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Topic: General Gaming / Best and Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

Best: Ike(for obvious reasons) Meta knight (also for obvious reasons) Lucario ( one of the best final smashes, and his less health more damage puts people in a tight spot) Zero suit samus (really fast, and plasma whip HURTS.") Mr game and watch (Judge. Thats all im saying.)

Worst: Ganondorf (hits like a train on steroids, but is SO SLOW!!!!) Wario (hes just crap. End of.) Olimar (his pikmin are crap)

As for the people who hate sonic, i think hes pretty good if you can keep him away from people, which isnt too hard due to his speed. Ness is fun too, although his pk thunder is pretty unreliable when it comes to falling. But if you can land a charged PK flash on someone, it can be a near one hit KO.