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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Tower Defense 6 Suggestions

Yes Yes Yes I like it fine but there is one thing, why don’t you add prices on the towers and upgrades and add what rank?
Poison Tower: $650 at Rank 1
Poisonous Dart: $470 at Rank 2
Poisonous Bomb: $1000 at Rank 3
Potent Toxic: $510 at Rank 4
Toxic Mist: $4500 at Rank 5

Snow Monkey: $730 at Rank 6
Faster Throwing: $250 at Rank 7
Bigger Snowballs: $730 at Rank 8
Ice ball: 1150 at Rank 9
Hail Storm: $2750 at Rank 10

Force Monkey: $2500 at Rank 11
Electro Force: $900 at Rank 12
Gravity Force: $5000 at Rank 13
Weak Force: $250 at Rank 14
Strong Force: $1200 at Rank 15

Robber Tower: $850 at Rank 16
Construction Crew: $2000 at Rank 17
Bloon Desinigrater: $400 at Rank 18
Energy Tower: $1200 at Rank 19
Or something like that….
Don’t Exactly Follow my directions. Make your version of what i just said. Add it and Fill it with more Towers, and just, ADDDDD more! Hope Ninjakiwi reads this, and he’d sure to accept.
Thanks for desighning!
P.S.: you forgot about the ZOMG!