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Topic: Outernauts / Support Issue Thread

Please refresh. We’ve pushed back the build to v_weekly_update_1373136669.

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Topic: Outernauts / Getting Laggy

We’re taking a look at reducing the number of effects for arena battles in particular. It should reduce the lag for multi-beast battles, which comprise a large portion of arena battles.

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Topic: Outernauts / Random Lag

We’re still looking into it – if you have any specific information that helps with reproducing lag I’d love to hear it – email me at

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Topic: Outernauts / LOADING .......... (won't load)

To players using GNU/Lunix, you might want to try out the latest build – v_hotfix_1355434067 . It may fix your problems getting into the game.

MisterEman, it looks like you’re using an old version of the Flash Plugin. I recommend you update to a more recent version.

To folks using IE, I recommend you use at least IE9. Because of some architectural issues with IE, though, you may find playing in Chrome to be a better playing experience overall.