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Topic: General Gaming / feudalism 3

i think the graphics should get a boost along with atleast an extra 20-40 neqw weapons and units

and i cant express that enough because i think that we can all agree that medevil is the perfect time frame to set for a feudalism game. If guns do get added make them like the first guns made like a musket and cannons.

But, pushing the extreme you should be able to create a hero of sorts as in E.G. you have your charecter and then you can train a apprentice to help battle but when you use the apprentice you only get a limited set of units, like you start with a uh i dunno 1,000 limit and for every apprentice you get it takes away 250 limit so that its you and 4 apps. so that it means you are out numbered but, you over power them by having higher skills in your army.

im going to finish there or ill be typing all night.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

could you add an option to not be in a chat room because the screen constantly moving but out of my main sight is bugging me so please make this an option