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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can Communism Work?

This will express my opinion. It’s not fact, simply opinion and theories.
Communism isn’t bad/evil. If you’re considering the goodness of it, you should consider looking into “True” Communism, and learn of its roots. I’ll focus on Carl Marx (as his views were virtuous, and is author one of the most well-known Communist texts in history) Marx knew that he was imperfect, and so too would be his idea. The dream of Communism was quite far-fetched on a large scale, certainly, but he left us the idea of making a better society that’s above that of Modern-Day Capitalism.
I think of The Communist Manifesto as more of a philosophical manifesto than that of an economic one. The primary concern of it was the equality and good of men, and unequal economics caused inequality and evil treatment of men. He goes on to give his own idea on how a more emphasized Communion can be for the good of people, and as the world has shown, this is actually true. In his time, Capitalism was showing some of its worst products of laborers, and his views could have been very easily agreed with by many people. As of today, though, we’ve associated Communism, while it can be good, with the bad that was brought up by the Communist Elitist-Party. We end up generalizing that Communism is indeed the result of an Authoritative, but the roots of it were meant to be virtual equality between men, not further separation between the Proletariats and the Bourg. Leninist-Marxism has resulted in an even greater divide, and even further confrontation, the exact opposite of what Marx intended.
True Communism is, in an Empirical stance, ineffective in which it doesn’t account for human imperfections within the system. It is an unrealistic dream for this world, in which would be extremely unlikely to work. A Communion between people is usually expressed in much smaller scales somewhat effectively in the world, as corruptibility and resources can be managed more-so on smaller, more local scales. On a large scale, though… that almost always results in disaster by the mass disorganization between the State, but at the same time, Communism NEEDS to be the way of small territories in order to work effectively. That’s where it gets difficult. The first thing that comes to mind, though, is a Confederation between the smaller Communist societies in order to preserve the State.
Perhaps if people were more locally focused, and bound by a good Communist Constitution, Communist societies could live relatively well. Getting a hold of resources outside of each society’s borders could be difficult, though, but all that a Communist society would need are the necessities (that it could get within its borders) and perhaps resources for technological improvements (which would probably have to be imported).
I’m sure I made flaws in my statements, so feel free to critique it. I just went with it for the most part, and did a good amount of editing that might have branched from my original point. Hopefully it’s not too bad, though.