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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Miscrits] Clear Data

There is a way to clear your player data in the game. When its first loading and you have a black screen, look at the bottom and underneath the brokenbulb logo there will be a link to reset your account, but when you are first loading is the only time this appears so you have to be quick. Hope this helps :P

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] GTMC (READ FIRST POST!!!) [150 Pages!]

Melchior? It just sounds like something he would come up with :P

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Your Favorite MARDEK Moments

Yes, yes, I am aware that this is old, necroing topics is frowned upon, and bitching about it will most likely ensue.. but I made an account specifically for this so.. pfft! :P

I just couldn’t stand to see it die without the most epic hilarious moments (for me) having been mentioned. These brought me to fits of maniacal laughter, prolonged interludes of schoolgirl giggling, and once I literally fell out of my chair and was laughing too hard to get up. Maybe my sense of humor is just unusual, but I can’t believe no one said any of them..

I’ll necromance you, Rohoph, you… you festering blightering blightery… blighter, with your… your…. yeeeeees… your robe, your robe.

I could have it in my grasp like a thing, that is in my grasp!

When I came here, my goal was to destroy you and then depart – to rend you limb from limb, bathe in your blood and sneer as your flesh was consumed by beasts and your pallid robe was torn into at least seventeen shredded strips.

You must pay the price for committing the act of traitory, scrubbing the back of traitordom, and suckling the sweet, sweet teat of traitorness!

Those derranged comedic gems are all said by Moric in chapter 2