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Topic: Off-topic / Dear Iowa: you are not all that special

And I don’t care who you think our candidates should be.


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Topic: Off-topic / What is the worst tasting cookie you would eat?

You know those white cookies with the white frosting between them? Yuck! But, like, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t eat them!

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Topic: Kongregate / Is there anyway of trying to make the Kongregate chat work on my iPad?

I’m trying to work the Kongregate chat on my iPad…


Topic: Off-topic / Pray hard and god will get the worms out of your skin

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Topic: Off-topic / Knox's advice corner

Hey there, Kong . So, I decided to have some fun by giving unwarranted advice. Feel free to tell me any problems that you may have and I’ll give any help I can.

Also, I may decide not to be useful and just give a joke response. I dunno, I’ll figure it out as I go along.

The doctor is: IN
Tell me what ails you.

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm Going to This Place Tomorrow Where I Have to Walk Through a Haunted Forest

Is it in Romania?

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Topic: Off-topic / Scary/Unnerving Halloween-Type Music

What are some good scary songs for Halloween?

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Topic: Off-topic / good fffriggin comment

ah, the comment section. the best part of any website and our is certainly know exception. this thread is too share the golden wisdom nuggets spread around the site

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Topic: Off-topic / why im superior to everyone



post images that example how superior you are

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Can you be a woman just by saying you're one?

I just stumbled on this pic

Now, I’m a really tolerant person. Maybe more than I should. But…
If you have a penis, you don’t look like a woman and you are enough happy with your body that you don’t want to do a surgery, you’re not a woman! You’re either a crossdresser, a trasvester or just a gay guy. Deal with it!
If you want to battle fore women’s rights in every country of the world that’s good, but you don’t have to be one of them to do it, right? RIGHT??

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Topic: Off-topic / NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015

Its that time of the year hockey fans! The NHL Playoffs.

Here are my predictions this year!

Ducks beat Jets in 7
Flames beat Canucks in 5
Blues Beat Wild in 7
Predators beat Blackhawks in 7

Canadiens beat Senators in 5
Lightning beat Red Wings in 5
Rangers beat Penguins in 7
Islanders beat Capitals in 6

2nd round

Ducks beat Flames
Predators beat Blues

Canadiens beat Lightning
Rangers beat Islanders

3rd round

Ducks beat Predators
Rangers beat Canadiens

Stanley Cup Final

Rangers beat Ducks

What are your thoughts of this years Playoffs?
Who is your team?
What are your predictions?

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The teams that I think will win next years Stanley Cup.
Phoenix, Dallas, St.Louis, New York Rangers, Buffalo, Los Angeles

Teams from both conferences who will make the playoffs next year (In no particular order)

Western: Winnipeg, Calgary, Colorado, San jose, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Chicago, Phoenix

Eastern: Washington, New York Rangers, New Jersery, Buffalo, Detroit, New York Islanders, Ottawa, Tampa Bay

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Finally!… The playoffs are over.

New York Rangers 1 Los Angeles 4
Good series with a lot of overtime games, congrats to the Kings

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Round 3 finished and finally… we are at the finals

Los Angeles 4 Chicago 3
Great series and the Kings got there revenge from last year

New York Rangers 4 Montreal 2
Price got injured but the young goaltender did great but couldnt hold the Rangers off

So heres what were gonna do. We gonna predict the Stanley Cup Final series and the scores in the games… So here we go!

Game 1: NYR 3 LA 1
Game 2: NYR 0 LA 3
Game 3: LA 5 NYR 6 OT
Game 4: LA 3 NYR 1
Game 5: NYR 5 LA 4
Game 6: LA 3 NYR 2
Game 7: NYR 0 LA 4

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Round 2 finished!

Anaheim 3 Los Angeles 4
Good series but it was all LA in game 7. Goodbye Teemu Selanne.

Boston 3 Montreal 4
What a great series and a great rivarly.

Minnesota 2 Chicago 4
Great series by Minnesota but couldn’t beat the Stanley Cup Contenders.

Pittsburgh 3 New York 4
I thought Pittsburgh was going on top but again, another team choked

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Round 1 finished! (I know im a little late)

Anaheim 4 Dallas 2
Good series especially by both teams, Dallas especially played really well but couldn’t top the Ducks.

Boston 4 Detroit 1
Boston all over Detroit in this series. Detroit will never get back to there old self again just like 5 years ago.

San Jose 3 Los Angeles 4
Sharks just choked. For sure I thought they were going to sweep the Kings but they were the 4th team to come back from a 3-0 deficit and winning the series.

Tampa Bay 0 Monteal 4
All I could say… Sweep

Colorado 3 Minnesota 4
What a great series this was, really surprised that Minnesota made it to the 2nd round.

Pittsburgh 4 Columbus 2
For sure, I thought this was going to be an easy series for Pittsburgh but no, Columbus played well, but lost with a standing ovation.

St Louis 2 Chicago 4
What a physical battle between these two teams but Chicago came on top.

New York 4 Philadelphia 3
Great series by the Flyers and Rangers. Game 7 was necessary.

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Topic: Off-topic / shut up about slavery

plenty of white folks were slaves back in the day

y’all ever seen spartacus?

them african americans need to get over themselves

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Im also cheering for the blues, I hope they win next game and the game after that

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It’s that time again

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Topic: Off-topic / Creative Deaths

With the Death Stairs, random anvil drops, and users galore. Basically, one user will post an item, and the next user will post a weird, inventive, or just plain stupid way to die by said item, and then they post another item, and so on…

User 1: Item: Sasquatch
User 2: Death by messin’ with Sasquatch.

User 2: Item: Can of Beans

Let’s begin!
Item: Water Bottle

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Topic: Off-topic / Gippo Dudee

Gippo Dudee is a famous namefig from 4chan’s [s4s] funposting board. He is widely regarded as one of the board’s best original posters and is thus held in high regard by almost all of those who frequent [s4s]. He is commonly associated with the phrase:

“Incase you didn’t know, /s4s/ is property of Gippo Dudee, so kindly fuck off. "

thus, it is seen that [s4s] regards Gippo Dudee as their king and captain. Despite the fact it is believed Gippo no longer posts using this name, those who admire his work continue to honor him by adopting his personage, flooding the board with daily reminders.

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Topic: Off-topic / Acid Trip

Acid Trip refers to visual, auditory or sensational hallucinations caused by mental illnesses or drugs like LSD.
Beside of any real hallucinogens, acid trip can be also mentioned on trippy videos, images or gif series.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Picture Wars (6)

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / FHL (Fictional Hockey League) Coach and Team Signups

I put a list of teams you guys can have, if you have an idea of a team then ask me.

Space Jam- SypherKhode822

Pacific Rim- GotterakaThing

My Little Pony-

Adventure Time-

The Simpsons-

King of the Hill-

Family Guy-

American Dad-

Harry Potter-

Doctor Who-

Ed, Edd and Eddy-

Fosters Home of Imaginary Friends-


Super Mario-

Game of Thrones-

Sonic the Hedgehog-

Star Wars-

Spongebob Squarepants-


The Hobbit-

Bobs Burgers-


Grand Theft Auto-

Book your teams.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / FHL (Fictional Hockey League) OPTION 2

Im gonna put option 2 up here, the first thread was a league with no trades and no custom teams. Im just going to see which option you guys wanted

This one is your gonna be the coach AND the general manager. You pick your OWN players and post them on here. Create your own line ups. 19 PLAYERS ON EACH TEAM

Offensive Line 1-4: 3 players
Defensive Line 1-3: 2 players
1 goalie

Post your players and Line ups on here.

For example you could put an offensive line with Charlie Brown, Twilight Sparkle and Bart Simpson.

ITS that easy… unless the player you wanted was already chosen by someone else… you could trade a player for another player

For ex: Team Gevock trades Bart Simpson for Finn the Dog on Team Marh

YOU can decline trades and if you want to trade a player INBOX me the player(s) you want to trade to the player.

18-30 teams.

Games are on Saturday and I’ll post the scores.

54 games but if you think thats to much games, tell me and I’ll lower it down a little.

There will be playoffs after the season.

Lets try to get this thing started.

So which one do you guys want? Option 1 or Option 2?