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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable Stolen

If you look up CS Portable, you’ll see another game “CSS Portable”.

It’s just an iframe with your game on it.

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Topic: CS Portable / We are seeking version testers!

I’m a programmer so it might be a great idea to test new versions… [because I can figure out what causes bugs]
skype: CSP.sp1tfire

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Topic: CS Portable / [Need some pro tips for Sniper][SOLVED]

Here’s a tip for quickscope: use shift or ctrl. (It increases accuracy) [strafe or crouch]

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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable Guide

Originally posted by varnine:

Sp1tfire, these were intentional since the Aug and the UMP are pretty accurate; giving them extra damage upon hitting a head will make them extremely overpowered.

Also, edit your posts, don’t multi-post.

Yes, but I heard some people saying it was bugged, for example: AUG head has LESS damage than AUG hand. :/

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Topic: CS Portable / CSP Tournament

Hmm, I’ll probably be on most wednesdays+fridays [10-4PM CST], maybe some days in between.

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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable Guide

Originally posted by cyborg0013:

Hey, I’m playing on a mac (with a mouse), and whenever I try to scope in with the sniper rifle (using right click), nothing happens. Anybody know why this is happening?

I think this is happening because Macs don’t usually have a right-click. Try setting it up in the controls panel in the game menu…

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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable Guide

You can also calculate stats by going to the weapon’s stats in custom gamemode, then multiplying damage by head or hand/lag factor…

Glock19 stats say damage is 16, which means body is 16, head is (16*5)=80, and hand/leg is (16*.7?)=11.2.

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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable Guide

Some of these looked like they’re glitched, but I think GLOCK19 stats are correct (these are stats to fill in for ?s):

HEAD: 80


HAND/LEG: 14 [glitch?]
HEAD: 13 [glitch?]

HEAD: 13 [glitch?]

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Topic: CS Portable / CSP Tournament

Originally posted by PixelMurderer:
Originally posted by sp1tfire:

Sorry about last minute post [haven’t been to forums for a while]. I’d like to join a team. :D

You aren’t really late! The registration period will end at 00:00 PST (US Pacific Standard Time or however they call it) – Right now, the time is around 1 am, so people have 23 hours left.

Havok and I are looking for a third person to join our team by the way, as Ramya(Sasha) is most likely not going to be able to play in the tourney. Would you like to join us? And if yes, would you mind if we tested your game skills first? We need a skilled, reliable player, who won’t let us down. Your timezone is not important, Havok and I can get online at any time when needed.

Okay. I’ll try to find you…? Or you can PM me so that I can tryout for you.

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Topic: CS Portable / DOOOOOOOD

Multishots: Custom AWP that shoots like shotgun, or…
Multikills: Completely doable with AWP, I just got a quintiple with it on “Sniper Duel” TDM.

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Topic: CS Portable / CSP Tournament

Sorry about last minute post [haven’t been to forums for a while]. I’d like to join a team. :D


Topic: CS Portable / -cancelled-

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Topic: CS Portable / Suggestions Topic!

Originally posted by WeaponsDealer:

These are the shittiest suggestions I’ve ever seen..

Rocket Launchers?

Sniper quicker zoom in?


Stick Grenades?


If you press [] your player lies down?

Make/Change maps for special occasions?
Not possible… so FUCK NO

Heli-Carrier from the Avengers?
Uhm… ok?


Classic and Deathmatch combined?
WTF? How will that even work?

CM: Space

Uh huh. I agree with you.

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Topic: CS Portable / A message for the games creator

Originally posted by WeaponsDealer:
Originally posted by HeadlesHorsemann:

, we must kick all the spanish and brazilian hackers


-1. There are no spanish and brazil(l)ian hackers. They wouldn’t know how to get the hacks because they’re in English. :/

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Topic: CS Portable / HOW CAN WE FIX THIS HACKING? mjmcpher thread

What’s the problem with saying

Obviously they are going to come across it one way or another.

Admit it, the game is dead. Not player-wise, but update-wise. Go play Contract Wars or something more decent. :@

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Topic: CS Portable / CSP is dead?

Originally posted by GoliathAA:
Originally posted by webom:

If it dies I would’nt care. This game sucks. No offending.

You don’t realize how much effort was put into this game, so don’t talk. THERE is a reason why CS portable can’t have too much stuff since kongregate only allows 20 mb.(I think this is correct reason IF i remember correctly) You realize how much of a bomb this game can be if it was on another browser.

Hmm, what about contract wars? Also, website, not browser.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Kinda late to talk about this, but will Glock 19 be automatic?

Also, when is AUG coming to webplayer? [I assume ‘when it’s done building assets and what not’…]

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Topic: Collaborations / Unity games (Unity player hungergames WITH GUNS) *recruiting*

I guess *swore*an makes more sense now. Why are you so mad?

BTW, where can I get a beta key?

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Topic: CS Portable / Best scores ever in classic/Tdm.

This is how you keep the dice rollin’ when you doin’ that thing over there, homie. [13 to 20 headshot ratio! :D]

Not my best, but the best so far with screenie. (Click on it for better view)

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Topic: CS Portable / Best scores ever in classic/Tdm.

Originally posted by DavidL109:
Originally posted by H4v0kBr34k3r:

Dust. 32 people.

Lol why so gud?

No. Why other team so bad?

Also, 36% headshots. :O

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Topic: Collaborations / FPS Modeler for CS type game

I am in need of a Modeler [preferably Blender] for my FPS currently in development [in unity].

I need characters [two CS type characters, like these], and I also need an AK-47, an M4A1, and a Desert Eagle.

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Topic: CS Portable / Your Favorite Unity/browser Shooter

Hey guys, what about Contract Wars?

CS Portable is a nice shooter, but CW has way better graphics.
One problem with CW is that it doesn’t seem to have many building type maps, where you’re getting frags on a street; most of the time you’re on some terrain.

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Topic: CS Portable / Skilled Jerks?

Not sure where the word in the title “Skilled” came from, because you pwned him with sniper. On iOS! XD

Yes, from my experience, I have seen some annoying [PINOY] users. Dem’ filiperno frags be perty bad.

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Topic: CS Portable / Introducing AiM [Assassins in Mittens]

As we know from AsainKing’s forum post, the competitive game will go as follows:

Knife round
– Winning team discusses with teammates chooses side (T) (CT) (Round does not count) (No Bomb Plants)

First Round
– This is a pistol round/eco round
– 800 Starting-Money (Cannot buy weapons, though, just a pistol)
– Both clans MUST use pistol! (Planting the bomb is allowed, but no grenades)

Remaining rounds [First team to 10 round wins, wins the first half]
– CT may NOT plant the bomb!
– No “Hacker” calling

At Beginning of Round, all apart of Clan-War, says “Gl Hf” (Good Luck : Have Fun) And at the End, of the 1st and last half, you say “GG” (Good Game).
-1st Clan chooses Game #1’s Map, 2nd Clan chooses Game #2’s of the Best of 3 Series.

Competitive-Clan War Maps
– Tuskan
– Dust
– Aztec
– Cubane
– Libra

Server-Side Settings
– Allowed Join Any Teams [For ease of clanmates to be on the right side]
– Spectate Only Own Team
– Body Parts (Enabled)
– See Through Walls (Disabled)
– Show enemy on Radar (Enabled)

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Topic: CS Portable / Introducing AiM [Assassins in Mittens]

Hello fellow CS Portable players,
I am starting up a new competitive clan called AiM [Assassins in Mittens]! There are a 3 open slots right now, and here they are:

Admin – sp1tfire [No swapping]
Scout – trkenstyle167 [Can be swapped!]
Player – pro_gammer14 [Can be swapped!]
Player – Empty! :D
Player – Empty! :D

Recruiting will be in USA under “AiM_Recruit”, but if it doesn’t exist, don’t worry. You can simply PM me and I will 1v1 you when I get the chance.