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Topic: Game Programming / A question for Java programmers

If you end up using databases it may be a good idea to use something like Hibernate" to manage your persistence. If you’re going to allow the user to input data that will then get added to the database it’s very important to sanitize the data first as sql injection can be a major issue. Here is an article that gives a good short overview of prevention in Java SQL injection prevention

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Topic: Game Programming / Advice on learning graphics

Hi there,

I’m making a game in AS3 using FlashDevelop as a hobby project and the development side of it is going well. I’m a Java developer as my day job so when I have problems with the code I have a general idea where to turn. The graphical components on the other hand could definitely use some work, creating good looking menus, story screens, character images, etc. I’m wondering if anyone could suggest some resources to learn 2D image creation, or various tools to use. Also are there design communities similar to StackOverflow for design? I prefer open source development tools, but am willing to give anything a shot.

Thanks in advance for any advice