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Topic: Cloudstone / Build advice

Enrage, statistically, is pretty bad for power regen. I’d remove the points from it and put them in Earthwave. Earthwave not only restores more power over time than Enrage, but also acts as a free damage skill. Also, since you’re using Monk gear, you have less HP and defense, so you’ll want the more reliable power regen that doesn’t require you to get hit.

Next, I’d remove the point from Mass Heal. For PvE, it’s decent as a clutch heal to save your summoned ally, but in PvP, it’s worthless unless maxed, but it’s a waste of points. I’d recommend removing the point and putting it in either Sword Precision for more basic attack damage, Yoga for stronger Healbombs, or Charge for more mobility. In fact, you could probably remove the two points in Yoga and put them in Sword Precision to increase your damage further.

This is just my opinion, and I haven’t really played a Warmonk, so perhaps someone more experienced than I could offer better advice.