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Topic: General Gaming / Best RTS game?

RTS, y do ppl think it means mindless battles after a few hrs of build up…… srsly, i have AOE1-2 with expansion AOM with expansion SC1 with expansion Warcraft 3 with expansion, EE with expansion, Stronghold: Crusader, and Medieval:Total War, decent but takes forever to get anywhere and the black death is just annoying, i play sum of the online MMORTS, dont rly like those though, anyway, all RTS games have 2 things in common, firstly, THEY ALL INVOVLE FIGHTING, secondly, THEY ALL INVOVLE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, without the resource management it isnt RTS anymore, its a blend of RTS/FPS/RPG, srsly though it is hard to get BRAND NEW RTS’s because of how many games have/are coming out, by now it has probably been done if it can be done, the thing that makes each RTS special and different is the Depth of play, the Setting and variety of the Settings available, for these reasons the best RTS game is clearly EEx its sheer scope is STAGGERING, i will now shut up on that topic be4 i go into rambling mode and sound like its spokesperson, i have also played AOE3 and have tried a few others, AOE3 was decent and the reason it exists is because the AOE series is supposed to take the player on a journey through History without being boring, as for AOM having not enough combat strategy (@jemer12) srsly, u think that……..sure there isnt much strategy in a fight between Titans, but there is plenty of stragey everywhere else in the combat system, and ytf r so many ppl hating on AOE3….. its actually the most Innovative RTS out there, its not Modern, Sci-Fi, or Fantasy, its Pre-Modern but Post-Medieval, its Industrial/2nd Imperialism Age, its probably the only RTS other than EE that takes place between the Crusader Era and WW1………srsly ppl dont smack talk it because its New, also, srsly…. can ppl stop h8ing on base building, or on the fighting, i mean come on, its the blend of them that makes the RTS genre have something for EVERYONE, i mean srsly, wat if (like me) u dont have the hand to eye coordination (or just dont like) to micro manage several different command groups, i mean srsly, 50 units on a side is not that uncommon in most RTS’s, thats why u have turtling and economy based victory conditions in so many awesome RTS’s (namely EE, AOE series, AOM) instead of nothing but military victories, theres nothing wrong with RTS’s that emphasize army battles (Starcraft series, WC3, Total War series, Red Alert2, Battle for Middle Earth 1-2 (Yes i have played all of these, where i live u dont have to own a game to play it, there r these kewl things called Internet Cafe’s) and of course Stronghold: Crusader) so if ppl would quit deciding based on the fighting/base building/resource management ratios pls,