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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Hottest Commander

poor moya, nobody remember small boobs girls D:

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / 1 CD rares

Originally posted by stormcommando:

If cannon wall summons rat catcher on play, does that count?

no, it should be rat catcher that summon cannon wall on play, then it would count :D

a while ago there was like monster heracles that ruled(like 1 year ago, now it’s crap), so… i guess it’s due to it that u want better 1 CD cards? right? =P

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] Epic Jotun Released and Conquest Map reset!

Originally posted by testeria:
Originally posted by DaWayne33:
Originally posted by codemaster3000:

Not on Facebook yet?

Pushed here to fix a bug that was only affecting Kongregate, will be pushing to Facebook soon. We plan to fix the tie bug and a few other bugs for next update, sorry for the delay on getting to those.

Tyrant, Kongregate and FB versions:

fb has a nice butt :3

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Card Discussion] Siege 2 Commander

maybe a better siege commander for bt with rally 1 bt and siege 2?

or heal 1 bt and siege 2

bt lacks protect, due to it we see that CW’s are moar badass for bt than any other faction

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Off the cuff - New player progression

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:

also you don’t need to be paid a lot to progress or be noticed for this game unlike some other games

well, i’ll say by myself, when i started this game there were few instructions about every function of the game, so a better tutorial would be better, and what made me continue playing was tourneys (sealed ones) due to the possibility of grinding some gold / cards / even WBs since they aren’t lvl related, so i guess some free tickets for starters (tickets for every1, put this in some quest, lol) would be sweet, also another reward for top 5% and top 1% players that already have appolo and hades (they have no place on meta right now ;/) like shards / gold / wb, something like it. and about energy upgrades for starters… well, i can spent my energy / stam in 20 min gameplay… they can do that too, so i guess more energy for starters wont help that much… otherwise free tourneys tickets wold make them spend more than 20 min playing :).
sort of, sorry for wall D:

@offtopic: miss the time that ladol, eonian, shadowhelpf among others bullyed dnaimagery. each time they’d bullyed him, dna started a topic crying for dev’s help :D (that was pretty funny, miss the times when forum was pretty damn funny; now there is only some mexican trolls that try to bully sean =/)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Win streak = Reverse lottery

Originally posted by sss1:
Originally posted by synapticon:

Everyone was complaining about the difficulty of rewards before the event even started. What part of being top-10-only seems “really easy to get”?

i’m sure you have your own vision. but i strongly suggest for the next “global pvp tournament” change the rules – give everyone the equal chances. possible options are
- giving everyone same card pool to participate,
- disable direct battles refill (leave them somehow inderectly – via % on missions/raid/etc)
- optimize matchmaking mechanism to at least avoid empty outdated decks (if making ELO decks rating + avoid recent fought decks is too hard)

agree, add something like limited rares / dafault commander should help, i guess

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Buff Skullkeeper

Originally posted by WeltraumAmy:

Okay, seriously.

Skullkeeper is a reward card. Players get it fairly early in the game. It is usable against missions and early faction war until you get better commanders.
Adding any skills to him (or buffing his health) would be too OP considering when you get him (for free, btw).

You may as well add a Heal Imperial 2 to Thadius and – not to make her useless – a Summon Medic to Eva.

If you want a better commander with useful skills, just buy Drac ;)

so, u said that he dont deserve a buff because he is early game and for free.

but u want a heal 2 rally1 commander, with 12 health, also early game; and for who are not satisfied with what u argue, buy a draco.

yep, seems legit.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILERS] 2nd Occupation Pack!

genetics pit and kazzerrot… a lot synergy

and there comes the protect xeno structure :D

combined with some aegis, refresh / regen / rally structure can be some usefull

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Q)_Q)

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by JIRAIYA31:

Thank you, i will use all of that in the future. How about them wb’s though?

Get Goliath, 2x furry walker, 2x hydroblade, immitation tank for Nexus.
Aiko, 2 Redeemer, 2 mortar bunker for Blight
Can’t say for purity.
HW is Zander, 2 Heli-Duster, 2x colapse rig , 2x Quilled Blaster, 2 Doom Cannon, 2 bulbuous slug.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] 12/7/2012 Conquest, Shards, and Bug Fixes!

Originally posted by Cid84:

Guess Devs didnt sell enough WB packs anymore so they decided to reduce token numbers …
Before the update 14-16 factions (I think) were able to earn 8 tokens.
Now only one faction is able to do so and only 2 other factions can earn 7 tokens.
Most stupid thing: you have to lose CR (i.e. abandon tiles) to get more CR.

Most ridiculous update EVER!!!

let me guess, u are one of those sorryasses that was picking 8 tokens/day on those 14-16 factions; but with the new update that helps a lot ppl getting tokens, made conquest viable for most factions, made conquest active again too but made ur faction get less than 8 tokens than u complain. am i correct?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Universal Shard rate/cost poll

Originally posted by Keraviln:

Unbelievable move towards a worse system. Conquest all over again.

Just watch- WB > Shard gap will increase as you need 15 shards per pack, not to mention the devs filling you up with older pack shards aswell…

At this stage (With Awakening, Terminus & Occupation), this means on average 1 Occupation Shard per day.

This means 15 days = Over two weeks.

I know someone will say this:
“Don’t worry then, just buy them at a slower rate then get all the ones you’re missing once a new pack comes out, at least they’ll let us finish Awakening packs off!”

No not really, why? Because this is part of their bigger scheme to get more money by reducing the amount of new cards you get- What they will do is release new packs full of Overpowered cards, milking us dry, then coming the next morning with another new set, milking us dry yet again

Enjoy being a part of their battery farm.

If this happens I’m just gonna quit.

Not that they care anyway, because I don’t spend money on here- Free Game- Yes. Good Game? No.

“1) Shards drop 3/day on average (2 from quests, 75% 1 from daily chance, 15% 2 from daily chance, 10% refill or WB from daily chance). New pack costs 15, old packs cost 10. Max 30 shards stored.”

not really, looks like they took the crap of daily chance, and u can craft a new set card pack in 5 days avg (4 days if u are lucky and draw some 2 shards from daily chance) and about the most OP cards of new set, i disagree; awakening have the best card set in my opinion

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Universal Shard rate/cost poll


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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Universal Shard proposal

+99999 to universal shard… but i just dont figure out why cap them =x

@OFFTOPIC: what happened to the craftable nexus packs? =x

adn the trade system for crap cards for shards?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Conquest Poll

YUS! and remove lvl cap tiles, they just make new factions with hi lvl players >.>

at least a reset will end that stagnation ^^

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Topic: Cloudstone / "Add me" topic

lvl 23 monk, come visit by too ^^

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

it’s a shame you die before the bloodbath =/

Rule 216: “Decay” battleground is applied. Both cards enter with status Poison 1 and Disease, and cleanse does not activate

rule 217: both cards suffer weaken 2, chance skills don’t activate (flying, flurry, jam, imobilize, payback…)

old ogre for old kraken =P

rule 217: both cards suffer weaken 2, chance skills don’t activate (flying, flurry, jam, imobilize, payback…)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Advanced counter cards game (squabble edition)

ok, enough of childs play!

Rule 214: Invigorate background effect on. Cards are cleansed at start of every turn.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] 11/14/2012 Max Energy and Event Point updates!

finished my daily quest about 5 hours ago….

no event points D:
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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] November Roadmap

how about 2 junk packs for a new random one? 10/4/2 for 5/2/1

sounds a bit more fair… even if the new one come with skiff D:

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] 10/26/2012 Terminus and Halloween 2012 Released!

whoever got halcyon the corrupted in NT4 will have a chance to get the another with changed art? =x

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Question: solution to gold/component problem?

perhaps just adding a new currency for general crafting materials could help a lot

let’s say… blueprints (BP, everybody seemed to like =D)

example: heracles costs 4k blueprints

u get 10 BP instead of capacitor, pistons, fusion generator; 1 BP instead generators; 25 BP instead hive capacitor, artemis generator, beacons….

prices are just for example, but something like that as a simple initial change for crafting sistem

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] Tyrant Down

Originally posted by mikestb:

They should give us at least 1 energy refill


an energy refill would be fair

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Poll - Buffs vs. Upgrades

i vote for upgrading with gold (cheap 1k; 2,5k) so even newbies can get those.
buffing cards could mess up sealed tourney / missions.

BTW, how they said, if i upgrade hades, do i have the possibility to let him in both sets (upgraded, reward)?
anyway, i think that is impossible to complete reward set, since i dont have the spliting fire hades and the shooting hephatat =x

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] D:

omega might need a buff too =x

and a righteous card that need a buff… some1 mentioned joltrek skiff? D:

BTW engulfing horror + hades = strike all 4 with 8 hp refresh =o