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Topic: CS Portable / Who is Vile?

Originally posted by ElG16:

thnx god ! vile is out of cs !!!! i lost many accounts cause of vile , one of them with (80.000 kills – 9000 deaths :( ! + how can i be a mod in cs Game ! i want to be :v can i ? :P ?


I haven’t gone anywhere, and you’re clearly not what I’m seeking for the Support Team.

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Topic: CS Portable / Who is Vile?

I’m ElG16s’ grandfather.

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Topic: CS Portable / Regarding the recent update(s)

I haven’t gone anywhere, nor was I “kicked out” of any company.

I’m the Support Manager – it’s always better to learn facts, rather than get behind the first person to unprofessionally lash out at his own co-workers.

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Topic: CS Portable / We are seeking version testers!

Seeking Testers:

We are currently seeking dedicated, and experienced players, to assist us in testing new versions before they are released to the public.

If you’re interested in assisting in making our game better, and taking a hands on – front row seat – to how our game is developed and crafted, then please don’t hesitate to apply now!


All testers are required to sign an NDA.

Please apply below with your Skype name, and you will be added by Pierre!

Alternatively; You may apply here for a swifter response:

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Topic: CS Portable / how can i get my acc back?

The terms of server were stickied as a forum post for over a year, and only removed from, a third party website for the hosting of our game, one week ago.

Regarding the Terms of Service for alone:

The terms of service specifically for our gaming titles will be appropriately added within the GUI soon, to assist in combating any confusion.

Account information is only discussed, and shared, with an account holder.
Account access is only revoked by administrative staff, never by in-game support staff.

If any individual wishes to refute action taken against their account, they may file an appeal via e-mail.

Instances of blatant rule breaking, or those who are repeat offenders to violations, are subjected to the removal of their account access.

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Topic: CS Portable / **HACKER RANT**


If you were seeking my attention, providing me with a direct message is more effective.

The amount of in-game staff doesn’t play a factor in stopping the hackers. Not one bit.

In-game Support Staff give the potential for the hackers to be located, reported, and banned from our servers. I could have 5,000 “mods” and it wouldn’t stop the hacking of the scoreboard, or player statistics.

These are tools that need to be tackled from within our code itself, which is what that section of our company is currently working endlessly on. Adjustments to how our database functions coupled with new detection tools to quickly and efficiently target hackers who attempt to modify statistics.

Our activity records, which are accurate, actually show that not only are our gaming titles not “burning and dying”, but they’re growing.

The website itself is irrelevant to the hacking equation, all of our servers are connected together to allow players to game with one another regardless of their platform or where they’re choosing to play.

While different versions do not connect with some of our recent releases, the player database is the same.

Thank you for expressing your concerns, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to provide you with the facts, and quell your misunderstandings.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Hello everyone!

I’m here to provide a list of updates to expect very soon:

M60 Implementation.

Adjustment to pricing to raise the value of in-game currency.

Adjustment to weapons:
UMP45 – Balance Issues – Damage/Movement

Game Mode Adjustments: – Temporary removal of some features within Custom Matches.

Security Improvements. – These will be aimed at all tools affecting our gaming titles.

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Topic: CS Portable / Error: Rejected because no crossdomain.xml policy file was found

If you are continuing to experience issues, please clear your browsers cookies and cache, and refresh the page.

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Topic: CS Portable / A Much Needed Change

Thank you for your feedback.

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Topic: CS Portable / Hacker admits that wallhacks

It is posted publicly, and frequently, where to report hackers. is not our hosting website, nor does it bring in the largest amount of traffic for our gaming titles.

Given the volume of messages received over dozens of topics, each forum page from every user can’t be read, and replied to.

Users have been advised to report any instances of hacking directly to my e-mail, which is provided within my profile.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

We are looking for feedback regarding the next weapon for implementation!

Please provide your feedback using the form below:

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Yes, feature requests are read – everyone of them. Even those that request bacon wrapped bacon burgers.

We have been swamped with the recent explosion of hackers that has been occurring since the GA boom in December.
Rest assured that we will begin rolling out new content as fast as we possibly can.

Our primary focus in the coming months will be new weapons and game modes.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Weapon ideas need to be submitted under the feature request section.

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Topic: CS Portable / Found a hacker.


It is publicly posted to file any reports of hacking directly to my e-mail.

Thank you.

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Topic: CS Portable / *Seeking Support Volunteers*

Wish to apply to the in-game support team?

Apply via e-mail;

Provide your Skype ID.

Those without a Skype ID can’t apply.

Thank you for understanding,

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

The team of Studio OnMars/Critical Force Entertainment would like to wish our members of staff, testers, and players, Happy Holidays and a safe New Year.

We hope you enjoy your time spent with familiy and friends this holiday season.

We have seen a number of very tough times this year for our games – from cheaters to functionality issues. We have also experienced a lot of great things, from new staff members, new volunteers, new maps, and new in-game content.

We have very high hopes for the new year, and look forward to having our community join us on the great new things we have planned for the coming year.

We thank everyone for their continued support.

Be safe, take care, and happy gaming.

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Topic: CS Portable / *Seeking Support Volunteers*

Individuals who do not submit the required information will not be contacted.

Your Skype Account Name is the name you registered with, and the name you use to login to your account with in conjunction with your password.

A Skype Account is mandatory.

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Topic: CS Portable / *Seeking Support Volunteers*

All Current Applicants Have Been Updated

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Steal 2!

Steal 2 is a game developed by No More Pie!

About the company:

Game Trailer:

Play the game here:

We are proud to endorse this new company, their new game.

We encourage players to give it a look! If the thrill of a heist is something you’re after, Steal 2 may be for you!

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Company of Tanks:

Company of Tanks isan action-packed online tank game for your mobile device! Upgrade your tanks and meet other players on the battlefield!

Free to download, free to play. Only available on Android.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Server Upgrade:

On Sunday, we will be upgrading our server memory. This should assist in the load times of player profiles, and functionality assurance of player statistics.

In addition, downloading information that is server specific should also be much faster from our end.


With the newest versions of Android and CMSWAT currently being worked on and released – we have not forgotten about the hacking issues occurring for our Web Players.

We were made aware of the hacking tool currently being used roughly 4 hours after its initial release. Since this point, we’ve been sorting out the best method of tackling the problem, and how to implement a feature to counteract the tool.

After much planning, we’ve implemented the tool into our latest Android release for a test run. All functionality tests so far have been positive, and we hope to have the newest Web version release out as soon as possible.

New Update:

The new update should bring the AUG and Glock to the table for selectable weapons. In addition, we intend to make minor tweaks to the MP5, as we are aware of its inaccurate output of head shot damage.

We do intend to upgrade the player models to match those of our mobile devices, but due to unexpected circumstances, the completion of this project was delayed.

Our staff isn’t the largest, but we do try our best to multitask the massive amount of workload that we’re tasked with. Rest assured that we’re doing everything in our control to ease our community through all of the new updates that are on the horizon, and fully intend to address the critical issues that have recently arose.

Your input is important to us, and our game would not be what it is without you in it.

We ask for your patience during this time, and thank you for patience thus far.

Take care, and happy gaming.

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Topic: CS Portable / BOTS?

We are currently designing an anti-hack feature to eliminate the functionality of the tool on our servers.

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Topic: CS Portable / Bug, Glitch or Hack?

No, Finland is not a Developer.

Yes, we’re aware of the now, ‘pay to use’ bundle.

No, the image above was not any of my doing.

Yes, I find it as funny as you do.

Keep forwarding any hacking reports directly to my e-mail – the new update should be released very soon which will hopefully put an end to this new dastardly tool of terror.

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Gameanarchy Hacking:

We’re aware of the recent frustrations caused by this newly released hack bundle for three popular free-to-play PC titles.

Thousands of accounts have been effectively banned, with hundreds of pending cases still to be reviewed.

The Development Team is working carefully on a solution to this issue, and we hope to have this issue of hacking effectively resolved for this specific third party tool.

We thank you for your patience, and understanding, during this time.

Take care, and happy gaming.

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Topic: CS Portable / HOW CAN WE FIX THIS HACKING? mjmcpher thread

We are aware of the hacking issue, and have been aware of the new website hosting a bundle pack hack for three gaming titles, including our own.

I was made aware of the posting on the second day of the bundle hack release. Since its release, thousands of accounts have been banned for violations of our Terms of Use.

Unfortunately, additional action against the website will not be taken until authorization has been granted to do so.

Permanent IP Bans can affect players who access the game from gaming centers, or public wifi locations – so this method is rarely enforced.

The in-game support staff, despite the beliefs of some, has grown exponentially over the last few months – with more individuals being added to the ranks each day.

We are working diligently on a resolution for this issue, and thank the community for their patience during this time.