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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / fast parts

The latest update made anything from at least the septillions to the un/duodecillions really fast imo.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Does hard reset wipe kred purchase?

No it doesn’t wipe, yes you keep them.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Confused about Angelic Selection

It’s just simple math really imo, the difference between addition/subtraction and multiplication/division. I think perhaps what gets people is that they’re retaining a % inside the equation that doesn’t need to be there. Thinking about it, when people that get this wrong think they’re subtracting AI they kinda think they’re dividing the profit by the loss in AI*AI efficiency instead.

An example:

Your AI = 2B
AI bonus = 10%
Bonus from AI = 200M * investment (not 200M% * investment)
Total bonus = 200M * investment

Spend(subtract) 1B AI to gain a 5x multiplier
(That’s subtract 1B AI, not divide by 200M%, those are two very different things)
Your AI = 1B
AI bonus = 10%
Bonus from AI = 100M * investment
Total bonus = 100M *5 = 500M * investment

What everyone above is saying in words is also correct. You’re subtracting a number of angels, to gain a multiplicative bonus. Honestly I think it’s just because people retain the % that it gets confusing at all, take that out and it’s a very simple maths equation that gives the correct answer.

The way I always explained it in words. The multiplier you buy applies to everything, including the bonus from AI. It’s just simple math A(B+C) = AB+AC. But looking at Gendo’s reply I guess even this might be misunderstood. The AI bonus applies to everything as well. That’s how multiplication works, the order in which you multiply things doesn’t matter either, etc, etc.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / low end cap on angel investors??

OP, it’s because of how much ATC you have. The higher ATC and generally more AI you have, the more money you need to earn to gain the next AI. You’ve just got to a point that having 2k lemonade stands and 0 in everything else isn’t enough on it’s own to generate AI quickly anymore, regardless of how many AI you have. There’s nothing wrong, the rate at which the AI “cost” scales outpaces the boost you get from individual AI you gain, but not the boosts from upgrades and reaching 100s, which is why when you get to high numbers and run out of upgrades to buy and “100/all 100” achievements to get, progression in the game starts to get slower and resets take longer as well. I’m at the same point as OP (slightly more AI), and I don’t even look at my AI gain rate until I have 1800+ in everything and all upgrades purchased.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / 1750 Newstands Hump - How to get over it?

1800-1900 newspapers is the real hump. 1800-1850 only boosts income by around 10% and takes many days to get (I’m nowhere near after a few days stuck at 1800). 1800-1900 takes around 1000 times as much cash as 1800-1850.. so this looks like it’s going to be a really long haul.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / suggestion: angel ressurrector?

Since there’s a formula to work out how many AI you “should” have (if you didn’t sacrifice any), how about an upgrade that buys a manager that slowly resurrects your sacrificed angels and adds them to the growing AIs in your next reset box, while also keeping track of the total number of angels we’ve sacrificed so we can compare it to other players?

Would be a nice thing for Phase 2.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] People going afk when they are losing in pvp

you can use report bug if you think it’s intentional.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Autoconceded from an Erraka Brawl

Somebody invited me to an Erraka-Sak brawl, the brawl started and it was my turn. Then after a few second before I could use equipment or select a card I got the defeat message and sent back to the brawls screen. I didn’t click on concede but I asked the person who invited me and it said I conceded on their screen. I lost the 400 energy. I was on a regular deck.

What happened? Never seen that before.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / PvP disconnection

I’ve had this bug a few times, it’s a new bug, I’m guessing directly related to another fix that was done to concedes, as that’s an old bug that I don’t see anymore (and I see now that the game doesn’t immediately end when a player concedes now).
It always happens right at the end of the 2nd match where you would’ve won- so it might be related to an opponent conceding at their 2nd loss (you would win the match).
I lost a day’s worth of tickets to tickets reset, so I suggest people do their dueling before that point or risk losing tickets.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

drgorgo, did you count the Tactical Attacks that The Hat has in his deck? When they are depleted, he will gain WC. Also, if someone has Cold Case, they gain WC when allies are depleted.

Originally posted by drgorgo:

In addition, I’ve sometimes found that he’ll play his namesake card on me, and then when I take a look at his depletion pile, it won’t be there. Again, the battle log makes no mention of the card being reshuffled into his deck.

Ally cards (such as The Hat) are always reshuffled back into the deck on play.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Suggestions

Let us talk to league from within brawl invite screens (public or league) ?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

bug ticket #506 and circa.
Serious freeze bug with Fire from Within. If you die while playing the card (e.g. it deals damage and you take damage from “splash damage” or “fire wall”), the game will not allow players to pick cards or turn on autopilot and every turn will take 30s+.

This will affect brawls such as firerazer and daddy-o that have backlash damage, when you deal them damage, they deplete cards that can inflict damage on you and kill you. Beware of using Fire from Within in this brawls especially when you are close to dead.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Balance in drafts

Original poster is correct, 2nd player should perhaps start with 1 shield or a chance at 1 shield. It’s more pertinent in drafts because they are specifically best out of 3 matches (also partially-premium) so often times whoever goes first in the first of three matches has the advantage in that whole round as they’re more likely to go first twice, than the other player, the other player in fact if he wins the first two matches, will never go first in that round, whereas the other player has gone first twice.

0 damage would be too much of a disadvantage to the first player as if they didn’t play an npc, they already lost 1 card (an attack) and in a lot of cases, the 2nd players next threat will immediately do damage as well.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Suggestions

let us set the speed of league brawls to Fast or Ludicrous.
maybe let us select default options. like always Fast or Ludicrous.
Plaid speed.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Suggestions

Let us switch a brawl’s status from invite only to public from the invite screen to fill remaining slots. (or reserved slots).

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Suggestions

  1. Being able to invite people to brawls by typing in their IGN.
  1. Let us set the level of our level restrict that we want and not default to our level+. It’s either all or nothing the way it is now. Your level+, or level 1+.

For #2, all it could take is a dropdown with a few level barriers, if we cant just type in the level. Theres already a dropdown for the speed and difficulty settings.

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Bug Darius' haste potion

I noticed this issue too, when darius gets banished, the buff still shows up in the buffslist.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] (unofficial) bug reporting thread

Rare bug, when Force Bubble doesn’t give any shields to an already summoned ally (but gives to the rest). I’ve only noticed this happen once (happened just now on Mars). For that matter, shields are visually quite glitchy, they often only update when a unit gets it turn etc, but I checked for that in this case.

X-Fighter (Phobos) appears to be Harm all 6 on death instead of Cone 6.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] Ally Matchup

Person 5 – Aura Flux (although my first thought was Virtue, she’d ramp things up a lot)

edit: (are we limiting the use of Omega? If we ever get “stuck” for X period → Omega)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] 0 life enemy bug

Lich mission in Egypt.
A mummy didn’t die at 4 life after I hit it with Clothesline (dropping it to 0). It also took 1 damage from a reflect power previously.
Maybe it was affected by Zombify, but I don’t think so.
I then hit it with Demoralize for 2 damage down to -2 and it died (didn’t resurrect either for the record).

If this helps narrow down the bug at all.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] redirect and reflect bug

Redirected allies/minions don’t take any reflection damage when they hit a hero with reflect, even when the way is clear for a normal attack.

example allies:
any ally with intrinsic redirect e.g.
minions that the AI use

example reflect powers that won’t damage them:

So is this a bug or an additional benefit to their style of attack?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] Retrib/Recalib and a few player suggestions

is it possible that he happened to drop the Sonic Blast onto binary?

not sure, I assumed AI always drops AoE on the Hero.

*"Harm power" refers to a power card that harms, so Solstice’s ability doesn’t count.

Justice did appear to gain +2 STR from Solstice in the match I played, so I believe it currently counts it as 2 separate attacks.

*Are you sure suffer makes them proc?

Not 100%, but someone did say so in room 1 chat and I couldn’t recall the match to remember all of the things that made Justice proc, other than Solstice.

Great idea! We’ll have to figure out which key would work best, though (due to chat).

Yep I was thinking about the implications with typing in chat at the same time too, 1 or a would be best for me, it’s different for everyone though.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] Retrib/Recalib and a few player suggestions

An update to this, Shrill’s sonic blast, which deals 3 damage to all enemies, does trigger Binary’s shield effect. Seems inconsistent, why does one AoE (hits all enemies) harm power trigger and another does not? It’s a bug, since both AoE have the same wording on their card afaik, but act differently. One way must be intended and one not.

Wrt attacked, that actually makes sense and better reflects the working game mechanics of Justice’ and Binary’s ability, it fits the grammatical order of words on the card text and if they added a comma, there would’ve been less confusion for me.

“If XXX is attacked, or targeted with a harm power”.
The way it is currently written, “If XXX is attacked or targeted with a harm power” made me associate the term attacked with the term harm power, since there’s no break.

It’s the difference between “X, or Y+B” and “(X or Y)+B”

There’s another suggestion, how about a hotkey for the attack button? a, 1, space bar, etc. Or an option to turn on auto-attack if you don’t have enough focus to play any cards. Both would speed up gameplay a little and reduce the amount of clicks.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] Retrib/Recalib and a few player suggestions

Wrt target I know that, which is why I brought up the point about the text referring to either targeted or attacked, and specifically ignored targeted as a point of confusion. If it works the way people have come to expect with “targeted”, why is “attacked” in there too, instead of just “targeted”? It’s confusing, I’d like to hear how it’s supposed to work and the dev’s definition for “attacked”, because it might be a bug and its actually supposed to trigger. I’d just really like to know what the card means by “attacked”, since we can already make assumptions about “targeted”. If the card text just read “if targeted blah blah” then yes that follows the standard example where AoE doesn’t trigger effects unless it’s targeted AoE somehow (like Cone maybe).

I don’t know how energy will work later, I’m assuming there comes a point where you can only use energy for daily missions and P2P campaigns anyway until they release more content that requires energy. I expect to get past lv 20 without running out of energy due to raid/PvP/actual length of matches themselves etc. So a sort of, 20 min per day use of energy (daily mission) with the rest on PvP/raid or whatever else gets released.

I just noticed that you can’t delete or edit your starting character (edit: and I mean, even when it is empty, all your cards are in another deck, and you’re using that other deck, not the starting character. So in other words, no logical reason for it not being able to be deleted), which is another odd “feature”, if you stop using it or switch powers it’ll still remain forever in slot 1.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash: Rise of the Heroes] Retrib/Recalib and a few player suggestions

The abilities of Justice and Binary are confusing or contrary as to what is written on the card.

Justice (affiliation Urban Rangers)
“Whenever Justice is attacked or targeted with a harm power, he <procs>”

Binary (affiliation Defiance)
“When Binary is attacked or targeted with a harm power, she <procs>”

Justice will proc his ability on being hit by an ally, missed by an ally (e.g. Solstice’s ability) or when he takes damage from Suffer(ing).
This seems counter-intuitive since we don’t know until this point that ally’s main attacks are harm powers and that suffering is a harm power, unless we are expected to equate harm as damage.

Binary will not proc her ability on being hit by the munitions power Machine Gun which states “Harm All 2-3”.
This seems contrary to the expectation of the meaning of “attacked” on her card text, as you would assume targeted to mean something different to attacked since it appears on the same line in her text. So if attacked is not the same as targeted and it is not taking damage from, what does “attacked” mean?

now player suggestions:-

When we make a character, we can choose a custom avatar and a name and their heroic powersets. We can at any time delete and recreate this same “optionally custom” character and pick new powersets, the same goes for changing the cards, all of these things take time and can be considered micromanagement if forced.
What we can’t do is repick our powerset for our chosen hero/es at any time by clicking on them. Even though we can achieve the same result by deleting and recreating. This seems like an oversight.
The same goes for changing cards in our decks. We have to drag them to the side and back, why can’t we add or remove cards by double-clicking on them, that would be faster and easier, especially as the order of cards in the deck isn’t even saved (which would be a low-priority nice option, enable dragging cards around inside deck to order them).

Anonymous suggestion #2: Instead of checking every action with the server, just check with the server at the end of each turn.

Anonymous suggestion #3: Allow us to re-use cards in different decks. I agree with this, right now we can move cards between decks but an individual card can only be in one deck at a time. Why? All this means is that regardless of how many decks are available to us, we’ll likely only use 1-2 decks max because we have e.g. only 1 limited edition Concentrate, but there could be many other reasons too.
A theorised reason is along the lines that it gives us a reason to buy more cards but I really think it wouldn’t affect it at all. If we have “only” 2 of the cards we want to use in all our decks, it’s not going to affect our decision to buy more cards at all if we can use them in all decks or just 1 because there will always (for emphasis) be more cards that we want so we will continue to buy cards and end up with more copies of each card eventually anyway, but letting us reuse them earlier is just less frustrating
Another theorised reason may be so that we don’t automatically sell off cards that we have more than 2 of, for that I don’t really have answer, but at the end of the day, anyone who wants to will still sell down to 2 and just use 1 deck albeit with needless micromanagement involved.
We can only use 1 deck at a time (and ok 1 on defence that doesn’t really count atm), so why can’t we use the same cards in different decks?

Some extra notes for new players that I didn’t see mentioned ingame unless I skipped it:
You can have a max of 2 of each specific power and ally in a deck.
E.g. 2 Forcefields or 2 Ladybugs.
When you use an item it’s gone forever, so save them for when you really need them.
This game seems pretty fun and P2P doesn’t seem forced at all (I can get Legendary cards with free currency, albeit I might miss out on Special Edition cards) so give it a shot, I rated 5/5 because I’ve managed to play it so far without running out of energy, tbh I think they could remove the energy mechanic entirely and the game would be the same because eventually you finish the free campaign line and energy only has one purpose, daily missions.

TL;DR: idc