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Topic: Contract Wars: General / What would you prefer for the new skill tree?

Originally posted by IMirage12:

so 8 mob changes to 10% or 20% movement bonus and i would see people running with 90< mob noveske easy…. damage bonus in % will give 10-30% damage bonus meaning 4-6 damage more to ar and i would see armored people tanking all the bullets and 30 penetration renters winning all the game. flat bonuses r better

you say flat bonuses are better while explaining that 30 penetration is OP

and, health and armor would probably still be flat bonuses

you have to consider also, it depends on what the actual % numbers are, you cannot just make assumptions

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / What guns do you hate being vs with ?

silenced noveske is the only gun thats annoying to me

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Battle Storm]BattleStorm Offical Bug thread

@Armymonger187 I’m Not Sure Why You Start Every Word WIth A Capital Letter, But The Game Will Get Fixed So Relax And Stop QQ Plox