required as I think the game autosaves when you use EXP)
Load game
If you die, don’t press anything and close the game window
Open another window/tab and reload the game
Load game
This is save scumming and is bad. But there are some people who can’t deal with permadeath, so here’s a chance to play the game. You won’t enjoy it as much though.

Q: What’s the best class?
A: There is no best class. Try them all and use what suits your playstyle. Paladins are bad though.

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Cross-Class Advanced (Part 2)

Paladin (Priest-Warrior)

Level 1: Holy Weapon
• Deal more damage against undead and demons. Works on ranged attacks as well. The bonus damage is pretty big.
Level 2: Lay On Hands
• Your Healing spell (Transmutation) heals a little more and gives +5 constitution for 25 turns. Not that great since you won’t be spamming Healing anyway. DOES NOT work on Greater Healing (Priest Lv6).
Level 3: Self Sacrifice (Active)
• Deals additional damage and costs life instead of energy. WHY? Why would you do this? Energy can be recovered by resting but not HP. Not to mention the damage increase is extremely small.
Level 4: Disrupt Evil
• Your attacks have a chance to banish (instantly kill) summoned creatures. Useless, as most summons die in 1 hit anyway, and you’re better off just killing the master.
Level 5: Crusade (Active)
• Increases your strength by 5 and damage absorption by a huge 30. Lasts 10 turns. Costs Exhaustion. Not that cost-efficient, but can save you if you’re desperate.

Punisher (Priest-Rogue)

Level 1: Death Poison
• Your poison damage is increased by your Death affinity. Not a lot, but when combined with Master Poisoner (Assassin Lv4) this will be devastating.
Level 2: Blinding Light
• Creates a large wave of light around you, inflicting Blind on enemies. Confuses enemies next to you. This is an very effective defensive skill. Use this a lot.
Level 3: Vampiric Strike
• Gives you a chance to deal additional damage that heals you a small amount. Requires two weapons. The heal is small (around 1-4 HP) but it helps.
Level 4: Punishment
• Reflects part of the damage you suffer back at the attacker. The damage depends on how much damage is dealt to you (around 25% damage reflection). Just a nice skill for extra damage.
Level 5: Holy Hand Grenade (Active)
• Throws a bomb at a target location, damaging nearby enemies. Can target beyond obstacles. This skill is useful for crowds. Damage is increased by Holy affinity. Accuracy increased by Throw skill and Ranged combat.

Ranger (Rogue-Warrior)

Level 1: Run
• Your Charge can now target empty spaces. Awesome. You can now use it to escape, or just to get close to enemies if you can’t target them directly. When combined with Arcane Charge (Battle Mage Lv4) and/or Mighty Charge (Barbarian Lv3) this becomes extremely powerful. Charge everything.
Level 2: Versatility
• Weapon Master (Warrior) and Armor Piercing (Rogue) now works with all weapons. Use anything you want!
Level 3: Herbal Healing (Active, Sustained)
• Increases your physical resistance by 5 and heals you each turn when you’re below half HP. This is basically Oracle’s Body Perfection with Exhaustion cost. Good anyway.
Level 4: Fast Movement
• Move faster (25%)! This allows you to catch slimes and escape Bears without extra help.
Level 5: Predator Instinct
• When you use Charge, you first shoot the target with your ranged weapon before striking it with melee weapons. This powerful skill essentially doubles the potential damage of your Charge. As far as I know, Archer’s Double Shot works on the extra shot.

Advanced Classes Guide Finished :)

Note to dev: You can also use this guide to tweak some of the not-so-good skills and clarify how some skills work (like Battle Mage Lv3). I think everyone agrees that Paladins are bad. :D

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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Cross-Class Advanced (Part 1)

Arcane Archer (Mage-Rogue)

Level 1: Seeker Arrows
• Allows you to shoot anyone in range, ignoring line-of-sight. This makes Arcane Archer an amazing class to partner with summons. It allows you to shoot your ranged weapons through your minions or other monsters. You can now spam your skeletons with no worry.
Level 2: Arcane Mark (Active)
• Shoots an arrow and marks a target, reducing its ranged defense. It does damage, so always use this as your first attack.
Level 3: Explosive Arrow
• Your arrows have a chance to explode on impact, dealing damage to nearby enemies. This skill is amazing for crowd control.
Level 4: Marksman’s Runes
• Increases your Ranged efficiency based on your elemental affinities. I think this does not work for Holy/Death affinities.
Level 5: Rain of Arrows (Active)
• Attacks everyone in range! This skill is pure firepower, capable of clearing rooms in a few uses. As far as I know, Explosive Arrows WORKS on this skill.

Battle Mage (Mage-Warrior)

Level 1: Might and Magic
• Attack with your main weapon while having a free offhand launches a free magic missile. You cannot equip anything on your offhand for this to work. This is what makes Battle Mage deadly. Enemies strong against physical attacks may be weak to magic, and vice versa. Nothing can fully resist your strikes.
Level 2: Fighter’s Runes
• Your elemental affinities increases your skills with your main hand weapon. Like Markman’s Runes for Arcane Archer.
Level 3: Slash and Blast
• You now use a blast spell when striking in melee. I don’t know how this works, as it does not show in the message log. Maybe adds Magic stat to your melee.
Level 4: Arcane Charge
• You can now charge through enemies, dealing damage to all in your path. This skill is great for catching those ranged attackers immediately. When combined with Run (Ranger Lv1), your Charge becomes a damaging teleport.
Level 5: Arcane Body (Active)
• Grants damage absorption, faster movement, reduced energy cost with main hand attacks, double efficiency of Fighter’s Runes. Costs Exhaustion. This skill is extremely powerful for those difficult situations, as it lasts a whopping 50 turns.

Inquisitor (Mage-Priest)

Level 1: Fire Mark
• Your Fire spells deal additional damage over time. It ignores armor so it’s useful for tough enemies. This is separate from Burn, so Magma Missile (Evocation) is great for this. Getting Rebound (Mage Lv8) makes Magma Missile even better.
Level 2: Purification by Fire (Active)
• Dispels all the target’s statuses and deals damage depending on how many it dispelled. Generally quite useless because it removes Burn and Fire Mark, and deals a low amount of damage even with many statuses removed. Can be used to remove Protection Sphere, Rage or Regen on enemies, but it’s better just to run away if there’s more than one. This does not trigger Fire Mark even though it’s a Fire spell.
Level 3: Holy Fire
• Your Holy affinity also increases your Fire affinity. Amazing skill, as you can get extremely high amounts of Fire affinity with this. Fire affinity increases Fire spell damage and accuracy by a large amount.
Level 4: Burning Blood
• Immune to Poison. Not that good because poison is not that common and it’s easily cured anyway. Waste of EXP in my opinion.
Level 5: Put To The Question (Active)
• Tries to stun, silence and damage the target. If resisted, causes a short silence. Does not work on mindless beings. This skill also applies Fire Mark. Has only 1 Range so not that useful.
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Topic: General Gaming / 1Quest Discussion.

Warrior Advanced


Level 1: Heavy Weapon Mastery
• Increases damage of two-handed weapons by half of your strength. Two-handed weapons have higher damage, making them useful for those with extremely high armor like golems. This skill takes them a little further.
Level 2: Intimidation (Active)
• Applies Shaken to enemies in a large area around you, reducing close combat efficiency. It’s a cheap skill (5 energy) that lets you take on more powerful enemies up close.
Level 3: Mighty Charge
• Whenever you use Charge, enemies beside your path will get damaged as well. Charge can clear crowds with this. This skill is devastating when paired with Run (Ranger Lv1) and/or Arcane Charge (Battle Mage Lv4).
Level 4: Fearless
• Immune to Fear and Shaken. Shaken is bad for your close combat, so immunity to it is good. I don’t know what Fear status is (I know it’s a Enchantment spell, but Fear spell Shakens and Confuses).
Level 5: Rage (Active)
• For 10 turns, increases Strength, Dexterity and Constitution but decreases Intelligence. Also increases some combat stats and heals some health. Costs Exhaustion. Only use in difficult situations.


Level 1: Shield Charge
• Gives you additional Armor and Resistance for 9 turns after using Charge. Requires a Shield. This is a cheap way to increase your toughness.
Level 2: Shield Focus
• Increases Defense by half of Knight level and half of Shield skill above prerequisite. Requires a Shield. More toughness for the tanky knight.
Level 3: Defensive Stance
• Your Warrior’s Stance (Warrior Lv2) increases your Armor. Just a little bit, but it helps.
Level 4: Armor Mastery
• Increases your body armor value by 50% and damage absorption by 1. Wow.
Level 5: Shield Bash
• You can attack with your shield. Your shield basically becomes a dagger that can deal extra damage. Damage/Accuracy with the shield increases with your Shield skill. Now you’re extra tough and extra powerful. This is why Knight is one of the best classes. Not as fun, but works.

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Rogue Advanced


Level 1: Point Blank Shot
• You can now use your Ranged weapon in close combat. Click+hold on the auto-attack button on the lower left. Drag the ranged attack icon on the 1st slot and melee on the 2nd. If you plan to use this, just get a Staff + Book on your hands to raise your affinities.
Level 2: Impact Arrow (Active)
• Shoots an arrow that pushes the target away. Situational, but works nicely.
Level 3: Double Shot
• 5% chance per class level of shooting an extra arrow. If this works on Rain of Arrows (Arcane Archer Lv5), it will be even more awesome.
Level 4: Rapid Fire (Active, Sustained)
• Decreases delay with ranged weapons but increases energy cost. You get to shoot a lot of things before they can move/attack back.
Level 5: Piercing Shot
• Adds Armor Piercing to your ranged attacks. AP is always great to have, especially against golems.


Level 1: No Mercy
• Increases damage against stunned, slowed or rooted enemies. Works great if your main hand or ranged attack can stun. I don’t know if damage bonus stacks.
Level 2: Trap Creation (Active)
• Creates a trap. This is more fun than it seems. Enemies try to avoid traps so you can use this as a deterrent. Fun to use on corridors.
Level 3: Dual Wield Master
• Reduces energy cost and attack delay of your offhand attack by 10% per level (starts at Lv2). This skill is awesome as it can make you fire off more attacks per turn.
Level 4: Master Poisoner
• Your Poison (Rogue Lv1) increases in damage if applied multiple times. Basically gives you stacking poison. This is deadly against anything that is not immune to poison.
Level 5: Death Attack (Active)
• The target must resist or it will die. Even if resisted, it will be Shaken (combat efficiency reduced). Very powerful if you have a high skills in your weapon. This skill won me the Chaos Tower because it works on bosses.