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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Couple of Newbie questions

1) I always use block colours and put 20 points in it at the start, occasionally i put 20 in bloodbound and unlock that.
2) I know as far as efficiency goes having an amp every 5/6 is mathmatically the best, but i prefer to use 1 tower with 8 amps around it, having the tower gem 2 grades above the amps. Plus bonuses are better with using multiple low level amps then a few high levels ones.
3) Sell them unless you get a red/lime combo, cause that one absolutly kills everything, but leveling them is expensive. If you sell it you get a decent amount of mana to unlock a gem you like using or more mana to buy gems and towers to start.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Ideas For The Games

I wouldnt mind having the ability to use the keyboard to use items from loot bags, every once in a while i end up in an intense fight against something alone, kill a minion of it, need health, the health potions in the bag, but it would take to long for me to stand still then click it, aiming away from the boss, then start moving and aiming again.