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Topic: General Gaming / Platform Racing 4

Jiggmin may have released only the introduction of Platform Racing 4. He may have did that so gamer’s can get an idea of how Platform Racing 4 might be when it is released. You can see the introduction at From the page you can visualize the detailed background. Will it be really laggy and take a long time to load levels like in platform racing 3? I hope he knows that platform Racing 3 was bad. Lets hope this is good.

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Is PR2... Dying?

I agree.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Kongregate getting boring?

I cant find anymore good multiplayer games,people need to come up withmore good ones.Getting badges and acheivments are tedious and boring.


Topic: Serious Discussion / grand theft auto: bad influence or just a game.

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Topic: Off-topic / You are GOD creating the Universe

I’d make a 2 demensional universe and make it mario land all of the universe :D.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / See you all in a black hole!

The topic see you in a black hole doesn’t make any sense at all.That is because,If I were to get sucked into a black hole,you will not see me exactly inside of it.This is because,well the black hole is the most power full thing in the universe.If it sucks me in the light from my body will turn into total darkness,because the black hole sucked it off of me,Making me as black as the time before the big bang. All the light waves that were bouncing off and on me from the energy of the objects around me in space were totally sucked in by the black hole as well as me.What happens to me as I am inside of a black hole well its not going to look like gravitational lensing because that is only around the black hole.My body will simply start to turn into the shape of a noodle as other scientist say it that way,and then I will die because of the extremely hot temperatures inside of the black hole.There is son much heat inside of a black hole because,Since the light gets captured and is sucked into the black hole so much that you wont see it,that light is also radiation.It is also so hot because of the gasses the black hole sucked in.Even the gasses that were in the black hole when it was created from a star is there.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Two Black Holes

I love space and know a ton about it.I especially know about like 5 things about black holes.If two are close enough together,they eventually will mix together and form a black hole two times there own size.Sometimes it depends on its size and mass,in order to actually suck in a whole galaxy.If the black hole is big enough and the galaxy is small enough like an Ultra faint dwarf galaxy,I bet the black hole can suck parts of a galaxy in.Now I say parts,because when a black hole cant hold a certain amount of heat either by the stars inside the galaxy or nebula,The black hole shoots jets of heat out of itself and not suck all the things in the galaxy in itself.Black holes are uncertain to suck in a galaxy because of how huge galaxies are,because I think that the black holes are what make our galaxies spin.People don’t know this yet because I heard that black holes are invisible to our eyes,we cant see them in space either because there aren’t any black holes close enough to us yet,or because well you know they might be invisible.They might be invisible because light cant escape a black hole and most things in the universe we see are seen because of its light,or because of its Albedo. Wich means the light coming off of a planet or object. So anyway a black hole cannot suck in a whole galaxy.