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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / **Bug Reports**

I’ve found the same thing. It used to load, pause and then update with the inbetween money. Now it doesn’t and it shows nothing or very little from my last login. I even tried waiting a couple of days. My last re-start the money was flying in. This time it’s just a trickle for money and angels.

I like the game. Kind of nice to feel the buying power of fake money. Good luck with the mobile version.

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Topic: Technical Support / The Alien Ad

The Alien ad on the main page is really annoying!! It always has to fully open and push everything off the viewable part of the screen. I don’t care about the movie, I don’t plan on watching it. Is the ad broken or do they deliberately want to shove this ad down my throat? Gag!

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Topic: Technical Support / adobe memory for mac freezing for Kongregate

I’m using Firefox and have been having the same problem. I can’t get any game to start. I get the window about giving Kongregate more storage. I click allow and nothing happens until I finally close the game window. I run Ubuntu Linux. I can’t try another browser. I only keep Firefox around because Chrome doesn’t work on Kongregate. FF was working for a few weeks.