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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Speedrun = less coin value

A lot of “speedrunners” are hackers. I’ve seen plenty of runs with impossible times. I’ve seen runs lasting less than 1 second. I don’t really mind hackers when they’re not ruining the game for everyone else, but this time it’s different.
Not only do hackers steal the top runs, they also reduce the income for normal players.
I think the game devs should do something about this. It’s getting annoying getting a 0.2x multiplier on runs.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / New tile ideas

Just adding one kind of block would open a lot of design possibilities.

A kind of movable block. Same block interaction as the player. Can be moved by the player, springs, rails and arrows.

That’s it. With creativity it can be used to make one-way doors, platform railways and elevators, etc.

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Topic: Kongregate / Calculating points for level

I just reached Level 65 minutes ago and I was like “Oh shit what now?”

Maybe I’ll just keep getting points and get that 36K “required points for Level 66” down. :D

EDIT: Well damn, the 36595 points did not change after a hard badge. :V
This made me sad.

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Topic: Forum Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

Wish granted, but after it started questioning its own existence, it got REALLY depressed (“What is my purpose?”) and committed suicide by rotating in the opposite direction.

I wish I could sleep and be awake at the same time.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's The Hardest Game You've Ever Played?

Devil May Cry 4
Hell or Hell Mode

also Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism on Lunatic difficulty

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Topic: Off-topic / Holy shit, some people in DoujinStyle are complete idiots

what is this