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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / Patch Notes 19th Sept

Here’s what I’ve found so far that wasn’t included in their notes :
Nerf to carry of all low tier units.

Militia was 10 now 8 (-2),
Watchmen was 5 now 2 (-3),
Archers was 5 now 4 (-1),
Spearmen was 10 now 8 (-2),
Hobilars was 15 now 12 (-3).

This means if you followed old advice and made defensive watchmen to take hits for your army. You now have -3 carry per watchmen.

Speeds of units have been broadly adjusted.
Militia was 45 now 50 (5).
Watchmen was 27 now 22 (-5).
Spearmen was 30 now 25 (5).
Hobilars was 90 now 95 (5).
Swordsmen was 34 now 40 (6).
Swadow Swords was 50 now 60 (10).
Longbows was 30 now 34 (4).
Brutes was 15 now 35 (20).

These are all the units that I had data for.

They have further adjusted carry amounts. These amounts are prior to today versus as the stand at 1241 pm EST
Militia was 10 now 8 (-2),
Watchmen was 5 now 5 (Reverted),
Archers was 5 now 4 (-1),
Spearmen was 10 now 6 (-4),
Hobilars was 15 now 12 (-3).
Swordsmen was 5 now 6 (1).
Longbow was 5 now 10 (5).
Bloody Cross was 0 now 2 (2).
Shining Lance was 0 now 5 (5).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Sildegil

Hey guys,

You may have seen recent complaints about Sildegil complaining about his recent attacks from MS alliance.

He has repeatedly farmed newer players and has been warned plenty of times about his aggression. He attacked relentlessly. From the first day I came out of protection, he has farmed me. He stopped only once he no longer loots resource. He then would wait a few hours and attack again. Mind you at the time, I was just learning the game and barely had ~100 power. He was already at 2k power.

Below is the album of the attacks:

If anyone else had been hit by him, please feel free to post it here.

He’s complaining so badly that he’s supposedly emailed NOG about it and I’d like to at least show them evidence of his play.