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Topic: Kongregate / Warning to all Badge-Hunters: Backyard Monsters going down permanently in Februrary 2013!

And yet again. What happened to Ceasary and Battalion:Arena before, which means disappering from kongregate although the games had badges, happens again, to another MMO.

The question remains: When will they learn from it and stop giving badges to MMOs? MMO-Devs are the most unreliable thing on earth. If they don’t earn enough, they will (or must) stop their servers or quit the page. It happened before and it will happen again.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft or Skyrim?

Well, as stated before, Skyrim is an RPG and Minecraft is Lego.

I personally prefer to do lego with those little plastic stones but of course some people think it’s cool to do so digitally.

If you should decide to buy Skyrim, only buy it for PC, not for a console. The reason is that there are more patches and Bug-fixes for the PC and that on the PC you have a very active modding-scene which creates tons of (free) extra content.

And of course there are always those who complain that Skyrim is not like Oblivion and therefor sucks, as there has been those who said Oblivion is not like Morrowind and therefor sucks, and Morrowind is not like daggerfall and daggerfall is not like arena… I wouldn’t listen to those.

Skyrim just is different to minecraft in nearly any way so it isn’t really compareable. Just base your decision on what YOU want to play.
Skyrim takes around 200 hours of gameplay to finish every quest in game (without those quest beeing added in mods) and will very likely get at least one Add-On. But it’s expensive.
Minecraft is more like… Well, Lego. It might get boring for you after just a few hours of gameplay or it might catch you and let you play thousands of hours. If you belong to the first type, it would be a waste of money, if you belong to the second type, it’s very cheap. I would recommend you to play a demo before you make up your decision.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Letter Avatar Week

hm, I’m in, too.

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Topic: Kongregate / Attention Room Owners of Kongregate!


I hope this supply is realy endless. Because if it is not, no cookie will reach the tree before I managed to eat it.

Dragons can eat a lot. Believe me. …

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Topic: Kongregate / Attention Room Owners of Kongregate!

Hm, I donnate a ’Murlynd’s Spoon’ out of my hoard. (Drachenhort)

The food it produces doesn’t really taste goof and I have enough to eat at the moment… (If I’m hungry, I simply go to Friede, Freude, Eierkuchen and wait until they feed me with cookies or cake ;-) )
But if there’s going to be a big christmas party, such a magical item could proof usefull…