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Topic: Galaxy Online / Naming

Are you using full screen mode? If so, you cannot type and use fullscreen mode at the same time.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & 04 Merger on September 23rd

Originally posted by Ochiix:
Originally posted by daexion:
Originally posted by valordux1:

Considering GO3 is coming up in early 2015, I’m not so sure about that. If they’re cutting off support, their development for the game’s probably pretty limited since developers are more costly than support usually.


There was discussion on IGG main forum. Apparently IGGs corporate info has mention of GO3 early/mid next year for mobile later for browser.

SoldierOfTheLeg says:
Go3 was brought up in Prospects starting on page 40 of the pdf file for date 2014-08-10
Was also talk that go3 was announced in ph forums at the same time this was brought up on so1 wc.
GO2-KR and GO2-JP into the GO2-PH version’s of go2 are getting merged.


I’d spent some time trying to find anything on the rumored go3, but found very little to nothing.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & 04 Merger on September 23rd

Originally posted by valordux1:

Considering GO3 is coming up in early 2015, I’m not so sure about that. If they’re cutting off support, their development for the game’s probably pretty limited since developers are more costly than support usually.


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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & 04 Merger on September 23rd

Originally posted by windancer:

You see the problem, more merging, no new servers.

There is nothing left to merge after this.

They will probably open a new server after this.

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Topic: Pocket Starships / BUG list

Originally posted by Dudlak:

I lost connection to server 2 hours ago. I have lost 2 uprgade processes – and also the parts for these uprades are gone :-( I do not care about the lost material and production – but the parts are very hard to find :-(

Is it possible to produce parts – material, bots, purchase for Starbucks, market…?

Is there any help how to find certain parts?

Thnx in advance!

You cannot produce parts, just mine and refine asteroids into ore to build weapons, ships and other equipment for the ships. The only way to get parts to upgrade ships, equipment, storage compartments etc is to mine asteroids and kill ships.

The game is very glitchy sometimes costing players time and resources from time to time.

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Topic: I AM PLAYR / LOL Since day one...

Originally posted by Oliveboy:

This game took alot of money to make so of course they want money back. I am pretty sure these guys also have lives to lead and families to take care of.

These games are designed and developed to minimize the cost of development and maximize the profit margins of the company the devs work.

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Topic: Pocket Starships / Balance

Open world PvP zones like this are inherently unbalanced and any attempts to artificially balance it usually makes the problem worse and not better.

Originally posted by BennyGreen:

How about the player cannot decide which faction to join ? The server would send the starting player on the weaker side.
I don’t know if it’s doable at this stage or if a “faction reboot” is needed…

That would cause too many problems including players quitting once they realized they were on the losing side or unable to play with their friends. A faction reboot would probably end up with the same situation we have now in which one faction dominates the map most of the time locking the losing side out of the resources needed to build the ships and weapons needed to win the PvP fights for the resources sectors.

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Topic: Kongregate / If you own gamestop shares, you should have all your accounts on Kongregate unbanned

If you cannot follow the rules which got your accounts banned in the first place you shouldn’t have any accounts unbanned.


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Topic: Galaxy Online / boring

Reminds me of Evony, like someone made a space version of it with a cap on military size.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / (to Konami,,Devs)3 nails in the coffin

Originally posted by Workteam:
Originally posted by daexion:

Just leave. It’s simpler than trying to justify playing a game you don’t seem interested in playing.

His post implies that he is interested in playing the game…

No, his post implied he was looking for a reason to be interested, not that he was interested.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / (to Konami,,Devs)3 nails in the coffin

Just leave. It’s simpler than trying to justify playing a game you don’t seem interested in playing.

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Topic: War of Omens / Unneeded changes

Originally posted by kael35:

At this point I don’t care about the excuses. This has literally gone from being one of the best games I’ve seen on here to being a waste of time with all these pointless changes. I have no interest in finding new builds because the dev’s will only change the cards to make that build nerf’d beyond belief within the next week or so. I’ll check in from time to time, but as far as I am concerned they’ve trashed the game.

What changes “destroyed” your decks?

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / List of cheaters

Originally posted by viperver1:

As much as I want push into this topic, people using exploits from un-fixed bugs is really annoying. Believe me, there’s always been exploits in online games for decades.

It’s quite normal except we do need actual gameplay in order for it to be confirmed that that person is a cheat or not.

Except you can simply send it to the devs instead of posting it here. Posting it here doesn’t accomplish anything constructive.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / List of cheaters

Originally posted by achirio:

here again, after 4 duels in dark tournament that WMS1987 lost against my deck, he changed again with the wind one:
i don’t think i must show something, anyone can legitimately ask why some things happen always with the same players… bugs are random don’t happen only for someone!!!!!
also if it is a bug (don’t mind) then it is up to each one, if it happens to me surely i surrender to opponent for correctness … but to each his own honor

The damage is already done when you start naming and shaming people on the forums for something they might not even be guilty of doing. These threads sound more like a witchhunt than anything remotely useful or constructive. You’re better off simply submitting reports to the devs instead of wasting time making personal attacks against someone else simply because you’re upset about something.

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Topic: War of Omens / how to be a douche pirate 101

I don’t see what’s so interesting about that other than they let the game go on so long.

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Topic: War of Omens / Word of Unmaking too Powerful

Originally posted by Siiti:

I’ve only played against this card so far (haven’t unlocked it yet), and it is waaaaaay unbalanced. The ability to remove from the game anyone else’s investment should be a bigger deal and a bigger feat to pull off.
Here’s what happens in a game:
I pay gold to get a card into my hand. Purple pays gold to get Unmaking into his hand.
I play card and reap benefits.
Purple plays Unmaking and cancels my benefits as well as the gold I initially invested. I never see that card again.
Since Unmaking goes back into his draw, Purple gets to do that infinity times while only paying gold once!

Instead of going back into the draw pile, it should be Destroyed on Use. Much less powerful cards (like…ALL of Blue’s cards) are destroyed on use—why not this one?
It also perhaps should cost more, and maybe even take longer to charge up.

As far as I know based on what I’ve seen….it doesn’t remove the card from the game, just destroys the one that was bought from the bank meaning it can still be restocked. I’ve had Word of Unmaking destroy cards, but they still showed up in the bank after awhile.

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Topic: War of Omens / voted on steam as asked, but got no reward

Originally posted by a_triggerfish:

If you play War of Omens, we also offer silver for liking our Facebook page but that’s a bit easier to track likes than votes on Steam. As others have said, you’ll get silver for clicking the link but if you didn’t, please email with your Kong name or if you play somewhere else, your email or Facebook name.

It’s okay if you decide to not vote for WoO after clicking the link, you’ll still get the reward but we think you’re awesome as hell if you do vote for us.

I would but I lost all of my Steam info while ago.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Free Players Can Do it Legit.

Originally posted by Konquer_:

Yeah they are, honorable discharge, dishonorable, and going AWOL.

All that I’m saying is that military personnel do not meet a high enough wage to retire early in life, I honestly think they deserve much more than what they get.

Honorable Discharge
Dishonorable Discharge
Other Than Honorable Discharge

AWOL doesn’t count because it’s not a discharge from the military; however, it will lead to either a dishonorable or other than honorable discharge from the military. Yay UCMJ.

The existence of those programs doesn’t mean one cannot effectively retire after leaving the military after 10 years because those programs are simply a safety net for veterans returning to the civilian sector and not everyone needs those programs.

Out of curiosity, have you actually ever been IN the military???

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / List of cheaters

Originally posted by ReeferC:

Look at arena there is players with perfect scores. I can win majority of my duels but 0 losses seems suspicious, especially when the account has a deck you start the game with.
even more obvious is that they get arena score of 100k in 15 minutes. I play fairly fast and can manage about 60-75k in a hour depending on decks I face but to pull it off in 15min is insane. If I am wrong in my accusations I am sorry but at least explain how you manage to score 100k in 15min.

How is arena scored?

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Topic: War of Omens / Disconnecting vs. conceding in MP

Originally posted by busodeLcueo:

it is aLways avaiLabLe, menu => quit

No, the concede option isn’t always available.

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Topic: War of Omens / Disconnecting vs. conceding in MP

Originally posted by Daikoru:

You can’t concede after 3 turns. The concede button appears only when the game detects a condition that proves the game is already lost, such as reaching 5 HP or being overwhelmed by enemies. Until then, you only have access to the Quit button, which lets you grab the lose reward but take the penalty for leaving mid-game.

Getting disconnected is thus the same as pressing the Quit button. If it was the same as Concede, players could decide to force a manual disconnection in order to spam losses. After all, 50 silver for a 3-turn match is faster than having a chance of 150 silver for a 15-turn match.

I’d suggest to get a new laptop, thought. Overheating so quickly, that sounds very old :I

The concede button should always be available: if the player wants to concede they should be allowed to do so.

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Topic: War of Omens / Disconnecting vs. conceding in MP

Originally posted by Flint_A:

In multiplayer, if you concede during the first 3 turns; you get no rewards AND you get punished by having to wait before your first match. This is completely fair, I have no problem with it. If you concede after those 3 turns, you do not get punished, it’s the same as a regular loss. This is also fine.

My problem is, if you disconnect AT ANY TIME you get punished. Why? If you’ve played long enough that conceding is no longer punishable, why is disconnecting still bad? It should simply count as a concede at all times.

When I’m at school, I have no problem, but at home I play on a horribly old laptop. It lets me do maybe one match before I have to stop and let it cool off. If it overheats and shuts down in the middle of the match, the next time I start it I actually have to waste time waiting for my “punishment” which I did not deserve. That means I have even less time to actually play.

Again, if my laptop overheats on the very first turn, that’s tough luck. I accept being punished then. That’s only fair. But if I disconnect on, say, the tenth turn; why do I get punished when I wouldn’t have been if I had conceded? It’s just silly.

Because there are people who will intentionally disconnect when losing, and want to make the other player either concede so they can “get the win” or some other irrational reason. When I played on MTGO it was common for some players to do that when they didn’t like the deck the other person was using so they’d “get disconnected”. Here it’s likely disconnecting is punished in this way because of that type of issue, and those who get disconnected legitimately end up getting the short end of the stick.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / How to be PRO at this game

Originally posted by theboss360:

OK this is the strategy.

At when you first start and your collecting the daimyo award make sure you get 3 or 4 karma from it. If not reset again and do it all over again. Once that happens make sure to have lots of allies. Then attack somebody like lavaflame or wingnut55 cause you need the achievement. OK so your farming and before you buy a ninja make sure you attack somebody with 3 ninjas cause its an achievement. Then buy a ninja and attack somebody with 1 ninja. Also make sure you win your first 150 fights. Its an achievement that gives you a karma boost. And when you get the first chance to enter a tournament don’t. Don’t enter one ti’ll you get the chance to get a katara. By then you should have one 150 fights with no loses( Hopefully :]). Then after that you want to take this game pretty slowly. Only attack people 10 lvls under you and every once in a while you can attack somebody like lavaflame. Also when your vs Genbu lvl 15 make sure to use food weapons its a ten karma achievement. So overall you should be beast at Ninja Warz by doing this.

The daimyo reward is random at all times. It’d be like expecting to get 3-4 karma everytime which doesn’t happen, nor will it. Resetting because the first time you didn’t get 3-4 karma is dumb. I mean, if the second/third/fourth time you reset and you still don’t get any karma then you’ve just wasted time in which you would have earned three to four times that much simply playing the game.

Power-leveling by attacking someone like lavaflame is not a good idea at such a low level as it will put you in a higher level category in which you might not be ready for especially when you’re just starting and have nothing. This becomes even more of a problem if you then try to enter a tournament in which you don’t stand a chance because of the power-leveling. If you start by attacking only lower levels you will be able to build up a stock of weapons/relics/gold and do the achievements without facing the likelihood of getting attacked and losing thus ending any chance of getting the initial win streak achievements while minimizing the chance of losing when you attack as the NPC ninja clans are easier than the player ninja clans. If you do this, the achievements for fighting 2-3 ninja clans while you only have a single ninja will auto-complete themselves when you’re actually ready to fight them.

You don’t have to use food items to attack Genbu the first time as you will be able to fight him once a day after he appears the first time by using the fight blimp as you can fight all the NPC bosses you’ve unlocked in the same manner as they appear above the “Allies” side of the fight blimp UI.

I personally believe that power-leveling using the higher level players at such a low level is actually counter-productive to building a strong base for your own ninja clan. Later attacking such players will be a better idea when you need more and more XP to level.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Is there a way to "permanently screw-up"?

Originally posted by LordScimitar:

Basically, early on, buy a karma weapon, or do, well, ANYTHING that would prevent you from being strong end game? Or can you always go back and “fix” whatever mistakes you may have made?

Also, without spending any money, thanks.

Nothing that cannot be fixed by resetting. As long as you get a ninja to level 60 around level 20, and have all 6 relics by level 35 (or earlier) you should be ok. In other words, no, there is no way to permanently screw up.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Transfer

No, you have to level up 350 times here, and because the FB app has items we don’t have access to, they shouldn’t be linked.