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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

I’m 14 years old. I will do anything for free. I’m a good artist all-round, but I specialize in characters rather than backgrounds. I am also a superb writer, and will happily create dialogue, story lines, etc. I am a decent musician, I play drums, clarinet and piano, but honestly that isn’t my strongest point. I’m more of a composer. I have no programming experience at all.
If you want to contact me give me a shout or whisper over Kongregate.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun Issues

I know I’m going to be seriously hated on for this. But the Earth is overpopulated as it is. I don’t think murder is such a bad thing, especially if it’s quick and painless. Frankly, we deserve worse.
People dying is for the greater good.