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Topic: Crystal Saga / Help with Priests!

Hi, I just started playing this game today and I’m not sure what’s the best way to build my priest. If you can help me answer these questions, that would be great.
1. How should I be scattering the attribute points?
2. What pet should I be using and how should scatter the attribute points for it.
3. I’ve seen people talk about full heal priests and hybrid. Which one would you recommend and how do you build either one?


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] sugestions for new wepons FULL

Globes :D spherical earths that spins when you chuck them.
pow: turns into a sun that explodes and attacks stuff around it on impact.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DDTank] Equipment time limit

I saw several people with permanent weapons, I just don’t know how they get it. It was nuggets too, not AKs.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

Boss : Frozen Yeti Element : Ice and Regular Attk Hp : 85,000 Focus : 350 Boss's Ally: Snowy Apprentices x 2 What they do: Heals and protects their master. Hp: 35000 each Focus : 250 Note: The frozen yeti is remained frozen for the first 3 turns while his apprentice defrost him. However, the apprentices and the yeti are protected, so don't think you can kill the apprentices and attk the kill the yeti while its still frozen. take the time to buff up. Skills : ------------------ Hypothermia - 50 focus - 4 CD Basic DoT (damage over time) and healing reduction. The target suffers 500% instinct damage per turn and reduces healing by 50%. Lasts 6 turns. Able to stack 3 times. Can be dispelled. ------------------ Avalanche - 80 focus - 5 CD AoE (area of effect) attk, and a 30% of stunning the enemies for 3 turns (but enemy gets 20% reduced damage). Attacks all enemies and heals ally. Damages enemies with 900% strength and heals ally for 500% instinct. The enemies also gains Dot of 300% strength and ally gain HoT (heal over time) of 300% instinct. DoT and HoT lasts 3 turns. Can be dispelled. ------------------ Glacier - 40 focus - 7 CD Reduces the speed, strength, and instinct by 70%. Lasts 5 turns. Cannot be dispelled. ------------------ Abomination Barrier - 60 focus - 10 CD Protects the target for 15000 damage, 6000 for ally. Lasts for only 2 turns. Cannot be dispelled. ------------------ Brain Freeze - 70 focus - 8 CD The target becomes paralyzed and is unable to move for 4 turns. The target also receives 30% more damage. Cannot be dispelled. ------------------ Melting Focus - 0 focus - 0 CD. Only cast when focus is lower than 50. The frozen yeti is melting himself to gain focus. The yeti loses 6k hp and 2.5k per turn. During this time, the yeti also receives 400% more damage. Lasts 3 turns. ------------------ Cold Hearted - 0 focus - 13 CD. The frozen yeti is in a state of rage and all damage output is increased by 100%. However, his damage taken is increased by 150%. Lasts 5 turns. ------------------ Fire Within - Casted at 5000 hp. The yeti would say something dramatic like how could this be!! etc. He heats up from the inside and bursts out with flame. Basically a suicide. However, if the fire kills all the enemies, the battle is lost. But if one teammates survives with even 1 hp, you win :D. Deals 3500 damage. ------------------ Hope you guys like it ~
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Topic: Kongregate / New Game List

I like the design of this new game list, but if I wanted to find a game on a specific page, I can’t do that anymore. The button that are available are only first, previous, next, last. What if I wanted to go to the 25th page. Its annoying to press next 24 times. I like this game list, but it would be great to include numbers.