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Topic: The Gate / Community Tier List for Ultra Rares [Taken from Jason27104]

What’s his attack speed (seconds/attack)? If slow, Shockwave might be better.

Also, what is Hard Bone and how to use this oddball summon?

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Topic: The Gate / Isla Mare for Lvl~25

Originally posted by Nechromanthys:

I’m not a pro in mare…
My highest cards are arg25 purson25 nero20 psucc20 zagam20 lili20 octo20. I don’t know which are choosen as best cards.
I run with arg25 octo20 lili20 rimmon15. Most of the fight you can win without caring too much about enemies, healer first works good.

A 25 Purson surely is one of the top 4 cards in your deck. You can check if you go “Disciples” – “All disciples” – sort by “High power”, first 4 cards will be ones that affect Mare. Also they say you shouldn’t delete (feed, sell) either of them, as this might weaken you but will not weaken Mare’s opponents.

About Fear – its radius is definitely smaller than attack radius, so yes, pull arg closer to enemies.

Originally posted by cpchua:

Im running 3 lvl 20 Full Argestes and a lvl 20 Lili Scorch / lvl 20 Ordog Blizzard Maw (3 Wind Buff = Squall,Gale,Breeze)
Bulldozing through Islamare, have some minor hiccups when facing 1 Mared Full Argestes (very rare case) Ordog will chewed through her and die (good doggy)

You’ve got lucky with a NM FA not being tops, or he had bad skills (Sunder Armor, Opportunist’s Boon – the latter isn’t worth a squat vs pure air team). I’m usually facing a what I call “mirrored FA” – a lv30 Full Argestes with comparable dps/def, Gale, Squall and Fear, for him, I use double healers and time Heal Alls while my FA eats up mirror’s HP along with other enemies. Everything else is resolved with just NM FA and Lili Scorch.

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Topic: The Gate / Noob Guide for Full Argestes Team

In fact, a lv20 arg evo3 with cyclone+gale+squall is more reliable in Mare than your triple FA, also this allows to use Princess Octopain with Assault, Wound and Trap, and TWO healers with maxed (or upgraded) Heal All. Also, when you gain enough marestones to NM your FA, an NM’d FA with gale, squall and FEAR can RIP APART Mare while your other cards will wait in line. (Two healers are advised, one can do.) And of course, Virago might be better spent elsewhere (Carnal Queen? WWWB? Cerberus Lord?) than yet another FA.

Unholy Nova is crap, Mend is better for a rare case of healing FA from under 10% HP.

About Sunder Armor – it just reduces enemy def by its percentage, adding about 1-2k per shot against heavily defenced opponents, and about 600 against normal glass cannons. With 3xFA it might be useful, as your other FAs won’t hit as hard as one single big FA.

For records: My main’s team consists of NM FA lv28, Octo/20, Lili evo2 lv15 and a filler (Winged Lilith if facing troubles). Just pull your FA up front and whack melee in the face once, so they won’t think about eating your healers or octopain, then fear and watch the show of One Man Hero. My alt’s team is lv20 FA evo 3 (leveled up to 25 but not using fear atm), lv17 Octo, lv10 Lili Scorch and lv15 evo 2 Duke Vual of Ice. Can’t go full auto with this setup, as I need to time Heal All, but this wins Mare straight.

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Topic: The Gate / Isla Mare for Lvl~25

Originally posted by SaoNicolauP:

What is ur deck?

At that lvl, FA 25 + Octo 20 + lili (fire r3 healer) 20 + Another healer lvl 15/20 is normaly the best combo for mare.

So, in case u don t have her yet, u should be working to get a fully funtional lvl 20 lili, or, if u r lucky with summons and get all the 15 friends from invites a lvl 20 rimmon. But lili is a lot esear to get and will get the job done.

I’m pretty satisfied with a lv15 evo2 lili scorch, because her lv20 skill is pathetic and scales with atk, which isn’t big, and that Unholy Nova has potential to draw aggro to the healer. While yes, Heal All, Heal, Mend = enough for mare in most cases.

I advise u not to get past lvl 30 before u have at least 1 NM (that should be ur FA, the only really worthy NMing card at start) So, cut on ur XP gain if u need to manage ur lvling, try to allways keep ur deck more lvled than ur actual lvl.

No, this is only true for raids, not for mare. With raids, a highly evolved deck means easier bosses, but you will also need to burn hope and get exp to spawn more bosses. With mare, account level does not get factored in, and a balanced top 4 means harder mare than if one card of yours is OP and others are cr@p.

IF u need to xp ur cards with low xp gains on ur lvl just do Primo (elzapop very 1 st lvl) to get feeders for ur cards.

In case ur FA got scrwed with bad evolution and that is hurting ur game play, send a ticket to SH support explaning that, and they will reset ur FA to the 8 starting cards so u can rebuild her again. If she is just a bit screwd, and still useble, keep in mind that after u NM her, she will get fixed and will recover her perfect stats.

This one is true.

About mare fights: Here is what I did while my FA was normal:
1 – drag FA to the very center of the battlefield. While he’s moving, start dragging FA towards the primary target (Flux user, something fragile but with damage potential aka Naberius, something with nasty skills, or a healer), release when applicable. This usually puts all enemy team in FA’s Fear range.
2 – wait for FA to perform 3 attacks, slap Fear (to not interrupt third attack). Target FA to the next target after primary is down.
3 – pull Octopain forward so that all team is in rage of Octo’s trap.
4 – as soon as fear wears off, slap Trap – here, 3 more seconds of disability.
5 – slap Heal All prior to Trap wearing off, so that enemy won’t kill either FA or Octo.
6 – drag FA against strongest enemy card to draw aggro off Octo.
7 – slap Heal (FA is targeted) – FA will be healed over time, this is normally enough for FA to survive the ordeal.

The same tactics is applied now, when I have NM FA lv28, and with it I can eliminate teams just by using NM FA and lv15 Lili Scorch, Heal lv7 and Heal All lv9.

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Topic: General Gaming / Three games you're playing RIGHT NOW

The Gate
Rebuild 2
How to trick your boss that you are not playing games on the workplace

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Topic: The Gate / Some Sugestions @ SH to improve game play

1 – a really great addition, selling/feeding a wrong card can hurt beyond measure.
2 – for convenience, although this would require tampering with working code with a potential to introduce bugs alike the one that made people sell R4s if they change sorting order. (Although this bug’s creator deserves to get kicked out of devs, there’s probably more to fix in the Unity code or even architecture.)
3 – agreed, clicking +1 button 100 times is plain stupid, I wonder why they didn’t make it earlier.
4 – agreed, so that you won’t evolve a card to 25 prior to getting enough marestones to not make Mare harder
5 – even if as paid option, it’s viable. Pinging support just for that is not the logical way to resolve these problems.
6 – this might trigger a reevaluation for existing mare shop cards, although I say it’s needed anyway. Also opening the third slot should cost a tad more virago. Say, replace the small DB slot with this one, with a probable change of its location.

7 – Let players save decks with skills, not just the “active” deck and skills, but say “water deck”, “raid deck” etc. for example, a player might want to construct a special deck just for world boss, with as much stun as possible, to survive longer and do more damage, to use another optimized deck for farming primo (or other stages should he feel like it), to present as PVP deck in Arena so he won’t be cannon fodder (optimized to be used by AI, say no double heal all, some AoE, slow+haste to control who fears first, etc – this can make people re-evaluate skills that are not used as often), maybe more. This opens a possibility to 7.1 – if someone would kill themselves against your deck, maybe award 1-2 points in the rating to the defending deck.

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Topic: The Gate / Bugged Mare and Arena - No Opponents found - Any one else has it?

Ha, there’s a redeem code in operation :D


They say that this is a server issue, and it has been fixed.

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Topic: The Gate / Novice Night

I won’t get enough arena coins for 8x next monthly, because I’ve spent 15k for Nybras, and I’m not playing good enough to get more than 2k on normal days (4k on weekends), for the total of 18k/week, roughly 1 copy of a card per week = 2 full months to get one 8x monthly. Maybe the one on March… I like air element more than others, maybe because of FA.

Also, 8k virago is less than a full week, as you can mine 1399 per day, this totals to 9093 per week (if only not for that stOOpid “guess where the gold is” reward for 7 days…), this means getting a card from Mare is a tad faster than from arena, even if it’s a 8k one. I now have 15500 virago, and no ideas on what to hunt for (Oenomaus? Lucifrex? Any other card?), considering that I have a ton of 3x SRs and a couple of nybras food, as well as some rares waiting for exchange.

I also think that if there would be advices for midgame (at least what to do when you’ve NM’d your FA, where to look for, what to plan for, possibilities), this topic might eventually turn very useful for most players.

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Topic: The Gate / Event Summon Q

140 is topmost possible without battle scrolls, and it’s only when you are able to be online around 23:00 UTC, not everyone has this time available for playing. Anyway, you get 10 battles per day, and if you want more, you use a battle scroll, it gives 5 battles, meaning daily advantage only, as PVP battles don’t give direct reward (SC+small DBs don’t count). I can’t compare this advantage with time directly, so I have used raw values.

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Topic: The Gate / Novice Night

then I’m still in the early game I think. My Mare team is FA, Octo, Lili evo1 and Winged Lilith, with only backup being Duke Vual of Ice evo2 lv20 with pumped Fear. I’m about to NM FA in a couple of days (1 ox short), and I expect that NM FA to solo Mare on full auto :D

Agreed on new game modes, since bosses are all about “kill in 3 minutes” or in case of WB “last as long as you can, kick as hard as you can”, outlasting either is not a good move. Still, I’m happy 6 months away from not needing a healer anymore, I need WWWB and some air card with Wind Attunement first, all NM’d.

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Topic: The Gate / Novice Night

Rimmon rocks, but not if the enemy FA goes right at it XD And yes, he’s very tricky to get, chances are I’ll get me 8 Zagams before very first Rimmon, provided I don’t buy him. (I say don’t buy rimmons, buy decent ultra rares instead, and rimmons can go as they arrive, in the meantime even Winged Lilith will do as a healer – you need Heal All skill, period. As a temporary solution you might try 4x Lili Scorch, she’s better at 20 than Rimmon is at 10, and these can drop off Danker in Subtyranny, also you get two out of invite rewards prior to getting two King Rimmons.)

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Topic: The Gate / Is there a way to reset the game (start from scratch)?

Probably ask at The Gate support to reset your FA – I’ve heard they can take your evo3 FA and give you 8 evo0 FAs for you to build another. As for starting over – I’d say create another account at Kongregate, this will be easier.

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Topic: The Gate / Event Summon Q

I say using devil blood to buff your FA after you’ve already properly evolved it is one of the better uses for gold early game. Atk > HP >> def IMO. 199 (new player) summon is also a good investment, but pretty much nothing else. Hope refills and other consumables are just for patience, while deck space and training slots (esp. if you have already spent your free kreds elsewhere) can be bought for a permanent advantage.

Consider: 1 hope refill = 50 hope = 4 hours of waiting. 1 rood refill = 3 rood = 1.5 hours of waiting. 1 battle scroll = 5 PVP battles = roughly 12 hours of waiting and less than 50% chance to advance in reward ranks (more honor coins). 1 rebirth scroll = I don’t know where to use that thing. The only viable use for me is in Mare, where if you’ve lost a battle, you can use the scroll, win the battle and get virago, but your disciples will anyway be “dead” after you use the scroll. 1 premium summon (250 gold) is a bit more than 1 crystal summon, let’s say 800 crystals, about 2 days wait, depending on your raid boss fighting activity. 1 DB pack (attack) is +1500 atk to any of your disciples (permanent) = ~30 days of wait while you get 300 small DBs of all kinds from any sources (arena, WB, bosses, daily rewards etc), a considerable improvement in time/gold ratio vs other types of investment, so I went this way. Extra card slots are for the case when you have a ton of SRs in small quantities, and deck shortage can be avoided by reading this topic: and actively searching for those SRs that you intend to use in the midgame and endgame.

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Topic: The Gate / Disciple sell bug

Hmm, I have reported that bug to SH already, and they say “resolved”. If you care to submit em another ticket, maybe they’ll fix that sooner.

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Topic: The Gate / 4 Star Disciple Tier list (Standard only, event excluded)

Sure enough it’s the strongest, it’s an UR after all. You could only get FA in Mare before they made it available as a levelup reward.

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Topic: The Gate / Ultimate Guide (WIP)

Originally posted by i2dunno:

I got 2 star weapong and they are greyed out with “1/5”. What does that mean?

You get 5 of these and then you’ll be able to use the thing. You’ll see the number change as you get more of them.

Originally posted by Dlung100:

Well the thing with cards is that it’s taking up like… all my space, and since it makes mare harder I don’t really want to combine them yet…. or is that not how it works… because I think it is.

As for mare, I figured it out… plus I figured out you can quit and start over anytime you want lol…

I don’t see Mare getting harder with just level 10 cards up your sleeve. I’m running Mare with lvl23 Argestes, lvl20 Octopain and a random lvl15 with a healer, no Lili mind you, and I don’t see Mare being too tough even if it throws a lvl25 or two against me. So I don’t think that unevolved lvl10 R4 will make Mare harder, but an evolved lvl10 might take part in Mare’s difficulty.

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Topic: The Gate / NEW Princess Ekkek Stealth Skill - Care to fix it? - EDIT -> BUG Corrently Fixed

hmm, this doesn’t happen only for me… okay, seconded.

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Topic: The Gate / Share your invite codes!


Also, if I would know you’ve used my code, you can use my Full Argestes in raid boss events, it’s pretty dam powerful.

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Topic: Game Programming / Help please?

Check this

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Topic: Game Programming / Actionscript trouble with removing objects.

Apparently, you have an error in tracking code, also, you might nned to revise code sequence in “remove, new game, add” portion, maybe you’re trying to remove after initiating new game which contains “gotoAndStop()”, thus parent object is invalidated. (Wild guesses, but I’ve got Telepathy skill at 8%, they might hit the spot)

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Captain Hunt Guide

Crystallize 3/3, Leading Strike, Break, smash Captain with LS and Sniper+Medic with Crystallize, set Veradux on defencive, and use Adrenaline to drop Marked for Death/Fire debuffs off team. Should do, especially if you use Crystallizes loosely and not use them each second turn, so sniper will “crouch” and “lock and load”, effectively wasting turns, and then bam, crystallized.

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

I’d add some to these points:

“Space out your shielding” works until you go Taunt overboard and get your Defencive Walls to replace the shields. They cover more for less unit cost, and are generally better for survival.

“Tone it down on healing”? Probably, but first you have to max out Healing Wave and cooldown upgrades, if you don’t, you are facing potentially deadly issues closer to Zone One. The inside of your base is weaker HP-wise than outside, thus you have to protect your shell from too heavy fire, Walls help more due to their ability to receive more healing, about a single touch of any part of Healing Wave results in a fully healed Wall, provided its healing amplifier is maxed.

“Remove gold generators”? Again a question, you need a lot of money to upgrade your units, even if you have all your turrets unlocked. The maxed out Chargor wants about $600k for upgrading, and you need to get that $600k from somewhere, so those 550$/10s from gold gens (and tech center) are worth to keep ONE of them fully upgraded for extra abilities. Once you start running Tesire without fear of elimination, you might add more unupgraded GGs for more bucks per level, and believe me, you would need many runs and much money to prepare for Zone One.

“Evaluate your rares” – agreed, but usefulness of rares isn’t obvious, and some rares are better for some cases.

“Get Chargors” – YEAH, but you might not need to upgrade them all to max, especially for range and if you’re using Scorpions/Zakanas or other turrets with shots of limited range. Also, there is a maximum on range addition, about 24 for normal turrets and 34 for rares, anything above this is a waste.

Lightbringer – its damage is about half of Aries, with a nice effect on kill, although pretty rarely providing anything of value.

Devas Nero is a premium turret, so most players are stuck with Nyon Exists, also don’t forget that Nyon is shield piercing by default, and Devas Nero is IIRC reflectable, which can cause havoc in your own base, should you not get 100% neg resistance.

Tesla is autohit, so its damage output is sometimes bigger than that of a Nyon Exist, so I’d put Tesla before Korazon.

Nuclear Terra is too fat for a turret to be placed in a proper base, and its shots are very slow to hit, so I’d shift it down to Tier 3 instead of 2.

Zakana has shield disable feature, good for them Nova Turrets to eliminate anything too close without denting your own base, so these are worthwhile to have, even if they are “only” tier 2 and this weak, note that they also function as chargors for damage.

Scorpion is great for zones past Desstar due to them having a lot of ramming enemies, which are very tough and come in packs, so to not waste Nyon shots vs them, a Scorpion or two (up to 4 I think) help a lot in eliminating them.

About defencive units: X-ZACAs are technically the BEST, but still they are better be placed at the rear. These provide expendable meat shields once per ~10s, and if fully maxed, the shields have 300 hp (in the line of, got my saves wiped so can’t check), so their “effective” regen and HP top out Titan Barrier. Also, Walls>Titans, because they can be healed to full with one single spell (see above about spacing shields) and are covering more space than Titans, especially at the sides. Infinite Fortress is better than a Wall only if placed up front, AND you have only 4 neg voiders and not 5. A Darkness Barrier is not viable in front line, but if it’s “on fire”, you are free to move it forward to heave off some of the incoming damage. Just don’t forget to put it back again. They are, however, ULTIMATE PWNAGE in PvP since you can save your base when these are flaring, then they will flare for the first seconds of the match, making your enemy’s first blast go in vain.

And. a Vira Ultima?! I have yet to see one drop, so if you have it, then shields regain viability to some extent, as no spell or unit can heal a shield to full strength except for this, while walls can be healed to full pretty easily. If not, walls>shields.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make a 3D game without C++ (HTML, no WebGL)

Originally posted by AMD_Paulius_J:

But I wonder how then binary code is processed, it still has to have some kind of logic, for example how would an IF statement look in binary? and who processes it? there still has to be some backend software that handles binary?

No, the binary is executed directly on the processor. “Bytecode” of higher level languages such as Flash/Actionscript or Java are executed in the “virtual machine” of some sort, that one is software. Binary executables are natively executed on the processor – or that was the case until OS kernel has achieved a hypervisor, actually a piece of software that controls binary execution, thus a hypervisor can intercept some of the instructions that are in the binary, and provide a code sequence that does not break the hypervisor but achieves the goal the binary is expected to receive.

An “if” statement looks like this: evaluate each part of the “if” statement, call “compare” depending of the expression type (determined at compile time, so runtime has the complete instruction set prepared) and then do a conditional jump. Say, you have a C line of “if (a==0) {…}”, you get “mov eax, [a]; or eax,eax ; jnz [some offset]” where “or eax,eax” is actually an optimization, the unoptimized code was “cmp eax, 0”. Assembly statements are almost directly translated into raw machine codes and vice versa, but I don’t know the actual opccodes for all of these. (Say, “cmp” is actually a set of 1-byte or 2-byte opcodes, depending on what’s get compared. Say if two registers are compared, there’s one byte, if a register vs a static value, there’s another byte. The same applies to most commands, unless they don’t have operands or they are pretty much fixed, say “rep stosd” is a fixed 2-byte sequence, as it does not have operands.)

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make a 3D game without C++ (HTML, no WebGL)

Writing directly in binary code was impossible at the time when 640kb was enough for everyone already. Or almost impossible, anyway people have used asm plus deflators to write 128-byte demos, 1-kb demos, 4-kb demos, etc. I am aware that each architecture has its own assembly language, and IIRC x64 assembler is an extension of x86 which is an extension of 8086 (which is probably an extension of 8088 asm, didn’t research that far), there was an IA-64 architecture, and there are several other non-x86 architectures (mobiles mostly). In fact, even in x86 there are dialects of assembler, their differences are around ASM file syntax, includes etc, but still.

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make a 3D game without C++ (HTML, no WebGL)

OP seemingly doesn’t know that there is THE ONE language already, and it’s called “Assembler”. This language encompasses every other language in terms of execution.