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Topic: Remnants of Skystone / What is your favorite class and why?

I enjoy the Aeronaut, as you can avoid taking damage and devastate the enemy. Plus the fight against the Mimic Aeronaut felt more epic x3

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Topic: Remnants of Skystone / Voting For Class

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I hate ferrics. Wit their fancy… climbing… clawing… stuff! Aeronauts = pwnage. shooting steam into a mimic’s face while flying away, thus barely taking damage = win. Ferrics have to get up close and can’t make as good escapes. And I dunno about the crags x_x

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Topic: General Gaming / Weirdest things that have happened to you on amorphous +

Well I splatted a void eater while a gray and a clutter were forming into one. I didn’t even know how powerful it was until I read its entry, lol.