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Topic: CS Portable / why isnt the hacker opilacity getting banned?(caught with proof)

This has been addressed.

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Topic: CS Portable / Official CSP RaidCall!


We will now be offering an Official RaidCall Group for players to use.

For those who are unaware, RaidCall is a free to download, and free to use voice and text chat program.

You can obtain the program from here:

The RaidCall group features an assortment of channels for players to use.

Channels Offered:
Full Support
Clan Channels
General Chat
General Gaming
Twitch Streams

While nothing is currently set in stone, the eventual goal is to have Q&A’s with developers from the team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

RaidCall Group ID: 9339376

[Community Rules Apply To The Channel]

You can stay in touch with us on or

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Topic: CS Portable / What does the "Vulgar language" rule benefit the game?


Hackers are not only kicked, but banned.

Addressing the matter of vulgarity does not hinder addressing the issue of hacking.

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Topic: CS Portable / Official announcement regarding the future of Critical Strike Portable

Originally posted by elfenlars:

@CriticalForceEt Let us swear ingame! :D ffs your mods seem to care more for people who are swearing than for the ones who are hacking I got a fuckin warning for swearing while I was talking shit about a dude who was hacking gg. And the mod didnt seem to care for the hacker and I told him that the mods doesnt do their jobs and only goes for the people who are swearing and then like 10 min after this dudes like “oh damn its a hacker here” and said he wrote down this persons name GG. Well swearing should be a thing in every game :D


Players within the game are held to a conduct standard. If you encounter a member of the in-game support staff failing to address a priority issue – such as hacking – in lieu of a secondary issue, such as swearing and harassment, please report them to me immediate so the issue can be properly addressed.

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Topic: CS Portable / Exploits that should be addressed promptly

Thank you for your bug reporting feedback.

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Topic: CS Portable / Fix Request

Thank you for reporting this bug.

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Topic: CS Portable / Game deleted from Kongregate?


We have shifted the account that Critical Strike Portable is being hosted on.
The name change of the hosting account will affect users attempting to access our game through an old bookmark link.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Igor has always been part of Critical Force Entertainment, but now that he’s left we’re taking care of the game. The team’s main objectives are improving the quality of the experience, fixing bugs and addressing hackers/cheaters.

We thank you for your understanding, and continued support, and look forward to bringing you the best gaming experience possible.

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Topic: CS Portable / CSP Android Update Notes 3.584 (2.682)

2014-06-27 Update Note 3.584 (2.682)

Dear players,

It’s time for a new update for our CSP Android version! There are quite a few things that we were able to cover, but our three major themes are: the community demand for the old UI, keeping the CSP classic in-game controls and some major bug fixes.

After the most recent update, we realized how important it is to inform you all of our future plans and changes to the game. Many players have voiced their concern about the changes we have made and we are well aware of all the issues that you have all reported.

As we mentioned in our earlier announcement, It was an amazing surprise for our entire team to see how many of you care so much about the game. This Update Note is our answer to making sure that you know that we are listening to you all.

Also, for all you MOGA controller users, the game supports you devices again!

Bundle v. 3.584 (In-game: 2.682)
User Interface Changes
- Added option to switch to classic in-game user interface. just activate it inside the controls menu as shown on the image below:

- Scoreboard now shows kill statistics instead of flag captures

- Weapon prices are now updated server-side
- Fixed reload sound for MP5K
- Fixed reload sound for UZI

- Fixed Moga support
- Fixed issues with people not being able to change server settings after you become the host of a game

Bug Fixes
- Added premium accounts that can be unlocked with in-app purchase after logging in
- Changed gun shop button to be more prominent
- Video ads for unlocking guns are now working

If you find any other bugs or problem, please keep reporting them to us through either Twitter (@CriticalForceEt) or Facebook ( We will make sure to take notes of all the feedback we receive and tend to it based on the issues that demand the highest priority!

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Topic: CS Portable / Hacker report


Hacking reports may be sent to me via e-mail, private message on our official website, or private message on Kongregate.

Hacking reports are not to be posted publicly, as we do not endorse publicly sharing accusations that may start feuds.

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Topic: CS Portable / Critical Strike Portable starts with ESL Kick Off Cups!

This is our official tournament.

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Topic: CS Portable / New Guns - A Small Preview


Feel free to provide any comprehensive feedback you may have pertaining to the weapons shown in the videos.

I have uploaded a new testing video after the last round of tweaks to the weapons were done by our amazing development staff [the true unsung heroes].

The new video features some testing of the weapons against zombies.

Please remember that the weapons appearances, and functionality, may change – and not all weapons may be included in the next updates.

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Topic: CS Portable / New Guns - A Small Preview


We have been working hard to produce a brand new update that will bring some changes – while not everything we would like to have accomplished for Critical Strike Portable has been achieved in the upcoming update, we do intend on new additions we hope our players will enjoy.


This video link is a short demonstration of some new weapons you can expect to see soon.

Please try to keep in mind that we’re still testing, and nothing is set in stone. Sounds, models, animations, and functions, may be altered before an official release.

We thank you for your continued patience, and support!

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Topic: CS Portable / R.I.P CS Portable

You have been provided with all of the opportunities in the world to appeal the legal actions taken against your account. You have instead decided to carry on with forum posts stating otherwise.

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Topic: CS Portable / R.I.P CS Portable


Yes, Igor is no longer associated with the project or company.

All of the scripts, coding, and game itself, will continue to progress as it has.

Our staff is working diligently to correct many of the previous errors that were caused by the initial code.

Once such processes have been completed, we will be capable of producing updates quicker, with far better end results, in terms of content, features, and quality.

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Topic: CS Portable / **EVERYBODY GOTTA SEE THIS..**


Access removal to an account is often done for investigations. This particular player in question has been one of reports for a very lengthy time frame. No account is permanently removed without a thorough investigation taking place.


Accounts may be altered, banned, or deleted, for any reason – no player on our gaming titles retains any degree of ownership over their accounts. All ownership of accounts, data, and statistics, is the sole ownership of Critical Force Entertainment Ltd. With this in mind, no member of staff permanently, and blatantly, bans, deletes, or alters, player accounts without sufficient reasoning for doing so.

Such actions do not benefit our company, community, or games.

I, and no member of Critical Force Entertainment Ltd, have the power to remove or alter posts on

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Topic: CS Portable / IGOR plz read this


I don’t have the ability to delete, alter, or remove, any post that is not my own here on

No player accounts are permanently banned without sufficient evidence of a bannable violation.

While perhaps in the fairytale minds of the young, they envision game developers as sinister millionaires who viciously attack accounts of the innocent, while bathing in the millions of dollars they’ve gained from player bribes – this simply isn’t the case.

Take care, and happy gaming.

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Topic: CS Portable / Wtf havok u hack?


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Topic: CS Portable / Who is Vile?

Originally posted by ElG16:

thnx god ! vile is out of cs !!!! i lost many accounts cause of vile , one of them with (80.000 kills – 9000 deaths :( ! + how can i be a mod in cs Game ! i want to be :v can i ? :P ?


I haven’t gone anywhere, and you’re clearly not what I’m seeking for the Support Team.

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Topic: CS Portable / Who is Vile?

I’m ElG16s’ grandfather.

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Topic: CS Portable / Regarding the recent update(s)

I haven’t gone anywhere, nor was I “kicked out” of any company.

I’m the Support Manager – it’s always better to learn facts, rather than get behind the first person to unprofessionally lash out at his own co-workers.

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Topic: CS Portable / We are seeking version testers!

Seeking Testers:

We are currently seeking dedicated, and experienced players, to assist us in testing new versions before they are released to the public.

If you’re interested in assisting in making our game better, and taking a hands on – front row seat – to how our game is developed and crafted, then please don’t hesitate to apply now!


All testers are required to sign an NDA.

Please apply below with your Skype name, and you will be added by Pierre!

Alternatively; You may apply here for a swifter response:

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Topic: CS Portable / how can i get my acc back?

The terms of server were stickied as a forum post for over a year, and only removed from, a third party website for the hosting of our game, one week ago.

Regarding the Terms of Service for alone:

The terms of service specifically for our gaming titles will be appropriately added within the GUI soon, to assist in combating any confusion.

Account information is only discussed, and shared, with an account holder.
Account access is only revoked by administrative staff, never by in-game support staff.

If any individual wishes to refute action taken against their account, they may file an appeal via e-mail.

Instances of blatant rule breaking, or those who are repeat offenders to violations, are subjected to the removal of their account access.

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Topic: CS Portable / **HACKER RANT**


If you were seeking my attention, providing me with a direct message is more effective.

The amount of in-game staff doesn’t play a factor in stopping the hackers. Not one bit.

In-game Support Staff give the potential for the hackers to be located, reported, and banned from our servers. I could have 5,000 “mods” and it wouldn’t stop the hacking of the scoreboard, or player statistics.

These are tools that need to be tackled from within our code itself, which is what that section of our company is currently working endlessly on. Adjustments to how our database functions coupled with new detection tools to quickly and efficiently target hackers who attempt to modify statistics.

Our activity records, which are accurate, actually show that not only are our gaming titles not “burning and dying”, but they’re growing.

The website itself is irrelevant to the hacking equation, all of our servers are connected together to allow players to game with one another regardless of their platform or where they’re choosing to play.

While different versions do not connect with some of our recent releases, the player database is the same.

Thank you for expressing your concerns, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to provide you with the facts, and quell your misunderstandings.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Hello everyone!

I’m here to provide a list of updates to expect very soon:

M60 Implementation.

Adjustment to pricing to raise the value of in-game currency.

Adjustment to weapons:
UMP45 – Balance Issues – Damage/Movement

Game Mode Adjustments: – Temporary removal of some features within Custom Matches.

Security Improvements. – These will be aimed at all tools affecting our gaming titles.

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Topic: CS Portable / Error: Rejected because no crossdomain.xml policy file was found

If you are continuing to experience issues, please clear your browsers cookies and cache, and refresh the page.