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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Worst War in World History

Battle of Thermopylae for the Persians

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What if World War II never happened?

Nuclear weapons would have been produced later.
No UN or war crimes
Isreal would not exist
Japan might have conquered all of China
USA and other countries would take longer to get out of the depression (which was one of the main causes of WW2)
Another country (Maybe Italy) would have caused a War
League Of Nations would have lasted longer
Jets would have been produced later
Rockets would have been produced later
Less developed Tanks
Battleships would stay the Capital class for longer
Countries may have disarmed
Less rights for woman
More Jewish people
Empires swould last longer
Less Communists in the world
Might be no BNP
Might not have made it to the moon yet
Much less (and less developed) Computers
No Indiana Jones
No Holocaust
India would have been indepenant later then 1950
China would be Nationalist (Goumindang) instead of Communist (CCP)
Germany would be more developed in comparison to other countries
Japan would no be as well developed compared to other countries
We would still fear Communism more than Fascism
Mussolini & Hitler would have died later
France would be more powerful
Germany would have been the first to develop nuclear weapons (just later)
Middle East might be more stable then it is now
No hate for NAZIS as they were not well known until they controled Germany